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Your Plan For Student Classes?

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I am not sure on what I should do. Unless anyone’s willing to tell me everyone’s specialties, I am going to go in blind. The Lords will go into their special classes anyhow. If not, then tell me their specialties as well.

Me, on the other hand (playing a male all three paths first)...

Under Golden Deer: Hero, with Axes and Bows. A pseudo-replication of my current D&D character (prefers swords, but has weapons that would be considered bows and axes in Fire Emblem).

Under Blue Lions: Master of the “Weapon Triangle” (Swords, Lances, and Axes) on a Wyvern. Or maybe with magic instead, if it is not practical.

Under Black Eagles: Sword Armor with both magics on my side. Yeeuh.

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3 hours ago, Azure in a Roundabout said:

I am not sure on what I should do. Unless anyone’s willing to tell me everyone’s specialties, I am going to go in blind. The Lords will go into their special classes anyhow. If not, then tell me their specialties as well.


It's hard to say, with the limited info we have right now. Most characters start with some levels in the skills they're strong in, but we know very few of them for sure. Here's one of the best bits of info, with Black Eagles students around level 6:


I believe that Edelgard and Berandetta's E+'s in Flying are from Group Tasks, Dorothea and Linhardt's E+ in Bows from Seminars (as well as Bernadetta's E+ in Reason, and maybe Hubert's D in Bows), Linhardt and Ferdinand's Authority from using Gambits, and Petra, Edelgard, and Ferdinand's Faith from Choir Practise. All the C's and C+'s are their main weapons and Goals.

So at the beginning, I'm confident the Black Eagles will look like this (with the exception of Hubert's D in Bows, which I'm not sure about):


From there, realise the ways characters get experience into those skill levels:

  1. Use in battle. If you whack someone with a weapon, you get some experience into that weapon's skill level.
  2. Tutor a student. Entering Tutoring at the beginning of the week lets you select a student and give them experience into the skill levels of your choice.
  3. Have one or two skills set as their Goals, and fight. Every time you exchange blows with an enemy, you get some experience into those Goals as well as whatever weapon you used. You can freely custom focus your students' Goals at the beginning of every week, or maintain their default focuses.
  4. Have one or two skills set as their Goals, and progress the week. Every week, your students get a bit of experience into their Goals. (I say one or two, as if you choose to only have one Goal then you get 50% more experience for it, but miss out on the 100% experience you could be getting in a second skill.)
  5. Two students a week can be given a Group Task, which will (slightly) raise one of their Movement skills as you progress the week. (Movement skills being Armour, Riding, and Flying.)
  6. Use Seminars, where teachers will grant experience to every student who's Goals are focused in one of the subjects they teach. For example, say you do a Seminar tought by Hanneman. Hanneman teaches Reason and Bows. All the students who are focused on Reason or Bows will attend, and gain experience in bothThe following students likely attended: Hubert (Reason && Authority), Lindhardt (Reason && Faith), Bernadetta (Lances && Bows), Dorothea (Swords && Reason). All would gain experience into both Reason and Bows.
  7. Do events around the Monastery. For example, students doing Choir Practise will get experience into their Faith skill.
  8. If the character is in a Class that has proficiency with certain skills, those skills gain extra experience. [We think. For example, Heroes are proficient in Swords and Axes, so you will get more Axe experience than Bow experience as a Hero, despite doing the same action.]

Remember to take into consideration the individual students' boons and banes if you're not just going to leave them with their default Goals. Here's a link to what skill level Strengths and Weaknesses we know for each character. A character will have increased growth in the former, and reduced in the latter. 

Here's a link for what we know about Classes. In order to unlock new Classes for a character you need to pass an exam. You will need the appropriate seal (as in previous games) but also a certain level of skill if you want to guarantee a pass. We know what's necessary for the Beginner and Intermediate levels, but not the Advanced.

Here's a link for characters' Personal Abilities (known as Skills in past games). You may want to note where some might work well combined with unexpected Classes, and try to pursue those. (For example, Ignatz has an inherent Hit Rate +20. So he might make a good Berzerker.)


*Exhales*. Okay, now a couple examples from my early thoughts.

Edelgard: I'd like her to become a Wyvern Rider at some point. (They're cool.) She starts with E+ in Swords, D's in Axes, Authority, and Armour, and E in everything else. Eventually, I know I'll need her to be skilled in Flying, and any custom Class will probably require Authority. (Not to mention that Battalions seem pretty good, so high Authority could be handy anyway.) So at the beginning I'll change her Goals from their default focus of (Axes && Authority) to a custom focus of (Axes && Flying). I will also put her in a Group Task which boosts Flying (Air Patrol).

