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Hi there!


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Hello there!

I’m not usually an avid forumgoer, but I’ve been practically sitting on these forums as more info comes out about Three Houses and I’ve been itching to join some of the discussion. I’m relatively new to the series— I’ve only gotten a chance to play Awakening, Fates, and Echoes and only within the last couple of years, but I’m gearing up for a Path of Radiance playthrough sometime in the near future.

Thank you for having me!

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I joined only two days ago and for pretty much the same reason as you and with almost the same experience so its cool to meet you! I'm sure you'll like Path of Radiance when you get around to it too.

Have a fun time on the forums!

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Honestly, knowing there are people who are in a similar boat to me makes jumping in feel a whole lot less daunting. Hope to see you around!

I’m plenty excited for PoR, too- Ike seems like such a good boy from what I’ve heard.

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