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Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

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I've been on a bit of a nuzlocke kick lately, and I've never played a Sinnoh game before now. Decided what better way to get into it... than to play challenge mode where all my friends will die!

Also decided to add just a few additional rules...

>Species/Dupe clause: Can repeat the "First Encounter" only if the first pokemon encountered is of an already caught species or evolution of previously caught species. Can only repeat twice. The third pokemon must either be caught or KOed.
>Cannot use the Starter Pokemon.
>A rule only for the Safari Zone (or Great Marsh, whatever): If the first pokemon encountered in an area is a desires pokemon, but it runs away, you may re-encounter the same species of pokemon in the same area up to two additional times. However, if you do this, you must release/permabox one previously caught pokemon per repeat encounter, and yet another if you manage to catch it.
>Also each section of the Great Marsh counts as a separate area.

Rules added after the start of the journey:

>Only Max Revives can be used to save a pokemon, but only in the battle they have been KOed in. Only one Max Revive can be used per battle, and only in important battles against unique trainers, see Gym Leaders, Galactic Commanders, Barry, etc. This can ONLY be put into action if more than three pokemon have fainted in a single battle, or if three or more have been eliminated in a string of battles, such as the Elite 4/Champion. Only ONE Max Revive can be in the inventory at any time: all others must be sold or otherwise disposed of.

So with that, I'm already a bit ways in, just getting the Poketch, and what's happened so far...

~Picked Piplup. Not that it matters, it just seemed the least likely to murder my actual first pokemon.
~I dunno why, but I decided to name my pokemon after RPG classes?
~First pokemon (Route 201): Hero the Starly (Calm). Byebye, Piplup, hello Grind.
~Caravan the Bidoof (Verity Lakefront) was killed by a wild pokemon's Critical hit almost immediately. No wonder these things are usually HM slaves...
~Route 202 encounter blessed me: MageKnight the Shinx (Jolly) is awesome.
~Ravaged Path gave me a Psyduck! Alright let's catch this- I'M OUT OF POKEBALLS FU-
~Well that's a wasted encounter... least I was able to sneak through the grass to buy more before encountering Adventurer the Wurmple (Lax) on Route 204.

Gotta get this lil girl up to find out what her chosen path in life is...

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Battle with Barry on Route 204 was the longest in history, between all the growling, the hardening, and the withdrawing.
Also Adventurer the Wurmple evolved to Cascoon, and I decided to use her exclusively til she got weak, so between having no Atk and waiting for the poison to settle and Adventurer only taking 10 damage total... yeah.

First encounter was another Bidoof. Decided to ignore the dupes clause I put in because damnit if I can't have a Psyduck then I'll have to use Bidoof instead. So meet Soldier the Bidoof. He is a naughty troop.

Walking through Oreburgh Gate... hey, a second Psyduck! You won't get away that easily this time. I choose to believe this is the same Psyduck from before. Same gender (female) even.
Not sure if a Water Mage is even a thing, but that's what this (Gentle) Psyduck is now. So much for Soldier I guess...? Nah, he can stay.

After detroying the Starly/Bidoof/Shinx ecosystem on Route 203, getting me an evolution to Cascoon, finally went through the Oreburgh Gate. First stop, Route 207. Got a... Modest... Machop named Warrior. I mean... okay I guess? Can at least get me through the gym battle if I need the help...

Oreburgh Mine gives a Mild Geodude named Knight. Oh, so you're like a squishy character in a bulky class... got it.

As for the Gym, which I'll consider the checkpoint for now... Water Mage did a lot of work thanks to dual typing. Roark however... Cranidos was the one I was scared of, probably for good reason to. I had to give up on Warrior to safely trigger Shinx's Intimidate. But that did the trick: lower Attack on Cranidos means that my pokemon could actually take hits. Adventurer was the one who finished it, though only barely with two Confusions (damn you really don't have much Sp.A...)

So status after that Gym Battle...

>Psyduck (Water Mage) Level 15
>Bidoof (Soldier) Level 12
>Shinx (MageKnight) Level 13
>Dustox (Adventurer) Level 10
>Starly (Hero Level 12

The deceased...