At the Beginner Class exam level, I'll let her take the exam for Fighter (D in Axes = 100% pass) so that she can get any stat increases and the Class proficiency in Axes. Once she can take an Intermediate Class exam, I'll hopefully have raised her Axes skill level to a C, so that I can take the Brigand exam (C in Axes = 100% pass) or the Armoured Knight exam (C in Axes && D in Armour = 100% pass). If I have enough Intermediate Seals, I'll try to unlock both for the stat boosts. At this point, I might custom focus her Goals into (Authority && Flying) and depend on her fighting with Axes to raise their level.

By the time Advanced Class exams are open, I'll hopefully be at a sufficiently high Flying level to be able to pass the Wyvern Rider exam. There is a major concern: Pegasus Knights require a C in Lances and a D in Flying for a 100% pass. If the Wyvern Rider requires something like a B in Lances and a C in Flying for a 100% pass, then Edelgard might fail a couple attempts at the exam. Also, Edelgard has a Hidden Talent in Reason. I'm not planning on making her a magic wielder, but I might Tutor that to see if she gets anything interesting.

Ashe: Ashe's Personal Ability allows him to pick locks outside of the Thief Class. This seems like it will be very useful to me, especially if he's made into a highly mobile Class. So I want to make him a Paladin who uses Bows. We know Ashe has Strengths in Axes and Bows, a Weakness in Reason, and a Hidden Talent in Lances. He very likely starts with a D in Bows, an E+ in Axes, and an E in everything else. We are unaware of his Movement skills, but I really hope he's not weak in Riding or my plans are in danger.

To begin, I'll set a custom focus for his Goals, dropping the (Axes && Bows) for (Lances && Bows). I will also assign him to a Riding focused Group Task (Cleaning the Stables), as well as Tutoring him in the subject. Alternatively, I might change his Goals to (Bows && Riding) and have Shamir do Seminars for the students (she teaches Lances && Bows. If I have Dimitri, Dedue, Mercedes, Ashe, Sylvain, and Ingrid all with one of those in their Goals I'll get a lot of value out of Shamir's Seminars).

At the Beginner Class exam level, I'll likely go with Fighter (D in Bows = 100% pass) so that its Bows proficiency can help him gain experience. Once he's at the Intermediate Class exam level, I'll hopefully have raised his Bows to a C, but still be trying to increase his Lances and Riding to the C and D needed for a Cavalier. So I'll go with Archer first (C in Bows = 100% pass).  After this I can change his Goals to (Lances && Riding) and eventually he should be able to pass the Cavalier exam, and then later the Paladin exam (likely B in Lances && C in Riding = 100% pass). I'll continue to make use of Bows (even though Cavaliers and Paladins don't get a proficiency bonus with them) alongside his Lances, and if I have the extra Seals also take the Sniper exam (likely B in Bows = 100% pass) so that he has options.



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On 6/22/2019 at 2:48 PM, TowerOfTartarus said:

Took this style from LSM above because it appealed to me, hope you don't mind. I also don't know much about the characters or how weapons to classes work in this game so apologies if this seems kinda odd.

  • Byleth: Myrmidon > Thief/Mercenary > Hero or Swordmaster

Black Eagles 

  • Edelgard: Fighter > Brigand (Low chance for Lord cause I want her using axes) > Warrior or Wyvern Rider
  • Hubert: Monk > Dark Mage > Warlock
  • Dorothea: Monk > Priest > Bishop
  • Ferdinand: Soldier > Knight > Fortress
  • Bernadetta: Fighter > Archer > Sniper
  • Caspar: Fighter > Brawler > Grappler
  • Petra: Myrmidon > Pegasus Knight > Wyvern Rider (I guess no Falcon Knight this time?)
  • Linhardt: Monk > Mage > Bishop (Unless if he has a hidden talent with riding or lances! Then he's going down the Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin route!)

