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Hero, Don't Kill The Demon King! Chapter 1: Lives Not Yet Thrown Away

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Hmm... there were a lot of them incoming... for the best to let them advance and not show any easy targets. On that end...

"Come here Bladen, you're injured."

Nessraya tp 16, 2 heal Bladen

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Hearing Asami direct her attention towards her, Bridgit feels her cheeks heat up slightly as she lets out a rather unlady-like noise.

That conniving she-fox....guh!

"I would like to let you know that we are more than capable of staying collected during a battle!" she calls out, wanting to cross her arms in an act of defiance but not being able to do so because her hands were already occupied.

Alas, she will settle for an indignant pout scowl.  

Either way, she started to focus on something that was rather vexing; having been looking at her beloved sister, Bridgit was about to call her before stopping as the older vampire started conversing with the other undead in the group.

Watching everyone communicate, including the barbaric Hero, made her heart uneasy and lost.

Her conviction starts to waver, feeling an acute displacement in a group of strangers (save for those she did know).

With the high of finally reuniting with Lavinia gone, Bridgit did her best to look as prideful as any Pureblood, head high and posture straight as she moved towards the oni to position herself below them.

She'll try her best to wave it off as a fleeting feeling, and hope that it'll come to pass as the journey progresses...

Bridgit moves to 15,1

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Progress was being made, it seemed. Taiyute etched herself closer to the group, preparing for the next group of monsters to advance.

It was very clear, looking at the sudden new face, the pureblood. She seemed... distraught? Upset? Taiyute thought, she didn't know what to say at all, but she attempted a small spell at the pureblood while they had a minute. Surrounding the vampire with a cooling breeze, in an attempt to try and help relax the troubled individual.

Taiyute moves to 16,1

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"You're cutting it close, honestly... that shapeshifting weapon has no business with us, but here it is." Agni wasn't happy with the fact he got stuck with Xalrei, either, but fate did like to play tricks like these... "Here, before you get yourself killed charging ahead." Some pain was well deserved for her attitude, but Agni was sure Marina would be upset at him if he just stood there and did nothing to help Xalrei... a sigh escaped him.

Agni to 10,8, trade his vulnerary to Xalrei.

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Before Xalrei could even see the beginnings of the spell cast at her, she could feel a large amount of magic condensing on her. That was signal enough to move, leaping back and flapping her wings to get her out of the radius of the spell. As the magic further condensed, erupted into a pillar of shade, then exploded outward, Xalrei could only be thankful she moved when she did. Charging back with a fierce stab, she aimed at the creature's enormous eye but was redirected off-center by the thing's lower tentacles. Wrenching Requiem back from their coiling, she stabbed at it again. This time her aim was true, Requiem stabbing into the Eye of the Beholder.

Xalrei let out a sigh of relief as the creature fell to the ground, though her relief was short lived. Agni was approaching, reprimand at the ready. "I'm handling myself just fine, I'll have you know." She rolled her eyes. "I didn't get hit, did I? And even if these things have a lot of firepower, I can manage to get hit once." Before she could say any further Agni had forced his vulnerary into her claw, eliciting a grumble from the dragon. "I said I didn't need your help. Watch, I'll go do it again and be fine." Still, even with a moment of rest, Xalrei could already feel the toll of using Requiem on her body. It, couldn't hurt to make sure she was at her best...

8,11, vuln up, stare at the eye.

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Enemy Phase/Turn 4!

Centaur #1 swings into Jade!
Roll: 63,9
A hit! For 2 damage!
She fires back, unphased!
Roll: 39,60
13 damage!
jade gains +10 EXP, +1 gun WEXP!
The horseman cantos away to 6,14!

"..." The silent armor steps in, wedge of metal at the ready!
"What!? A dullahan-- Why is it here-- Rrgh!
A heavy slash finds its way towards Lavinia!
Roll1: 99,5
A wide miss, from a deadly strike!
"Damn... Jade, we can't defeat this thing!
Lavinia fires back!
Roll: 83,76
0 damage!
Lavinia gains +1 bow WEXP!
The armor rears up and swings again!
Roll2: 86,19
Another destructive blow dodged!

"Damn... If we can't find this thing's head, there's no way we can defeat it!" Headless Dullahans were nearly impervious, their armor radiating magic to keep the body safe while its host brain was missing. This wasn't so much a person currently, as it was a suit of automatic armor, poised to destroy anything in its path... So why wasn't it attacking the monsters?

Centaur #2 swings at Jade as well!
Roll: 92,69
Jade fires back!
Roll: 46,13
42 damage puts him down!
Jade gains +30 EXP, +2 gun WEXP!
Jade levels!
43    22    35    36    4    26    5    79

Centaur #3 takes his place and fires at Sollowy!
Roll: 76,14
A miss!
She lightnings back!
Roll: 69,39
9 damage!
That's enough!
Down he goes, Sollowy gains +40 EXP!

Spider eye #3 takes a stab at Sollowy!
Roll: 14,79
Stab! 8 damage!
She lightnings back!
Roll1: 65,58
Roll2: 93,74
6 damage to the hulking abomination!
Sollowy gains +12 EXP!

Beholder #3 doesn't like beholding Xalrei!
Roll: 97,61
A wide miss of magic!
Xalrei stabs back!
Roll1: 37,55
Roll2: 11,83
Two well placed strikes takes it down!
Xalrei gains +67 EXP!