>Bidoof (Caravan, Quiet) Level 3
>Machop (Warrior, Modest) Level 7


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Training Soldier on the way to the next town. One extra pokemon battle on North 204 (which I'm not considering a separate area from South 204 because it's literally the same encounters but slightly higher level, so not counting it) brought Soldier to Bibarel class. Good to know I have an HM slave to fall back on!

Some annoying Team Galactic stuff happened, all for the sake of getting Hero up high enough to evolve to Staravia! Well... now he's not so weak and I have two Intimidate pokemon!

...which is for the best, because Mars got a critical on MageKnight and got the ko on her... damnit.
(Side-note, I'm not counting overworld pokemon as the first encounter, so I'm eligible for Drifloon if I want)

As for the first encounter at Valley Windworks... it's a Mild Buizel I named Overtaker.
Hrm... my team's looking a little 7.8/10 right now...

Route 205 is where the dupes clause finally took effect. First came Buizel, and then immediately came Shellos. I'm gonna name her Hunter! She is Mild.

Eterna Forest... my first encounter, which includes two wild pokemo- oh it's two Buneary.
Welp, okay then. Guess I'll pick one and pray. Good thing Cheryl's Chansey makes a good stress ball! That's what we call tanking Frustration.
And with that, Amazon is caught. Hardy and thank god she has Run Away she can be used. Now to get some training in, because Team 7.8/10 is not gonna die now!

Status right now...




>Buizel (Overtaker) Level 13
>Dustox (Adventurer) Level 14
>Staravia (Hero) Level 15
>Shellos (Hunter) Level 10
>Psyduck (Water Mage) Level 15
>Buneary (Amazon) Level 13


>Bibarel (Soldier) Level 15
>Geodude (Knight) Level 5


>Bidoof (Caravan) Level 3
>Machop (Warrior) Level 7
>Shinx (MageKnight) Level 13



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Eterna Forest... a lot of time spent there getting everyone except Soldier to level 17 or 18... With this Soothe Bell, Amazon should love me in no time... but for now, Frustration is obscenely powerful.

Since it was Friday, I went to go catch Ringleader the Drifloon (serious) at Valley Windworks. I also got Rogue the Aipom from the Honey Tree at Floaroma Meadows. And at Eterna City, I excavated around a bit and found the Skull Fossil. I won't be reviving it until I can get back to Oreburgh the short way though. Unfortunately, a critical hit stopped my ability to get a Meditite from West Route 211... gonna save my Mt. Coronet encounter for later.
Also caught a Silcoon I named Light Path, but it was on Route 205 North... not sure how to handle this...? I'll count it for now, but I don't wanna pull out the "different encounters, it's a different area" card every time.

Just a lil bit more grinding to deal with Gardenia.

In the actual battle... Hero handled Turtwig and Cheerim. Thankfully was able to wait out the Reflect, but they weren't who I feared... Roserade was...
...but it turned out I had a very unreasonable fear, because Roserade couldn't do much to Adventurer at all. Plus Garde used her potion on Cheerim, so all she had to fall back on was a Sitrus Berry that I critted off all the recovered health of anyway. Thanks Dustox the Adventurer!

Well, now to deal with the Galactic guys. Took the time to bring Shellos the Hunter up to speed, since I kinda neglected her in training... also, Soldier learned Cut! He is now subject to the eternal Bibarel curse.
Finally learned what Hunter's Hidden Power is to!

It's water.


Soldier went down cause of a Kadabra on the 3rd floor, in order to save Hunter's life... Damnit. I wonder if there's a rule against using the starter as an HM user if you aren't allowed to use the Starter...
Hunter unfortunately also fell, to Jupiter's Skuntank. So Soldier's sacrifice didn't even mean anything... Goddamn, I'm gonna lose all my pokemon to Team Galactic, aren't I? Hero almost went down as well to that skunk, but Quick Attack was there to save him.

Sigh... Team 7.8/10 is no more...