Blue Lions

  • Dimitri: Soldier > Lord/Cavalier > Paladin
  • Dedue: Soldier > Knight > Fortress 
  • Felix: Myrmidon > Thief/Myrmidon > Swordmaster/Assassin (Heavily depends on how good each class' skills are)
  • Mercedes: Monk > Priest > Bishop
  • Ashe: Soldier/Fighter, but I can't really say here without knowing if he has any movement proficiencies.
  • Annette: Monk > Mage > Bishop
  • Sylvain: Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin (Gotta get my red cavalier)
  • Ingrid: Soldier > Pegasus Knight > Wyvern Rider

Golden Deer

  • Claude: Fighter > Thief/Archer (Probably no Lord due to no bow use) > Assassin/Sniper
  • Lorenz: Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin
  • Hilda: Soldier but without knowing any movement talents I can't say much more
  • Raphael: Fighter > Brawler > Grappler
  • Lysithea: Monk > Mage > Bishop (With her skill though I might just do whatever I want, really)
  • Ignatz: Fighter > Thief/Archer > Assassin/Sniper
  • Marianne: Monk > Priest > Bishop (Unless if we get Falcon Knights, which I hope we do)
  • Leonie: Fighter > Archer > Sniper > Hopefully Bow Knight of some form

Still don't know enough about a lot of character's talents and the actual class skills, so this is very much a temporary list. Really hope there's more fighting talented characters because I always want more fist-fighters in games!

Umm if you go lord class Edelgard and Claude can still use their respective weapons.

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Blue Lions

  • Dimitri: Soldier > Lord/Cavalier > Paladin: For Dimitri this seems like the natural route to take for me. Considering their is no adv tier lord class I will have to make him a Paladin. 
  • Dedue: Soldier > Knight/Brigand/Brawler > Fortress/Warrior/Grappler: Depending on if I think it worth making an armored knight it can go either way. axes and fist
  • Felix: Myrmidon > Mercenary > Swordmaster:  I plan on making him a swordmaster that has proficiency in fist as well. Swords and fist
  • Mercedes: Monk > Priest > Bishop: The main healer with that is also skilled with bows. Fate and Bows
  • Ashe: fighter> Archer/brigand> Sniper/warrior: Depending on stats I will either make him either. Bows and axes
  • Annette: Monk > Mage > Warlock. Reason and authority
  • Sylvain: Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin. lances, axes
  • Ingrid: Soldier > Pegasus Knight/cavalier> Wyvern Rider/paladin: Because It all depends on the skills and stats of the wyvern rider class. lances and authority 



Bernadetta: Fighter > cavalier/pegasus> paladin/wyvern :  I want to maker a bow knight like class and with her personal skill she would benefit from a class with decent defense. Paladins also have lanceflare and it should work well with her personal skill. If wyvern riders also have lanceflare I will consider making her that. Bows and lances

Dorothea: Myrmidon > Mercenary/mage > warlock: I want to get experimental with at least one unit. By training in the mercenary line I want to see if lead to a higher speed stat by the time she reaches warlock. Swords and reason

Marianne: Monk > Priest > Bishop. 

Lysithea: Monk > Mage > Warlock : plan on Just focusing on her reason skill and training to the full extent.

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11 hours ago, AzuraxCorrin(M)4Life said:

Umm if you go lord class Edelgard and Claude can still use their respective weapons.

Wait, I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do weapons work in this game? Are they completely unrestricted from the classes now? Cause if so then that whole list might just get changed.

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14 minutes ago, TowerOfTartarus said:

Wait, I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do weapons work in this game? Are they completely unrestricted from the classes now? Cause if so then that whole list might just get changed.

Well..I'm not the best one  to explain it, but here it goes!:

Any class can wield any weapon now!...With a few exceptions:

Gauntlets (a new weapon type) can only be used by foot-classes (so it doesn't work with cavaliers, peg. knights, etc)

Magic is restricted to Classes that can use Magic. Like.....Mages.

And lastly, but not less important, there's Class Weapon Mastery. In resume, some classes are better with specific weapons (like...Swordmaster with Swords).

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3 hours ago, BergelomeuSantos said:

Well..I'm not the best one  to explain it, but here it goes!:

Any class can wield any weapon now!...With a few exceptions:

Gauntlets (a new weapon type) can only be used by foot-classes (so it doesn't work with cavaliers, peg. knights, etc)

Magic is restricted to Classes that can use Magic. Like.....Mages.

And lastly, but not less important, there's Class Weapon Mastery. In resume, some classes are better with specific weapons (like...Swordmaster with Swords).

Hm... that does make things tougher. Of course, this will be looked into further at release.

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I plan on choosing Blue lions, and I got a good idea of what I plan on promoting everyone to except Mercedes. On one hand, It says "she was enrolled in the royal capital’s magic academy" and I don't have any priests/bishops in my ideal lineup. On the other hand, she uses a bow. Should I have her be a priest/bishop, a bow user, or does it not matter?

Update: Priest/Bishop seems to be the popular chose for Mercedes, so that's what I will go with. Thanks.

