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Hey everyone!

I’ve undertaken the relaunch of a project to provide high-quality half-card proxies for every Cipher card, in a format that overlays with the card and doesn’t cover the beautiful artwork that many of us love Cipher for.

As of posting this, me and a small team of others have been able to provide proxies for all cards from series 1, 2 and 10. We also have a proxy for all promo cards from series 1 to 15. It doesn't stop there of course, as we've made many proxies for all the other series too! Like the ones below. I know I've made about 625 proxies myself, so as a team we must have made more than a 1000 proxies total by now!!!! You can find them all in our google drive. The link to the drive is pinned in our discord.


We (Monnal, Zaziki and me) are trying to get more of the community involved into this project! As such; we've made a new discord server! Anyone that's interested is free to join us! We have a channel where we upload new proxies, and one that will provide you with updates every now and then. And ofcourse there's the other channels for FE discussions and cipher games. Also, the link to the google drive from before the relaunch still works, but that drive will no longer be updated. We now have a new google drive, it should be easier to find the proxy you want on this one. You can find the link to the Google Drive in our server! The link to the CPT discord server: https://discord.gg/8sdvFHH

If you're willing to help us out, we would VERY much appreciate that!!! DM me on discord, I'm the owner of the server^^. Photoshop experience is NOT needed, I'd be happy to teach you how to make proxies!

We do not have a schedule or watever, you're free to make any proxy you want at any time you want. No pressure.


Q: Ew, why do some of the proxies look so.. different? / A relaunch, why?

Like I've said before this is a relaunch of an older project. A project started by Saiklex. The reason we're doing a relaunch is because the old project was dying, even Saiklex was not able to contribute for over half a year unfortunately. Questions asked to each other were often left unanswered. With the relaunch of this project, we continue only with members that still contibute to the project, and we're looking for new members along the way. The goal will be the same but the approach, different. We're trying to make these proxies WITH the cipher community. So we're now listening to your feedback! One of the things we heard the most about before the relaunch were the greyish quote boxes, and the class type bar showing the word 'Type' instead of 'Base' or 'Overclass' for example. (the pics above are updated to the format we're going to use from this point on). We're now going to change the things we want us to change! This is easy for the proxies that are yet to be made, but it's a lot of work for previously made proxies. For me, this means that I have to update 625 proxies... YIKES. We're not going to update the older proxies right away though, as our biggest priority is still to have a proxy for all cipher cards, but we're going to update the older ones eventually.


Q: Why does this card have a solid box behind the skills when this one has a transparent box or none at all?

A: This is dependant on whether the text-free art of the card itself is available online, and that is down to the artist to release on their preference. If the art is available, we can do some Photoshop magic and combine the Japanese card with the textless art to create a card with no Japanese text on which has to be covered up by opaque squares.


Q: When will you do this set? Can you do this card?

A: Some of us are trying to get a specific set (or color of a set) done! We’re not making these cards in any specific order. If you want to get a specific card or two done, don’t be shy to DM me on discord! (I deserve this #5776)



Retranslations are being done by Project Hero-King. They're also interested in working on a translation for the original Fire Emblem TCG, of Which Cipher is a “sequel” to. However, very little information on it is readily available; if anyone has info on it, especially any manuals, official rulesets, etc., that would be extremely appreciated. If you have any of said information or any questions at all for the translation team, feel free to PM one of the members of Project Hero-King: @TriforceP

Custom Cards

Our discord server / google drive also supports making / uploading custom cards. These custom cards should be in a cipher-like format though, although they don't have to be limited to the fire emblem franchise. Feel free to make your favourite smash brothers characters into a cipher deck. Perhaps making custom cipher cards is what gets you into making half-card proxies every now and then for the community!



Feedback is very important to us. Be sure to leave us your feedback, good or bad, when you get the chance. We appreaciate your opinion!

-I deserve this

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Hello! I was making my own cards translations and custom cards before I was introduced to this section hahahah so a friend suggested I joined the discord server too! While I wait to be accepted there, I wanted to ask if you have threads here on the forums too, for the custom cards and the proxies. I find the forums a lot easier to use and keep up with than discord, personally, that's all hahaha

I want to show you a couple of the cards I made but I am new to the forums too, I am not sure how to use the "spoilers" thing and I am not sure if I can just post these here? Hopefully I can hahah (I did read all the rules but some points I didn't fully understand that's all). 

Anyway I made this Naesala and Tibarn in the "sopilers" using Ranulf's R card as base because I wanted to have a decent "bridge" card to use them a deck leaders for Laguz decks hahahaha. Then changed Naesala's second skill for one that he has in his official cards, because drawing cards seems to be a thing with the ravens. (The colors are not showing correctly when I post them here but I'll eventually figure out why I guess)









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