Status as of Team Galactic building clearing (Eterna City)



>Buizel the Overtaker (Lv19)
>Dustox the Adventurer (Lv21)
>Buneary the Amazon (Lv21)
>Staravia the Hero (Lv22)

Boxed (usable)

>Geodude the Knight (Lv5)
>Psyduck the Water Mage (Lv17)
>Drifloon the Ringleader (Lv15)
>Aipom the Rogue (Lv11)
>Silcoon the Light Path (Lv14, not sure if usable)


>Bidoof the Caravan (Lv3)
>Machop the Warrior (Lv7)
>Shinx the MageKnight (Lv13)
>Bibarel the Soldier (Lv15)
>Shellos the Hunter (Lv19)


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Cynthia had a Pokemon Egg! Gee, I wonder what's inside it??? SarcasmSarcasm

Thankfully Aipom can learn Cut, so I'm not screwed into having to use a shitty move yet. Also got the EXP Share! Thank god for this failsafe if I need to get one of those other guys up to speed quickly. Or to get a certain weasel at least equal to the other teammembers while going 70mph on a bike.

The Skull Fossil is revived into Cranidos, a Lax Berserker. Enough about that detour, ONWARD.
Oh wait hold on gotta get Togepi the Lax Pupil. Hm, a second Lax pokemo- wait Dustox is Lax to. What the...

Route 206 rewards my endeavors of this journey with... a Gligar! neat. Less neat was how many dang balls it took to catch her... though I have learned since that one Psyduck to pack no less than 25 pokeballs at any time.
...it took a lot of freaking pokeballs. But for a Bashful Page, godDAMN she has a good amount of Defense. She's lower level than Dustox but has almost as much defense/speed and as much Atk as Dustox has Sp.Atk... I think this will be an agreeable relationship, Page...

...damn, you'd almost think I'm cheating here, I swear I'm not.

Anyway, off to the second of the Wayward Cave entrances to get that sweet sweet Earthquake TM.
...I did watch people play this game, I know where stuff is. I just never played it myself. And the encounter is... Onix the Naive Shield. Damnit, even Bronzor or Zubat would have been fine...

Okay NOW for the Mt. Coronet encounter, since without Repel I probably would have gotten it anyways. Geodude triggered the dupe cluase, but Bronzor didn't! It is a Gentle Paladin with Levitate.
Hm... think I'll keep Dustox for at least a while longer, but I'm starting to wonder how much more she can handle...

Ah finally, Hearthhome City. Gonna get Eevee the Bold Pathfinder real quick. I can see you being a good Umbreon, but I better not touch you for now, in case something happens to Buizel...
Went to check Buneary's happiness... she is warming up to me. Dear god, this will be a long road, won't it...I also told Jubilife TV that my Buneary is single.
Circled back to Route 208 to grab Roselia the Bard.
...he is Quiet.

And last but not least... I was clearly not prepared for Fantina. Duskull wore down half my team before it went down. Haunter... didn't show much issue, but Staravia the Hero was weakened considerably. Mismagius? Dustox the Adventurer was killed to buy me time to heal one teammate, and Buneary the Amazon went down from a random crit. Page was eliminated because damage range of freaking course. Everyone was weakened and within range of being killed. Amazon left one gift in the form of Foresight making Mismagius vulnerable to Normal type moves.
I had to use a rule I only thought to put in because I found a random Max Revive in the underground:

Only Max Revives can be used to save a pokemon, but only in the battle they have been KOed in. Only one Max Revive can be used per battle, and only in important battles against unique trainers, see Gym Leaders, Galactic Commanders, Barry, etc. This can ONLY be put into action if more than three pokemon have fainted in a single battle, or if three or more have been eliminated in a string of battles, such as the Elite 4/Champion. Only ONE Max Revive can be in the inventory at any time: all others must be sold or otherwise disposed of.

This, however, meant that Bronzor the Paladin, who was being trained at the time, was going to be sacrificed to keep either Buizel, Staravia, Buneary, or Gligar alive to use a priority attack, because that would be the only way to win the battle. Mismagius is too fast otherwise.


Thank you, Bronzor. We never had a chance to battle together properly. You were meant for so much more than this, I know it... but with your life, at least one other will survive. They will never forget you, young Paladin...