Update 2: This seems to be for the best since she has a strong proficiency in faith like the other characters have strong proficiency in the weapons they wield.

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From a video on the Japanese website, it can be speculated that Mercedes starts with a D in Faith and an E+ Reason, and an E in all the other weapons. (She's level 2, has a flat D in Faith and a couple points into an E in Authority, and has Faith Prowess 1 and Reason Prowess 1, which are learned at E+, but no other Prowesses.)  Her frequently being shown with a Bow suggest it's one of her Strengths.

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I'm just going to go canon classes for the Blue Lions until I get a grasp on the system. I'll mix it up if I feel like I need an extra mage or a bow user, but for the most part I think I am going to just play it safe and go with what everyone wants. I'm actually not looking forward to having so much customization to do because it feels overwhelming. I'll probably take more risks when I move on to the Golden Deers though.

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Since we don't know the most advanced classes yet and the way weapons work with classes I will simply be describing class roles. I will also assume each of the lords receives a unique class. As for Byleth, I have no idea where I will go, probably just fill in a missing role for each house though.

Black Eagles:

  • Hubert - Warlock aka magic infantry
  • Dorothea - Dancer/Infantry faith user
  • Ferdinand - Paladin
  • Bernadetta - General with Lance and Bows
  • Caspar - Berserker with axe and gauntlets or Hero
  • Petra - Swordmaster
  • Linhardt - Dark Knight/Mage Knight

Blue Lions:

  • Dedue - General with axes
  • Felix - Hero or Swordmaster
  • Mercedes - Priestess ala Fates so Faith and Bows
  • Ashe - Flying with axe and bows
  • Annette - Warlock maybe Dark Flier
  • Sylvain - Cavalier
  • Ingrid - Pegasus

Golden Deer:

  • Lorenz - Cavalier
  • Hilda - Wyvern Rider
  • Raphael - Gauntlet user either Fighter or General
  • Lysithea - Bishop
  • Ignatz - Bow Knight
  • Marianne - Troubadour
  • Leonie - Master of arms type infantry with physical weapons
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Since we're working with incomplete information, this will most likely change with time based on skills, classes, combat arts, etc. as we learn them.

I'm not sure what to do about Byleth yet, as it's unclear if we can choose our own proficiencies/weaknesses at the start. I will probably send Byleth on the Myrmidon->Hero route to at least get the classes under my belt in case I need them in a more enclosed environment, but Cavalier/Paladin might be fun to canto abuse the personal skill that boosts adjacent allies experience growth and put myself in a more favorable position. Might go wyvern for the same shenanigans. It all depends.

Black Eagles:

  • Edelgard: Most likely canon Lord path. Possibly the Brigand route to avoid slow movement of the armor knight chain if that's what she ends up as
  • Hubert: Warlock path all the way, hopefully into a mounted mage class like Mage Knight if one is available
  • Dorothea: Mage path probably unless she can become a dancer/singer
  • Ferdinand: Paladin. Dude seems made for it
  • Bernadetta: Assassin or Sniper possibly if Bows are good like in Echoes
  • Caspar: Maybe a Warrior or Grappler depending on what they look like with more information. Maybe Hero
  • Linhardt: Bishop or Mage depending on how spells work and which has the more favorable spell list. End result is still hopefully a Mage Knight or Strategist
  • Petra: Maybe Swordmaster or Assassin. At this point I need more info on the classes

Blue Lions:

  • Dimitri: Possibly canon Lord path. Paladin if he doesn't get a mount and his skills don't make up for it
  • Dedue: Berserker if possible. Gauntlets and Axes on a class that isn't an armor knight unless I can have him wait and then rescue-drop him and still trigger his personal skill
  • Felix: Possibly Swordmaster or Hero. But also mounts...so maybe a sword wyvern if he gets a major crest sword weapon
  • Mercedes: Bishop into hopefully a Troubadour or Valkyrie or something like that
  • Ashe: If bows are good, bow paladin with locktouch possibly. Might have him pass the thief test just so he can access it if there's something I want to steal on a map
  • Annette: Mage line into hopefully some form of Mage Knight
  • Sylvain: Cavalier into maybe a Wyvern
  • Ingrid: Pegasus or Cavalier

Golden Deer:

  • Claude: Canon Lord path if the leak is true. Otherwise whatever bow class turns out to be the most useful
  • Hilda: Brigand route maybe? Really not sure about her. Maybe Cavalier so she can canto into the best spot to use her personal skill
  • Lorenz: Possibly Paladin. Need more info on his strengths and weaknesses
  • Raphael: Warrior maybe. Possibly Brawler depending on skills and such
  • Ignatz: Thief or Assassin possibly. End goal of maybe a bow knight if there is one. Sniper could end up good maybe
  • Leonie: No idea what her strengths and weaknesses are. Maybe a Paladin or Pegasus if she has good movement ranks. GD is hurting for fliers right now
  • Lysithea: Warlock or Bishop depending on spells and skills. Hopefully a mounted magic class
  • Marianne: Bishop most likely or Warlock if Lysithea has all the white magic needs covered and I'm hurting for some mage hitters. As always, hopefully mounted at the end
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M!Byleth would probably be Swordmaster, F!Byleth Warlock maybe. I'll probably stick with unique classes for the lords. However, if they're not a thing then:

Black Eagles 

  • Edelgard: Wyvern Rider or Brigand
  • Dorothea: Pegasus Knight if there's a promotion other than Wyvern Rider. If not, Assassin or Warlock.
  • Hubert: Dark Mage
  • Ferdinand: Paladin
  • Bernadetta: Probably Sniper unless Edelgard isn't a Wyvern Rider, then she will be one.
  • Caspar: Hero
  • Petra: Swordmaster
  • Linhardt: Bishop

Blue Lions

  • Dimitri: Lord
  • Dedue: Fortress 
  • Felix: Swordmaster
  • Mercedes: Bishop
  • Ashe: Most likely Hero but maybe I'll go with Assassin
  • Annette: Warlock
  • Sylvain: Great Knight if it exists(Paladin if it doesn't)
  • Ingrid: Pegasus Knight or Wyvern Rider

Golden Deer

  • Claude: Sniper
  • Lorenz: Paladin
  • Hilda: Pegasus Knight
  • Raphael: Fortress
  • Lysithea: Bishop or Warlock
  • Ignatz: Assassin
  • Marianne: Bishop
  • Leonie: Swordmaster
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I was planning on letting the game surprise me, but I just can't help planning my units...


Bylad - Hero
Bernadetta - Sniper
Anette - Assassin
Claude - Wyvern Rider
Lysithea - Warlock
Marianne - Bishop
Leonie - Warrior

 Usually not big into mounted units, but I might train everyone in some form of mount if any class can be on a mount, just for the option of having high movement.


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This could change once all of the Students' Skill Levels are known, but for now I'm leaning towards:



Black Eagles 

  • M!Byleth: Myrmidon→Mercenary→Hero
  • Edelgard: Fighter→Brigand/Lord→Warrior

  • Hubert: Monk→Dark Mage→Dark Bishop

  • Dorothea: Monk→Mage→Warlock

  • Ferdinand: Soldier→Cavalier→Paladin

  • Bernadetta: Fighter→Archer→Sniper

  • Caspar: Fighter→Brawler→Grappler

  • Petra: Myrmidon→Mercenary/Thief→Swordmaster/Assassin

  • Linhardt: Monk→Priest→Bishop

Blue Lions

  • F!Byleth: Myrmidon→Mercenary→Swordmaster
  • Dimitri: Soldier→Cavalier/Lord→Paladin

  • Dedue: Fighter→Knight→Fortress

  • Felix: Myrmidon→Mercenary→Swordmaster/Hero

  • Mercedes: Monk→Priest→Bishop

  • Annette: Monk→Mage→Warlock

  • Ashe: Fighter/Myrm→Thief→Assassin

  • Sylvain: Soldier→Cavalier→Paladin

  • Ingrid: Soldier→Pegasus Knight→??? (Yeah, I have no idea on this one. Wyvern Rider requires Axes and Paladins requires Riding, and I'm not sure how much free time I'm going to have to train her in these. I might go the Cavalier→Paladin route instead).

Golden Deer

  • Byleth: Myrmidon→Thief→Assassin
  • Claude: Fighter→Archer/Lord→Sniper

  • Lorenz: Soldier→Cavalier→Paladin

  • Hilda: Fighter→Brigand→Warrior

  • Raphael: Fighter→Brawler→Grappler

  • Lysithea: Monk→Mage→Warlock

  • Ignatz: Myrmidon→Thief→Assassin

  • Marianne: Monk→Priest→Bishop

  • Leonie: Fighter→Archer→Sniper



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For my first playthrough, it's been a real struggle deciding who should do what exactly. Byleth's weapon type will be whatever I feel like is my weakest area I think. Other than that, I try to have all 7 weapon types covered by the side characters. I'm not planning on recruiting different house members in my first playthrough as well.

