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Hero, Don't Kill The Demon King! Chapter 1: Lives Not Yet Thrown Away

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Though somehow, for once and it taking a miracle at that, Bladen appeared at least mostly outwardly calm, inside his head he was dying. Why... Why is she flirting, why is Asami acting like this, she has to know I wouldn't flirt back, hhhh why can't something just happen outside already to let me escape this??? His arm captured again, but in a more acceptable way this time, he gently patted Asami's shoulder with his free hand. "That is good to hear. Better control over multiple things is a nice perk." Ignore the flirting part, move past it, maybe they could all just have a nice talk.

Though Gabby seemed to think she hadn't been flirting... No, ignore it, pretend it hadn't even been brought up. Focus on the offer. "Oh, well, I mean... I can fly. Just fine. It's just... Sometimes in the middle of flying my wings disappear. Or, well, they don't disappear. They just turn small. Which isn't very helpful for flying, you know? Kind of the opposite, if you get what I'm saying." There, now he wasn't agreeing to do something private with her, but he also wasn't just rejecting her because Asami was upset. He had an actual reason to say no. Surely this would solve the whole issue!

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Ren apologized for bringing up home, then... he obliged and talked about his home. Marina felt like an ass, she had just retracted because of her feelings of home, and then immediately asked about him and his home... though his situation is far worse than hers.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't..." She stopped herself, Ren continuing on, telling her to stay strong, which... despite hearing by now the fourth person in the past few days, it felt that much more welcome. Someone who watched her collapse, still believing in this strength everyone says she has. She nodded,

"Thank you, Ren." She simply answered, and there was a bit of silence, as she looked to Ukogi, happy that he was so content in her hands, breaking out into a small laugh as he nibbled at her fingers. It kinda tickled.

"I'm from a place called New York," She started, "In a city called Auburn. It was nice, big towering buildings, then only about 5 minutes out was the countryside. Anything I could want, it was out there. I uh... was never really a super active person, aside from sports I played." Her smile did return a bit, "I enjoyed doing a lot of reading. In my world, we have comic books, which are like picture books that are really small, and in panels. Actions were all drawn in those panels, and they had sounds written on the page so you could imagine in your head what it would sound like,"

Her legs shuffled as she adjusted herself in her seat, "My dad was in the military, and my mom, well... She worked in a market. In my world we call it a 'grocery store'. I worked there with her after I got old enough to work. I uh... mostly had them. I wasn't good at friend making, I was... am... really shy."

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Ayane's introduction was rather sudden, Agni replied with a courteous nod, mouthing a silent agreement. Taliyah wasn't occupied with anything, so Agni was sure she'd agree to talk with Ayane just fine.

And so she did, in a rather humorous and defensive manner, wishing to hide behind Agni's own frame. That got a small chuckle from the knight. Ayane was not trying to accuse her of anything, by the looks of it, but rather thank her for an attitude in battle. "Huh, I had no idea you'd gone and encouraged her. That's rather honorable, Taliyah." With the lizard woman now back from hiding, Agni took the chance to give her some praise.

"I'm afraid I'm not as up to speed as most, Lady Ayane. You said your sister was here?" Now that, was an interesting revelation... "Is there a reason you're separated, then?"

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"Hmmhmmhmm~ My my, Lavinia, volunteering me instead of your own services, what a slave driver~ But she isn't wrong, Xalrei. if you would like to ease your nerves, I would be more than glad to comfort you." Nessraya teased, her tail swaying contentedly in the air behind her, before resting against Xalrei's cheek, giving the dragonewt a slight caress. Still...

"It certainly is a rather overwhelming presence, isn't it? I suppose we had best be prepared for anything, ahead."

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Unfortunately, a good point was brought up on how a good rain would act to sort of lance the boil of whatever magical build-up was happening. And so, while Jade wasn't happy about it, she grumpily relented. "I suppose. Nothing special going to be spoiled by getting a little wet, unlike some shipments I've had. Still..." a sigh and a pleading look to the sky, "If it could manage that without thunderbolts and lightning, I think everyone would be the happier for it."