Thank you, Dustox... I had doubts since the start... I mean, you were an early game bug! They NEVER last very long! But you took more hits better than any bug I've ever known... I've known many bugs, but you will be remembered fondly among them. So rest easy, young Adventurer... the journey continues ever onward...


Thank you, Buneary... you never did become happy enough to evolve, and you never did get to find a date through that Jubilife TV ad, but it was you who saved me in the end... you had potential to become a Goddess, if only you had someone else to be with you... but it was you who helped to save a life. We go on separate paths, but you are still my little Amazon...


Thank you, Buizel... surely you had a bright future ahead... the visions of grandeur I've had for you were ones of beauty, if only I had took better care of you... Take care of the Hunter and Soldier for me. Now and forever, Team 7.8/10 will live on, little Overtaker...


And thank you, Staravia... Starly... my true first pokemon... you seen much life and much death in this short time, and kept the dream going in the direst battles... you may fall here, but the spirit of the Hero will keep going... heh... I could just catch another Staravia, but now I'm realizing the spirit of the Nuzlocke... there won't be another one like you...

...my Hero...


Thank you, Gligar...


...but I'm not letting our relationship end so soon, young Page!

The Adventurer's last stand, The Amazon's Foresight, The Heroes Quick Attack, the Overtaker's Aqua Jet, the Paladin's Max Revive... all led up to The Page's revival and the Quick Attack that ended the massacre.


The battle was won... but nothing could be more bitter.


...I am so sorry...

>Gligar the Page lv25



Boxed (usable)
>Geodude the Mild Knight lv5
>Psyduck the Gentle Water Mage lv17
>Silcoon the Quirky Light Path lv14
>Drifloon the Serious Ringleader lv15
>Cranidos the Lax Berserker lv20
>Togepi the Lax Pupil lv1
>Onix the Naive Shield lv18
>Aipom the Naughty Rogue lv11
>Eevee the Bold Pathfinder lv20
>Roselia the Quiet Bard lv20

>Bidoof the Caravan lv3
>Machop the Warrior lv7
>Shinx the MageKnight
>Bibarel the Soldier
>Shellos the Hunter
>Buizel the Overtaker
>Staravia the Hero
>Dustox the Adventurer
>Buneary the Amazon
>Bronzor the Paladin


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Well... time to move on.

I had a lot more typed, but lost it all to cookies cleaning, so this brief review leading up to Maylene will have to suffice (especially after that super-long post... oops.)

>After the... incident... I decided to bring in Roselia the Bard and Drifloon the Ringleader to the team.
>Caught Ralts the Hardy Walker on Route 209. Decided to train him into a Gallade, he is currently a lv25 Kirlia and waiting to evolve so he gets Swords Dance free of charge.
>Decided to skip the Lost Tower or whatever for now, since screw going through an entire area just to learn you need Defog to get the final rewards when you don't have anyone who can learn Defog besides someone I wanna use.
>Skipped the South Route 210 encounter for now. Stocked the hell up on Moomoo milk.
>Lost a chance to catch Abra because of freaking course that's what I encounter first...
>Grabbed a Porygon in Veilstone. It is an Impish Code EX.
>Went south to go grab something from Routes 214 and 213. Encounter on 214 was a Houndour... until it used Roar immediately. Grabbed the Razor Fang.
>Went to 213 and grabbed the TM for Aerial Ace. Gligar the Page... was beefed up within a few battles.
>The Valor Lakefront encounter was another Houndour, but thanks to a Dusk Ball this Houndour was caught. She is a Bold Dark Mage.
>Did some additional training, including getting Houndour to lv 30 for Fire Fang before letting her evolve, and getting Drifloon to become a Drifblim.
>All this led up to the fight with Maylene... which went very smoothly all things considered. Slight hiccup when I tried to use Thief to take Lucario's nonexistent Sitrus Berry (...screw you, Maylene...), but Earthquake was a OHKO otherwise.
>Went back to catch Ponyta the Cavalier on South Route 210.
>Now have to keep an eye out for another pokemon who can use Fly, before I get desperate and use it on Drifblim...

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