Black Eagles, a.k.a. the house giving me the most grief. I keep changing my mind.


F!Byleth: Probably go a pegasus knight route with lances and axes

Edelgard: Her "canon" promotion path.

Now here's where it gets dicey.

Hubert: BOW~ Fighter -> Thief -> Assassin -> ???

Dorothea: REASON~ Monk -> Mage -> Warlock -> ???

Ferdinand: AXE~ Fighter -> Cavalier -> Paladin -> ??? He's inspired by Kieran, due to their personalities.

Bernadetta: LANCE~ Soldier -> Armored Knight -> Fortress -> ??? I just think the idea of a small girl in huge armor is funny

Caspar: GAUNTLETS~ Fighter -> Brawler -> Grappler -> ???

Petra: SWORD~ Myrmidon -> Mercenary -> Swordmaster -> ???

Linhardt: FAITH~ Monk -> Priest -> Bishop -> ???

Blue Lions- probably the easiest house to sort for the first play-through 


M!Byleth: Will probably end up being a Sword/Bow paladin or something.

Dimitri: Will try to go his "canon" path first

Dedue: AXE~ Fighter -> Armored Knight -> Fortress

Felix: SWORD~ Myrmidon -> Mercenary -> Swordmaster

Mercedes: FAITH~ Monk -> Priest -> Bishop -> ??? I just want to see how vital her skill is.

Ashe: BOW~ Fighter -> Archer -> Sniper -> ???

Annette: REASON~ Monk -> Mage -> Warlock -> ???

Sylvain: GAUNTLETS~ Figher -> Brawler -> Grapper -> ??? It's the most revealing outfit for males and he's the type to show off for the ladies.

Ingrid: LANCE~ Soldier -> Pegasus Knight -> Wyvern Knight -> ???

Golden Deer, probably the first house I'll do. I'm also having a hard time deciding who goes where so please tell me if I should switch some s**t around. I have a tendency to overthink these things.


Byleth: I want him to be a Hero, since I realized I won't be using that class otherwise. Will be proficient in both swords and axes.

Claude: you know the deal by now

Lorenz: SWORD~ Myrmidon -> Cavalier -> Paladin -> ??? This actually sound hard to do now that I think about it.

Hilda: AXE~ Fighter -> Brigand -> Warrior -> ??? Hilda reminds me of Charlotte personality-wise (they both butter people up), which is why I'm OK with this.

Raphael: GAUNTLETS~ Fighter -> Brawler -> Grappler -> ??? He wants to show off his muscles and I'm going to help him do that.

Lysithea: REASON~ Monk -> Mage -> Warlock -> ??? 

Ignatz: LANCE~ Soldier -> Cavalier -> Paladin -> ??? Since he's a scrawny kid and a merchant, I was thinking of making him something similar to the merchant class. But perhaps I can do this by using the archer path and just training him in lance as well? IDK. I'm not sure how effective it is using weapons that aren't preferred by the class. He may go Archer and Sniper if I can use lance as well.

Marianne: FAITH~ Monk -> Priest -> Bishop

Leonie: BOW~ Fighter -> Thief -> Assassin

I almost made Hilda sword-based and Lorenz axe-based because Hilda has a little dagger in her school uniform meanwhile Lorenz will have a parallel to Iuchar. 

Hmmm it may be hard to train Lorenz in swords with that current set up that I want him in. I may prioritize lances with Lorenz, give bows to Ignatz to prioritize in, and then give Leonie swords.

Yeah, I think I like that idea better. So...

Lorenz: LANCE~ Soldier -> Cavalier -> Paladin -> ???

Ignatz: BOW~ Fighter -> Archer -> Sniper

Leonie: Sword~ Myrmidon -> Thief -> Assassin

Does that sound better? Maybe.


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19 minutes ago, Jayvee94 said:

Now that the Master classes has been leaked, has anything changed in your plans?

