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FE12 Marth Puppet

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Hello! This is me more so testing out the file share function on this place, but I wanted to share something to you all!

There's this project I've been working on called FE12REWRITE which has a lot of edits for sprites needed to work. I've worked out a preset of facial expressions that I then edit on top of to add more facial variety to my artwork. I only do this though with two characters; the MU (the "Kris") and Marth.

Although the MU's file is too big to share, Marth is slim enough to shave down his main file and give with you all, and half-ironic since he has the most face edits when I work off of these bases.

I've included the PDS file for you to see and play around with and a gif showcasing some of the expressions. Underneath I'll be posting some of the face edits done in the episodes that have been published.

The PDF includes…

  • Several different facial expressions. Custom edits.
  • An eyepatch, found in the MU character creation eye options, augmented slightly to be friendlier to Marth's hair. 
  • A scrapped concept of an arrow coming out of Marth's shoulder.
  • Marth without his cape. A custom edit.
  • Marth wearing a Male mage uniform found in the Male!Kris character creation options based off of your starter class.
  • A sword, ripped from M!Kris's splash artwork.
  • Marth wearing a monocle, found in the Male!Kris character creation eye options.
  • Tiaraless Marth, created from several Female and Male!MU  hair options.
  • Marth with a slash on his cheek, found in the Male!Kris character creation eye options.

I hope you enjoy your Marth edits!

Image examples from future / present parts of these edits in motion:

FE12 New Mystery REWRITE: Prologue 4.2


(((Note the mouth edit combo present in this one is not found on the PSD file for it was added in post.)))

FE12 New Mystery REWRITE: Prologue 4.3


FE12 New Mystery REWRITE: Prologue 8.3


((Custom sweatdrop added in post))

A few from VERY future chapterxC0tNB7.png

((Custom sweatdrop added in post, Cecil not included in PDF))


((Custom lighting added in post)) 



I am open for critic and comments in my thread. 


FE12 Marth mastercopy_serenesforest.psd

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