Actually, given that the zombie was feeling a little uncomfortable thinking about the subject, she decided to take the advice being offered to someone else. Tweaked of course for her needs and circumstances. It probably wouldn't do anything really, just peace of mind, but she rested a hand on the top of Lavinia's thigh. If the vampire objected she was going to just stave it off with a 'what, it sounded like a good idea' look and accompanying shrug, but before it came to that an outside force interfered a bit.

While Nessraya was doing some teasing of her own, before there was enough of a gap in conversation where Jade might expect some joking comment or slight pushback, but several seconds after contact had been initiated, the wagon ran across a rather larger root than normal in the path, and quite a jostle commenced. In the back it almost certainly was enough to knock shoulders against shoulders, or elbows against chests, or who knows. Up front, it took an innocently resting hand on the top of a thigh and wedged it rather deep in between the one and its mate. Not at all what she'd intentioned, and obviously embarrassed, Jade quickly retracted it, an awkward cough punctuating things.

"R-Right, apologize for the bit of rough ride, but, aha, we are off the main road and while this path is better than just rolling right into the underbrush..." A look further ahead and the merchant's train of thought suffered another bit of derailment. Was that a downed tree up ahead? It was just coming into view, so they had some minutes before they reached it and would have to clear it away, but. "Hmm..."

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A bit confused by Requiem's initial reply, Xalrei countered with a question of her own before answering the  cursed sword's queries. 'Resists, what? What's that supposed to mean? But, yes, we're going to fight, probably, if that's what's here for us. You'll get your fill.' Quite the promise to make to a ravenously hungry, potentially without limit, sword, but with the magic in the air, as well as Lavinia's comments, Xalrei had no doubt she'd be wielding the demon sword plenty today.

Xalrei restrained herself from grumbling too loud as Lavinia gave Nessraya the perfect opportunity to tease her again. Of course, Nessraya was more than eager to take it, her tail immediately coming to rest against her cheek. At least she wasn't messing with her tail again... "Yeah, I guess. I shouldn't be all worked up before a big fight..." Relenting with a sigh, Xalrei placed her clawed hand on Nessraya's shoulder and focused on the woman's more than familiar magic at this point, rather than the foul magic that surrounded her. No sooner than she had done so, however, did the wagon bump into something, nearly toppling Xalrei on top of the much smaller succubus.

Luckily a reactionary few flaps of her wings was enough to right her before anything ended up compromising, though, Nessraya may have preferred the alternative. "H-Hey, what's the big idea?" Xalrei blurted out, still a bit startled. Jade, was of course quick to apologize and explain, and considering nothing had really come of it for the dragon, Xalrei was content with letting that the end of it from her.

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Asami sighed a bit, but didn't say anything, just letting Bladen have his conversation now. At least he seemed to understand exactly what was going on... Honestly, even she wouldn't play around with anyone else while she was messing with him, surely he could have the same courtesy... Unless there was some, incubus mixed in there. I'll have to ask. At the very least, he was somewhat denying Gabriela's request to fly with her, in a roundabout way. That made her smile, giggling confidently and resting against him anew.

 "O-Oh..." Taliyah was surprised, by several things. Ayane's expression softening, for one. Being thanked, for another. It made her blush a bit, and calm down considerably, the farthest expected outcome hitting her like a brick. "I... Well, uhm... Y-You're, welcome. I... I don't r-really know what's going on with, her sister. She... Looked, c-corrupted. I don't, know by what... But... I-I just, didn't want miss Ayane to feel sad. She... You, looked really hurt, A-Ayane. If I helped, that's, that's great! We'll, w-we'll help her. Promise."

"Yesss. W-We will." Erephis chimed in, to give a bit of weight to Taliyah's promise. She would be looking into everything she could once they'd returned to Tassion. Surely one of the vast library's books held the answer she was looking for... "Whoa!" The card suddenly shook, Erephis' sitting position jostled almost enough to knock her off the box she'd found, but she held on.

Taliyah, however, found herself having flopped half on top of Agni, painting her face a furious red, and forcing a quick retreat a few feet away from him. "C-Cart, shaking... I, that... S, Sorry..."