My plans have changed a bit due to a combination of Master Classes and learning more about the Strengths and Weaknesses of some characters. (I'm not sure what I want Byleth to be anymore, however). Also, this is assuming that there won't be any more surprises about characters' Strengths and Weaknesses and that there is no limit to how many Master tiers you can have,

Black Eagles:


Edelgard: Fighter > Lord > Either a unique class or Fortress Knight > Either a unique class or Great Knight

Hubert: Monk > Dark Mage > Dark Bishop > Dark Knight

Dorothea: Monk > Mage > Warlock > Mortal Savant

Ferdinand: Fighter > Cavalier > Paladin > Great Knight

Bernadetta: Soldier > Pegasus Knight > Sniper > Falcon Knight

Caspar: Fighter > Brigand > Warrior > War Master

Petra: Myrmidon > Thief > Assassin > Mortal Savant (unless it requires a high Reason stat. If it does, I'll probably just keep her as an Assassin)

Linhardt: Monk > Priest > Bishop > Holy Knight

Blue Lions:


Dimitri: Soldier > Lord > Unique or Paladin > Unique or Holy Knight or Bow Knight

Dedue: Fighter > Armored Knight > Fortress Knight > Great Knight

Felix: Myrmidon > Mercenary > Swordmaster > Mortal Savant

Mercedes: Monk > Priest > Bishop > Gremory

Ashe: Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin > Bow Knight

Annette: Monk > Mage > Warlock > Gremory

Sylvain: Fighter > Brigand > Wyvern Rider > Wyvern Lord

Ingrid: Soldier > Pegasus Knight > Paladin or Wyvern Rider > Falcon Knight

Golden Deer:


Claude: Fighter > Lord > Unique or Wyvern Rider > Unique or Wyvern Lord

Lorenz: Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin > Dark Knight

Hilda: Fighter > Armored Knight > Fortress Knight > Great Knight

Raphael: Fighter > Brawler > Grappler > War Master

Lysithea: Monk > Mage > Warlock > Mortal Savant

Ignatz: Myrmidon > Thief > Assassin > Mortal Savant

Marianne: Monk > Priest > Bishop > Gremory

Leonie: Fighter > Cavalier > Paladin > Bow Knight


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Now that we know pretty much all the classes (besides probably the lords unique promos I'm assuming). So for the Blue Lions at least:


Byleth: Myrmidon->Mercenary->Hero->War Master

Nemesis' class seems to be War Master so it makes sense imo. Also Byleth is good in Brawling.

Dimitri: Soldier->Lord->???

For Dimitri I'm waiting to see if he has his own advanced class post time skip.

Dedue: Fighter->Armoured Knight->Fortress Knight->Great Knight

Very atypical. I just hope his Riding weakness doesn't cripple his chances of going Great Knight.

Felix: Myrmidon->Mercenary->Swordmaster->Mortal Savant

Felix has a talent in Reason so I'm going to be working on that anyways with his Sword strength so Mortal Savant works.

Ashe: Fighter->Archer->Sniper->Bow Knight

Again very atypical. Ashe has a talent in Lances so that will be helpful for Bow Knight

Sylvain: Soldier->Cavalier->Paladin->Dark Knight

Sylvain's only weakness is Bows IIRC so trying to level up his Reason shouldn't be a problem. I would make him a Great Knight but I wanna avoid class overlap at least among students, I'd have to train his Heavy Armour rank and the colour scheme matches Sylvain's already as a Cavalier.

Mercedes: Monk->Priest->Bishop->Holy Knight

Atypical. She's weak in Lances so it might be a struggle but it should hopefully be fine.

Annette: Monk->Mage->Warlock->Gremory

Going all out magic, not a surprise.

Ingrid: Soldier->Pegasus Knight->Dancer->Falcon Knight

I've decided Ingrid will be my Dancer. She's already strong in Sword's and Authority works with her personal skill. This way it will be easier since I wont have to work on her Axe rank for Wyvern Rider. I'm hoping that by mastering Dancer you get the ability to dance outside of dancer so a flying dancer would be great. Otherwise I would just class change to and from Dancer to Falcon Knight if needs beIf it's the case Ingrid can't be a Dancer, then I have no clue lol.


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Yeah I'll go ahead and update my plan for the classes.

Byleth: Commoner -> Myrmidon -> Mercenary/Thief -> Hero/Assassin -> War Master (Maybe even Dancer if it's not gender locked). Possibly mounted route to abuse personal skill via canto.

