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Fire Emblem Soundtracks ~ GBA Arrangements

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Before we begin, I sincerely hope this is the right sub-forum to post this thread in. I wasn't sure where to put this text, so I'll try to post it here. If there is a better place to put this, please tell me.

With that said, I've spent my free time these last months arranging the Fire Emblem 1 soundtrack with sounds from the GBA iterations of Fire Emblem. I've been uploading my music to YouTube but it's quite difficult for a new content creator to overwin the algorithms and find their audience, so I'm just leaving this here for those who would be interested to drop by and have a listen. The arrangements are not made for insertion into rom hacks, but are simply made for fun in an attempt to enhance the original soundtrack with better samples while still feeling nostalgic.

If you're interested and decide to drop by, feel free to show your support by dropping a few likes or comments on my videos. That would really help out in reaching out to interested people and making it easier for them to stumble upon my arrangements. And feel free to subscribe if you're interested in future projects I've planned to create.

I consider my work to be completely free to use by anyone in their own creative works; my only humble wish is to be credited if possible and also sending me a link to their finished work as I'm genuinely interested to see the fun things you can come up with.

Finally, if you've got feedback, questions or comments of any kind, please post them right here or over in the comment sections on my videos. I welcome all respectful communication. I will be out-of-town for a few days after posting this, but I'll be sure to respond as soon as I get back home again.

Thank you for reading and sticking with me. Without further ado, here is the link to the YouTube playlist. Enjoy!


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These remixes are absolutely wonderful. How I wish there were extended versions of each one. I am particulary a fan of this one.

There's a very tryumpant air to it that was never present before.

This one is also just an absolutly joy.

The DS remix gave it a guitar remix to it to give it that raw power, but theres just somthing about the GBA sound font that puts more emphasus on the actual rifts of the guitar that I love so much more.  I'd absolutely kill to hear a rendition of Proud Commander and Hardin's theme with this sound font.



I have always been a huge fan of Gotoh's theme and when I listen to this this takes me back when I first heard his theme. It put me in a state of calm. I know these are supost to be faithful remixes but I trully hear the potential to hear this deviate away into something that is much more deserving of a full remix if you catch my drift – notes shifting in range, longer pauses, ect. For what it is, it's fantastic. 

For what it's worth, you make some amazing jingles too. I really do value these even tho its songs you wouldn't hear on loop again and again.


>I don't know if this arrangement is fitting for this scene,

A little too happy but yes this is a fitting remix.



This theme is so relaxing and I so enjoy it.

This whole thread is amazing. And I'd absolutely love to see more from you.

And I know you said that you are fine with other people using your work without much say, but I still feel compelled to ask anyway. There's this FE12 rewriting I'm doing of the game script that doubles as an image based LP and I wish to use your songs. They'll be used for character cutscenes and I'll give you the chapter parts in advance when I do choose to splice in the music. Additionally, when I add you I'll put you in the credits that are found on the hub.


In addition, could I commission you to do a few "future songs" in advance if you are planning on doing more games in the future? I'd absolutely love to see Hardin's theme and Proud Commander done. Hardin's theme for the project I'm doing and Proud Commander because I just ducking love that theme so much ((bonus points if there's a sweet ol' GBA guitar solo in there for extra flair to be a truer "remix")). We can talk privately if you wish, but I just wanted to ask publicly since I was writing this thing already.


Also, I know that r/fireemblem (Reddit) would go crazy for this whole ost being out. If you want some more traffic, try promoting it there too. (or maybe wait like a month and a half when 3 houses hype dies a little, right now it's kinda in the building stages) If you never posted on Reddit I can show you how or do it for you with your permission. There was another guy who does mashing songs together that promoted his work on reddit too. Here's a link to one of my fav mixes

Maybe you two could get in touch and get some collaboration going in the future? hah. Maybe.


Best of luck to you and your endeavors. 

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Hey cat, thank you for your kind words and feedback! It was very heartwarming for me to read.

1. You have my permission to use my work for your FE12 rewriting. Best of luck, I look forward to what's to come! Thanks in advance for crediting me, I appreciate it.
2. In time I plan to recreate more Fire Emblem soundtracks using the GBA sounds, and since FE3 is part of the series, it's not impossible that these may show up in the future.
3. As I lack a reddit account, I can't post directly there. But I would be extremely grateful if you were to spread the word ahead and get my arrangements out there. You would do me a favor.
4. Thanks for showing me the nice mashup! While I don't mashup songs myself, I'm not against people making mashups using my arrangements. It would be an honor.

Nice to meet you and thank you so much for listening! I will happily answer PM's if you have further questions. :)

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Hello Serenes, I know I'm posting this in the middle of the Three Houses release hype, but I wanted to tell you about my next project regardless. I decided to have a go at another soundtrack arrangement, and the Gaiden soundtrack is now uploaded and ready to listen to. It can be directly accessed through the link below. 


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