"Nessraya, please, we both know you've more magic, and plenty to spare. I'd bet you're absorbing enough of the air as it is, right now. Assist the poor dragon, if she so needs it." It seemed that someone needed soothing, Lavinia turning her attention to the sudden hand, but with talk of rain and thunder, perhaps there was something to it. She made no comment, only leaning slightly against Jade, perhaps to provide her some stability--

That was swiftly lost as the cart shook, Jade's hand finding itself... Rather precarious. Whether it was the break from the sun, or Nessraya's mood rubbing off on her, Lavinia tried to chuckle the moment away... But, a moment's reflecting brought a comment to mind that she couldn't resist. "I thought we were trying to avoid getting things wet, Jade?" With a gentle giggle into the zombie's ear, she picked herself up, having also noticed the fallen tree. "We walk from here, everyone! I don't think we're very far, anyway."

Quite so, as they approached the downed log, a small piece of ruin came into view, just beyond it. It seemed as though a structure had been built in these back woods. How long ago, or what purpose it still served, they would have to explore to find out. Letting her hood down for the moment, Lavinia fit her bow over her shoulder and began towards their intruding log, hopping over it with a swift vault.

Not five minutes beyond the obstruction in their path, the rest of those ruins came into view... What also came into view was the clear signs of undead. Not vampires, nor those conscious like Jade, but resurrected horrors, clearly lacking any thinking or sense left. "Right... Looks like our ghost has more to it than we thought. Weapons ready! We don't know what exactly is hiding within these ruins!"



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Taliyah seemed quite innocent, simple but not in a bad way. It was a little refreshing to Ayane, though she could stand to stutter less. "Hm...thank you." She nodded at her comments. Agni seemed more together however, very composed and calm. A little like Ayane was, well before the incident. She felt like she lost a chunk of herself that day. Speaking of which, her sister was brought into question. "Ah, Asami didn't fill you in. My sister's name is Suzume, and she was a victim during the downfall of my homeland. But her corpse was recovered and reanimated by that witch, Ouka." She frowned at the very thought of that woman. "She means to use Suzume as a shield to force hesitation out of me, or so Asami warned. But you needn't worry, sir Agni. I brought this mess here, I will fulfill my duty no matter what." She bowed her head. "Taliyah, I know you wish to help me with Suzume. But if destiny cannot be swayed then I will do what I must..."

Ironic how Ayane had brought up her reanimated sister, it would seem the undead would be today's foe. Not quite a fitting opponent to better herself for the real fight ahead, but she was no stranger to monster hunts and what it took to handle them. After a quick scan of the area to study the opponents, she drew her katana and stood at the ready to move in.

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He listened intently at her story, her life before getting summoned to this world, and didn't interrupt as she spoke about things that were foreign yet similar to him.  He took note of what to ask about later on when they had more time, and definitely perked up a bit at these "comic books" she mentioned.  They sounded quite like picture books, but other than that he'd have to ask later.

"My father was also military; one of the Shogun's, Ayane's father, best warriors.  I guess we share that similarity.  My mother was an Oiran before meeting my father.  Heh, you should've seen my uncle, trying to forbid him from seeing my mother.  I have so many stories about their courting, but we'll save those for later alright?" he promises with a small snort and a grin as Ukogi chirps and flaps his wings briefly.

Then the mood changed, lightning flashing through his eyes as they sharpened and Ren looked away when they had to stop suddenly and Lavinia motioned for them to leave the cart and continue on foot.  Normally this wasn't a problem with Ren, and was even about to offer Marina assistance out of the transport, but then the vampire called out a warning and he was suddenly on high alert.

"No peace for the wicked eh?  Ayane!" he called to his cousin, more of a "stay sharp" than an actual warning.  Ren hadn't planned on interrupting her talk with Taliya, but it seemed there was danger up ahead.  He looked at Marina, expression still sharp even as it soften just a fraction.  "There's no reason to prove yourself; remember, we are working as a team.  If you need help, I won't hesitate to offer it," he calls, letting Ukogi find refuge after taking him back from Marina.


The Pureblood kept her discontent and boredom internalized, giving no actual reaction as to how she really felt at the moment.  If anything, Dorothy would only see her impassive look stay on her face, eyes and head shifting from side to side as they walked down the path they had seen the cart go down.

Really, flying would be much quicker, but of course Dorothy has to pipe in with her sound explanation.  "W-Wait Miss Bridgit, the closer we get the more dangerous it is to fly in these parts!" Umu, that being said she is slower than me...

