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Best Tellius Game  

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  1. 1. Fe9 VS Fe10

    • Path Of Radiance
    • Radiant Dawn

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I liked switching sides in radiant dawn. Tho I still hate the dawn brigade (the main character is a mage, which I hated playing with in PoR, and that I still hated in RD)

I don't know if I really liked PoR's main storyline, it felt kind of linear with a very set goal, while radiant dawn mostly never felt like that, once you get through part 1. I haven't experienced all the supports from PoR, but these were great. There is something that I didn't like from the get go on RD, tho, and that probably is the artstyle. Idk, but it felt off from the simplicity of PoR. (I ended up forgetting about it, but I remember that it was my first reaction).

The blood pact wasn't a problem, it added to an already good side of the story.

Otherwise, I can't really decide on which game was the best. I also mostly don't care about gameplay, as long as the story is good. So I'll probably give it to RD. (I mean, RH, cause Haar is the only character, right?)

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Radiant Dawn, just because of the weak beginning of PoR. Of course RD is up on the player's knowledge of Path of Radiance. That's why well-made sequels are always better than the first issue of an Entertainment Medium. But of course, if you do not understand who Ike is and what the Greil Mercenaries accomplished 3 years before Radiant Dawn begins, it is impossible to appreciate RD completely. So yes, to me RD is the better game to me, also because I like the idea of having a conflict going on and multiple splits and different armies from Chapter to Chapter. But kudos to PoR to introduce Tellius to the audience in a magnificent ways.

The only thing RD really sucks with is how poorly managed are the plot twist. With a bit of epicness, you could remember most of them as some of the best moments in VG's history.

But again, that indicates how serious and down on earth the Tellius series aimed to be. And how FE is perfect in its imperfections. For each entry in the series.

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Radiant Dawn by a long distance for me.

If I had to summarize fe9 & fe10, then it would be that fe9 has a decent story, good characters & supports, and the 2nd most boring gameplay in the series. meanwhile fe10 has the 2nd worst story in the series, generally good gameplay and a cast of characters that is a mixed bag. The fact is that while I think that story is important, gameplay is way more important. While I'm not the biggest fan of either games, I have quite a few fond memories of fe10 meanwhile I've forgotten most of fe9. 

And while I don't like the story of Radiant dawn, I do like the ideas behind it.

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Radiant Dawn is more ambitious, but it has some plot issues, and its gameplay, while an improvement in certain areas (ledges) is also worse in others (biorhythm) and even though it has more characters, fewer of them are viable. 

Overall, I think Path of Radiance is better. But both games are two of FE's better games. 

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