Black Eagles:

  • Edelgard: Either Fighter -> Lord -> Canon Lord classes or Fighter -> Lord -> Wyvern Knight/Lord if her canon promotion route is armored.
  • Hubert: Noble -> Monk -> Dark Mage -> Dark Bishop -> Dark Knight (Hidden Talent in Lances might come in handy?)
  • Dorothea: Commoner -> Monk -> Mage -> Warlock -> Gremory/Dark Knight (Maybe Dancer)
  • Ferdinand: Noble -> Soldier -> Cavalier -> Paladin -> Great Knight (Wyvern Lord if Great Knight is too slow)
  • Bernadetta: Noble -> Fighter -> Thief/Archer -> Assassin/Sniper -> Bow Knight (Maybe Dancer if the bow classes aren't as good as I hope)
  • Caspar: Noble -> Fighter -> Brigand/Brawler -> Warrior/Grappler -> War Master
  • Linhardt: Noble -> Commoner -> Priest -> Bishop -> Holy Knight
  • Petra: Commoner -> Myrmidon -> Pegasus Knight/Thief -> Swordmaster/Assassin -> ??? Falcon Knight? Not too sure honestly. I'd like to have her as a sword flier, but certifications might be tough

Blue Lions:

  • Dimitri: Either Soldier -> Lord -> Canon Lord classes or Soldier -> Lord/Cavalier -> Paladin -> Great Knight if he doesn't get a mount and his skills don't make up for it
  • Dedue: Fighter -> Brigand -> Warrior -> War Master (For the lulz might send him down the Wyvern Path if I can avert his flying weakness)
  • Felix: Myrmidon -> Mercenary -> Hero -> ??? Maybe Wyvern if his axe rank is good enough, but also maybe Dark Knight for his Hidden Talent in Reason
  • Mercedes: Monk -> Priest -> Bishop -> Holy Knight
  • Ashe: Fighter -> Archer -> Sniper -> Bow Knight (Might be handy with Hidden Talent in Lances) (Quite possibly Dancer too just for the fun of it)
  • Annette: Monk -> Mage -> Warlock -> Gremory/Dark Knight
  • Sylvain: Soldier -> Cavalier -> Paladin -> Great Knight (Personal skill would be good with canto, possibly)
  • Ingrid: Soldier -> Pegasus -> Falcon Knight (Might dabble in Paladin or Swordmaster in-between for fun)

Golden Deer:

  • Claude: Canon Lord path if the leak is true. Otherwise whatever bow class turns out to be the most useful
  • Hilda: Fighter -> Brigand -> Wyvern Knight -> Wyvern Lord for canto abusing with her personal skill
  • Lorenz: Might very well go Monk -> Dark Mage/Warlock line with him into Dark Knight. Depends on his stats and growths in magic. Otherwise Cavalier line
  • Raphael: Fighter -> Brigand -> Warrior -> War Master
  • Ignatz: Fighter -> Archer/Thief -> Sniper/Assassin -> Bow Knight (Maybe Dancer for the lulz)
  • Leonie: Soldier -> Cavalier/Pegasus Knight -> Paladin -> Falcon Knight/Master Horse class like Bow Knight or Great Knight. Want to keep canto for personal skill
  • Lysithea: Monk -> Mage -> Warlock -> Gremory/Dark Knight
  • Marianne: Monk -> Priest -> Bishop -> Holy Knight


You know, I think I may be even more unsure now than I was before. Really hoping to see how promotion gains, growths, skills, and how strict the tests look so I can make more concrete choices

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Edelgard: Either her unique lord class or Great Knight. Can also see her as Wyvern Lord.
Hubert: Dark Knight all over his face.
Dorothea: Mortal Sarvant. Doesnt help she is "bad" with Horse/Flying. Her growths look solid tho.
Ferdinand: Just realized there is no a direct master class for Paladins, so shit, idk here. I would like to know if we can go from Paladin to Great Knight without spending points on Armor.
Bernadetta: Bow Knight (if she is good/neutral with horses, if not and shes good/neutral with Flying, then Falcon Knight)
Caspar: Im betting he would be no good with Horse/Flying so War Master.
Lindhart: Holy Knight/Dark Knight/Gremory. In my first time i would need a healer so probably Holy Knight.
Petra: Wyvern Lord. She just looks soooo sick, with lots of good options. Think she would be the best student besides Edelgard.

We need to see the neutrals like Flayn and Cyril. Flayn looks like a good Falcon Knight, cause her brother is good with Lances and Flying so probably she is too. Have to see her strenght/magic growths, she could replace Lindhart as my Holy Knight.

Also im planing on getting Felix, so he could probably be a good Mortal Sarvant with the hidden talent in Reasons.

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With some new classes revealed, here's my new lineup


Bylad - Everything
Bernadetta - Bow Knight & Great Knight
Anette - Mortal Savant & Falcon Knight
Claude - Wyvern Lord (using a bow obviously, going through lord, sniper and brawler if skills can be taken that way)
Lysithea - Gremory & Dark Knight

Marianne - Holy Knight (maybe also dancer)
Leonie - War Master & Great Knight


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