Of course, any sound logic flew out the window once she met up with Lavinia.  Just thinking about reuniting with her sister made her heart flutter, the grip on Lestat tightening as she picked up her pace.  

"Dorothy, do you think big sis will be upset with me?" she asked, breaking out of her impassive facade to show a bit of worry as he brows furrowed.  She hated this separation, this constant worry looming on her head as she wondered if Lavinia would be alright out on the battlefield.  Yes, she would get updates from couriers and even letters from her, but...

It wasn't the same when they were together, before-

"Hm? What is-" she called, suddenly noticing something...someone?

The group...


Before Dorothy could stop her she took off, flying much faster than running as she sped up and practically launched herself at Lavinia.  She had ignored everyone else, but they would only notice a sudden blur before reaching Lavinia and wrapping her arms around the older vampire.  With Lestat forgotten on the ground, the Pureblood rubbed her cheek against the other's as she squeaked in delight.

"BIG SISSSSSSSSSSS~! Oh how I missed you so, umu!" she calls out excitedly, expression bright and heart fluffy at the thought of being with her sister once more.

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So Xalrei would fight? With Requiem and not her lesser weapons, yes? The cursed blade supposed that even if Xalrei's weakness became an issue again, the others had benefited enough to take up Requiem in her place, even if temporarily. At least in theory, there shouldn't be any issues.

'Very well ...' Requiem began to glow faintly as it reached out as far as it could to sense what it could, all the while trying to ignore the fact that it was surrounded by precious magic. Once its senses reached far enough, however ...

'What's this ...?' Souls and unclaimed power, a field of dozens of victims ripe for harvest! 'Heheheheh ... hahahahahah! I will kill you all!'

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"D-Destiny?" Taliyah wasn't quite sure what Ayane was getting at...

"It m-means that, if sssomething will be, then there i-is no way, of changing i-it." Erephis provided what she felt was an apt description... Even if she found Ayane's resolve rather grim.

"Oh... W-Wait then-- No! Hey! We, we'll do something! Don't... D-Don't think like that, I... Even, if I'm resolved. For my own family... I still don't, want him to die. So don't think like that, we... My aunt's really smart. I'm not, but she knows a lot. She'll find something. She will...

The undead were upon them, then. Weapons were ready, equipment had been set, all that was left was--

"BIG SISSSSSSSSSSS~! Oh how I missed you so, umu!"

Lavinia had been crashed into my a small flying comet. Were her footing not good, or her armor not weighing her down, she likely would have been barreled over. A hefty stumble was what Bridgit got instead, catching herself, and the girl, astonishment in her eyes. Worry and anger quickly followed.

"Bridgit!? What are you doing here!? This is no place for-- Dorothy! How did she get out of the castle!?"

Another vampire, flying a bit slower, finally caught up to the two of them. With a huff and a bow, she frantically searched her mind for an answer that would satisfy Lavinia. "W-Well, Miss Caera, uhm, she... Sh-She said she was, bored. And wanted to see you. I couldn't really... She's stronger than most of her attendants, so I... I could only follow after her..."

"Ugh! Bridgit, this is no place for you to mess around... I suppose if you're here already, I can't exactly send you all the way back. It's dangerous enough as it is... Hess' sake, stay close to me. Erephis, take Dorothy back to the wagon and make sure she's safe. Anything approaches it, blast them. Understood!?"

"Y-Yesss, Lavinia!" Erephis waited for the unfortunate maid to follow towards her, before leading her back to the wagon.

"Bridgit, stay close to me. You understand? These things will kill you, no matter who you are." Hopefully she understood the gravity of the fight they were involved in.

Player Phase/Turn 1!


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She listened to the stories of Ren's parentage. It was warming, someone so welcome to talk about them, Marina appreciated it. Maybe it was because in a sense, her and Ren weren't that much different.

The stopping of the cart caught her off guard as Lavinia suddenly called out that fighting was about to start. She had to be out there quick... But not before some words to assure to her that she wouldn't try anything foolish. She nodded, "Of course, Ren. I'll be okay. If I need you, I'll call." She assured,

Stepping out to fight, she got a look out to see the horde of horrors that amassed in this area. It was a lot, a bit frightening, but Marina sucked it up. And then...

Time to try and act like a leader, not before a sudden interruption from a random, tiny vampire approaching and bombarding Lavinia with hugs. Before any toxic, poisonous thoughts could plague Marina's mind again, she steeled herself,

"E-Everyone! We should turtle and let them come to us. With their numbers, it... could be too dangerous to spread out too much, too quickly!" She called to her group; she thought it seemed sound. Maybe people would agree, but she would see the result soon enough.

Taiyute had long left and prepared herself to fight. This was her time to redeem herself from the shame she brought on herself the night before. To destroy and enemy so utterly, something to fix and satisfy her desire to improve.

Fists ready, spells in hand, then... a plot by the Hero to let the horrors come to them? Admittedly, a smarter plan than Taiyute had intended, but not necessarily the plan she wanted. A sigh,

"{Very well, Hero.}" She worded off to herself,

Taiyute moves to 9,4 , and Marina moves to 9,2

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While she would have liked to give Asami a piece of her mind, it would simply fall on deaf ears, she would simply not care. So, she just sat down again, not looking too happy. Oh well, Ren is still into her, so it wasn't all lost.  And, just a little while later, the battle was about to begin. Now she could see Bladen use his wings firsthand. This would be delicious.

Marina had asked everyone to 'turtle' whatever that word means. Gabriela had never heard of it before, but it was probably war talk. Just do what everyone else does, Gabby! She did just so, and stood still, not moving until it is safe.

Gabriela stands still on 3,2.

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Lavinia's comment was one hundred percent unfair, and Jade could practically feel her ears burning. And to think she'd been worried about the vampire being upset! The zombie only managed a noncommital "Mmm," before the other had disappeared, hopping down from her perch and vaulting the impediment blocking the cart's progress, leading the rest of the expedition onward.

As for Jade, she was a little loathe to just leave the wagon behind if she could help it. After watching the others file out, over, and beyond, she gave the fallen log a heft. Two actually, the second after she reluctantly stopped holding back her full strength. But it didn't budge, ...or well, not enough to remove it from its place across the path at any rate.

"Stupid tree," the zombie muttered, giving it a parting kick as she returned to the wagon to gather up at least a few things that might be needed. She unhitched the 'mares, too. While she'd be taking one with her, riding it solo like at the arena, the other deserved more freedom to move about, and so Burnt Umber was given a long lead, and more than able to roam around the immediate area as she saw fit. "It won't be too long, girl. DV and me will be back before you know it."

Then, switching out the hauling harness for a riding saddle and securing a bundle of assorted weapons behind it, Jade swung up and the pair were off to catch up to the others. The soft jangle of keys on a ring was a new accompaniment, and maybe one that would prove unnecessary--how many hauntings brought along material possessions, after all? But they were light enough it didn't hurt to be prepared. One last check to make sure nothing was loose, would fall off with a quick reposition of her shield, or when she went to reload one of her guns, and then reassured and confident, she led Deep Vermillion past the roadblock, and made her way to catch up to the others.

A bit of a late arrival, Jade has missed Bridget's flying entrance, and even Marina's call for people to hold their ground and let the foes come to them. As the zombie brought up rear of the group, she simply saw a large pack of wolves advancing somewhat menacingly on some of whom she viewed as the more delicate of their members: Gabriela and that lizard thief, to be precise. Better put a stop to that. Xalrei would probably be right behind her to help too.

...Hmmm, maybe if she downed that skeleton, the animals would be distracted by the bones. Worth a shot!

Jade moves to 1,6 fire her Pistol at Bow Skeleton 5, canto to 1,5

(also withdraws Chest Key from convoy to item slot)

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Jade sallies forth, revolver at the ready, and empties a chamber!
Roll: 64,14
39 damage!
The Skeleton's ribcage shatters, as the bullets plows through both it as its spine, rendering it a useless pile of bones!

Jade gains +37 EXP, +2 gun WEXP!

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He had caught a break, for once in this whole adventure. Well. Some sort of a break. He had escaped dealing with two women intent on fighting over him it felt like, only to have to deal with a mass of enemies. Wonderful. Still, it was something. He quickly moved far away from the wagon, making his way so that he was positioned far away from Jade. Maybe she had it all sorted out, maybe she didn't, but he wasn't putting himself in her range if he could avoid it.

Drawing his sword, he darted forward into the trees, settling into a defensive stance. Time to fight.


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He nods towards Marina before they take their positions, his eyes scanning over the enemies before them.  Not only were they many, but there were varying types that he's never really seen before.  That being said, he made sure to stay close to his cousin and Marina as he-


At the sudden arrival, Ren could only tilt his head in confusion at the girl latching onto the vampire woman.  Having referred to Lavinia as "sister," Ren visibly relaxed before going back to focus on the enemy approaching.  No need to involve himself in situations he wasn't needed in.

Ren to 10,1

"More longing than boredom really," she corrected Dorothy, but there was no actual bite in her words.  Quickly releasing Lavinia, even if a bit dejected at the other's reaction, she promptly picked up her umbrella before nodding at the older vampire's words of warning.

"Yes yes, you do know I am also a capable fighter right?" she offered with a soft laugh, Lestat transforming into its weapon form: an axe.  Looking as if it had great weight to it, the small Pureblood lifted it with ease before heading back to Lavinia's side. Of course, she did offer a warm smile and wave of her free hand to Erephis, having missed her former caretaker after she left as well.

It seemed, in some way or another, everyone left eventually...

Now taking notice of what was going on, she tapped her chin with a finger before looking over at her sister once more.  "We should be able to clear the first waves I'm sure-" she started, but then a sudden voice, loud in intent for everyone to hear, made her pause before arching a delicate brow at the person barking orders.

Her eyes narrowed, grip on Lestat tightening before a sudden glint of confusion crossed her expression.  "This Bridgit does not know what the term `turtle` means, but I'm assuming you would want us to stay together?" she asked, tone cold and a bit biting towards Marina.  "The other human is correct, lest we want to get overrun by these hideous beasts."

Bridgits "hmphs" and floats over to 9,1

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Well, this was... more than Nessraya had been expecting. This many summoned ghouls, and this close to town... it was a good thing they had come this way, else Aensbrook may have been completely overrun. If this had been left to spread... it perhaps may have even outstripped Ithraxl's uprising.

"I don't like the look of this... try to be cautious, there are a lot of them, but it's difficult to discern just how many with all these trees." The General observed, though something in particular stuck out at her... an unpleasant feeling in the distance. It only took a few moments to recall what that feeling reminded her of, hand instinctively moving to her side where she had been stabbed with that foul anti-magic dagger not too long ago. One of these constructs must have been carrying a similar weapon. Scouring the forest, it didn't take too long to pinpoint the source. The spear that the walking skeleton held was ornate and intricate, and it reeked of foul magic. That weapon must have been designed for...

"Xalrei! Stay away from that Wight! I don't like the feel of the spear it carries... it's similar to your magic. If you're struck by it, it could resonate with your magic circuits in a foul way."

Nessraya to 7,5

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Thoughts of the conversation with Taliyah still lingered in her mind, but she decided to shelf it away when the battle was over. Taking in the general's warning toward Xalrei made her wonder what sort of other weapons these undead had their hands on. The only way to find out is to move forward, and with her eyes on her cousin Ren she followed closely behind to make sure he stayed out of too much trouble.

Ayane moves toward 8,2

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"Ah, so she's using your own sister...? That's a cruel ploy, but it also shows this Ouka will stop at nothing to halt you. She sees you as an obstacle." After such rough news, it was natural that Agni tried to spin a positive, silver lining to the heavy truth that laid bare to him. "Keep that in mind, Lady Ayane." If nothing else, he wanted to show his support.

Of course, not all was that heavy, with Taliyah quickly coming to blush and shy away the moment she was bumped on his laugh. Trying not to be rude, a chuckle still escaped Agni. "Don't worry about it, Taliyah, it bothered me none."

Of course, such horrors would only follow this mist... their numbers were hard to tell at a glance through the mist, but Agni could sense something.

And given that humans weren't innately adept at extrasensorial magical senses, that means there were a lot.

"Forgive me, Marina... I've never heard that term you've used-- but that's not the point, I simply think we can't let them come to us. There's far too many, if we give them the chance." His magic tome was in hand, opened. "Rushing along in fewer numbers is risky, but I recommend we divide and conquer. Pay attention to the forest's layout." For once, Agni took to the vanguard.

Hopefully his assumptions would prove founded.

Agni to 8,6, prepare a spell of Flux.

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If there was one thing Xalrei was certain of when it came to the cursed sword at her side, it was that laughter like that could only mean they were in for one hell of a fight. As they progressed down the path, she quickly understood why. A whole horde of undead lay before them, sprawled out across the forest. Was their 'ghost' behind this, or was it merely part of this phantom ensemble? Time would only tell.

Marina had called for them to bide their time and let the horde crash upon them. Some seemed to agree, others didn't. Moderately surprising to the dragon was that Agni was in the latter camp. Perhaps even more surprising, she found herself agreeing with the human. Maybe if they were on the defensive she would have agreed with the Hero, but that wasn't the case here. If they waited, they'd likely be overwhelmed by the sheer number of undead.

As such, Xalrei had been about to charge in, as she did best, after Jade's display of marksmanship (markswomanship?), but was stopped stopped by Nessraya's sudden shout. She had seen the creature, and the lance it carried, but hadn't thought much other than to be wary of the greater undead. But if that was what that weapon was, she didn't want to be anywhere near the damned thing. Screw that path, she wasn't having any of it!

Xalrei to 7,3, equip iron lance to Requiem's everlasting hatred.

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"Now, Bridgit, I want you to-- Bridgit!?" The girl had already walked off on her own! What had Lavinia just said!? The group was splitting up, which, given the density of the forest, wasn't a terrible idea... "Urgh..." The center had Nessraya, the east had numbers, the west... Jade and Taliyah.

"Looks like you could use a boost, hmmm~?" A curious voice spoke up from behind her, Asami already dancing her worries somewhat away.

"Yes... Thank you. Marina!" Lavinia shouted towards their little hero, "you make sure that Bridgit is safe! You damn well make sure!"

Lavi to 4,2, Asami to 4,1, Dance +15 EXP; Lavinia to 2,4

"Hello there, dear... Seems you're taking on quite the group, no?" Lavinia met Jade's approach with a bit of confidence, bow at the ready. "Suppose we show them who the superior undead are?"

Taliyah, meanwhile, was hiding behind the two of them, axe in hand, waiting for a good moment to get in there... Hopefully one would show itself.

Tali to 1,4! Sneaks an iron axe out of the convoy while she's at it...

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Enemy Phase/ Turn 1!

The horde advances!

Zombie #3 tries to take a swing at Ren!
Roll: 28,7
A hit!
10 damage!
Ren swings back!
Roll1: 29,63(23)
Roll2: 80,49(55)
Two successful blows!
32 damage!
Ren gains +11 EXP, +2 lance WEXP!
Seal Defense activates! -3 Defense!

Skeleton #2 takes aim at Agni!
Roll: 85,3
A wide miss!
Agni blasts back with magic!
Roll1: 43,43(7)
14 damage!
Roll2: 28,77(37)
13 damage!
Agni gains +11 EXP, +2 dark WEXP!

The Wight leading the pack of wolves sets its sights on Lavinia!
Roll1: 5,90
10 Damage!
Lavinia counters!
Roll: 6,25(91)
12 damage in return!
The Wight continues!
Roll2: 10,12
10 more damage!
Lavinia gains +15 EXP, +2 bow WEXP!

A wolf attempts to bite Jade's hand!
Roll: 8,25
0 damage for his troubles!
Jade fires back!
Roll: 81,28
Clipped good!
15 damage!
Jade gains +11 EXP, +1 gun WEXP!

Small chunks of the horde approach... And a suit of armor shambles forth.

Player Phase/Turn 2!

Lavinia's Renewal activates! +5 HP!
Jade's Better Dead activates (healed at the start of next PP for 14 HP)!


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The monsters, who looked even more monstrous than the usual rabble, were approaching. It was time for Gabriela to unleash her light magic once again!


Gabby moves to 3,4 and casts shine on the wight.

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Gabriela's magic surges!
Roll: 33,63(1)
27 damage!
The Wight is set ablaze, and begins to crumble!
Gabriela gains +83 EXP, +4 light WEXP!

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