Zombie #9 steps in to take a swing at Bladen!
Roll: 31,31
7 damage to the poor bird!
He's not quite a fan of that!
Roll1: 36,3(59/94)
Roll2: 6,53(48/81)
A critical!
Both swings take the zombie out!
Bladen gains +37 EXP, +3 sword WEXP!

Zombie #6 prefers oni flesh!
Roll: 82,80
A wide miss from poisoned claws!
Ren counters!
Roll1: 84,69(23)
Roll2: 13,79(83)
28 damage from the swings!
Ren gains +11 EXP, +2 lance WEXP!

Player Phase/Turn 5!


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The monsters kept coming, but Ayane kept her composure. Ren was still alive, that was the important part to her. With that in mind she began the charge and rushed in and struck at a zombie once more.

Ayane moves toward 18,2 and swings her Iron blade on Zombie 8

Edited by TheRoon

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Roll1: 73,59(100)
19 damage!
The zombie, staggered, attempts to claw back!
Roll: 99,91
A wide miss!
Ayane swings again!
Roll2: 12,82(42)
19 damage, the corpse is barely moving!
Ayane gains +11 exp, +4 sword WEXP!
Ayane reaches C rank swords!

"I... I can, keep doing this! They're, just monsters!"
Taliyah moves to 1,9 and slaps an eyeball!
Roll1: 65,94
A hit! 5 damage!
The spider flings a claw back!
Roll: 38,7
5 damage to the poor lizard!
Another heft!
Roll2: 52,77
5 more damage!
Taliyah gains +12 EXP, +4 axe WEXP!

Edited by SnakeMomMelissa

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''Hello little spider, want to meet my magic?''

Gabriela moves to 1,12 and uses Shine on the Spider.

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A hiss of pain escaped as Bladen took the brunt of yet another zombie attack, this one thankfully not a bite. It was too crowded here and he needed to back off for a second. Clear his head and check on his wounds. Shaking his head, he moved behind the rest of the group until he could inspect the damage. It wasn't too bad, he could leave it for now, but he needed to be more careful...


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As the air around her cools, Bridgit could feel herself calm down even as she expresses sudden surprise at the sudden change.  She has an inkling as to why, and before she moves to her new position the Pureblood looks over to the Genasi and nods her head in thanks.

"I- W-We thank you for the calming breeze, ah..." she tries to remember if anyone has said her name before, but can't quite seem to recall.  "Mayhaps at the end of the battle you will share your name with me Genasi," she offers with a shy demeanor, not wanting to look excited to meeting someone from the elemental plains.  

His thoughts are the same; so long as Ayane was still alive he still had a reason to keep on fighting.  To keep on living.  Not only that, but so long as Suzume still has a chance of being saved Ren was not giving up on her.

Having dodged some deadly poison claws and given his counter, Ren simply took his opponent in stride as he smiles and strikes once more.

Ren uses the Yari to strike down the zombie (6)!

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They needed to make a dent in this horde before they got overwhelmed...

Ness to 18,1 and Nos Zambo 10

Edited by Ether

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Slurp slurp, delicious magic
Roll1: 86,29
Roll2: 87,91
64 damage, the zombie is dust
Nessraya gains +5 EXP, HP maxed out, MP maxed out.

Lavinia takes a step back from the menacing armor and heals their foresty friend!
Lavinia to 2,9, heal Sollowy!
+15 EXP, +2 staff WEXP!

Edited by SnakeMomMelissa

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"Another one down. See, I told you I was just fine by myself." Xalrei proclaimed as she made use of Agni's vulnerary again, intent on keeping herself in peak condition. Landing near the human, right in front of one of the larger monstrosities, she readied her ordinary lance. This, thing looked far too study to fell quickly, even with Requiem. Better to weaken it first, then swoop in with Requiem...

Xalrei to 9,9, equip Iron Lance, use vulnerary on self.

Many of the undead were under control, save the stupidly sturdy spider abomination and some other creature holed up on the ruins of some building. Better to eliminate it before it thought to strike from behind, if it was even capable of such a thought. 

Sollowy 1,14 lightning zombie mage.

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"Mmhh... We've got to find that thing's head, or it'll just chase us until it kills us."

"Then you'd best get moving, hmm, Lavinia?" Asami replied, sneaking up on her and dancing some magic into her.

"Yes, I know... And I'll never quite get used to that magic of yours. In any case... Jade! Ride for the most obvious place in sight, it can't function far from its head!"

Asami to 2,8, dance Lavinia, +15 EXP
Lavinia to 3,9

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"Ride?" Jade echoed, a hint of disbelief in her tone. "That might be the right idea, but if we can't defeat it, I'm not leaving you behind to trade futile blows with it." Leaning and reaching down, the zombie grabbed hold of the vampire knight and helped to lift her up, where she settled astride the nightmare behind her.

Turning to the others, she called out, "The dullahan seems to be slow moving, so keep your distance and it should be fine. I'll be back as soon as I can... with its head!"

Jade rescues Lavinia and moves to 4,15

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"You're certainly trying, but make a stronger attempt not to di--" And more were coming their way, Agni frowned. "We've got company." Agni moved forward, a slight of hand taking the Requiem in a quick turn before he shifted to take cover in some ruins debree. "It's my turn now, if you'll excuse me... I don't believe you want a two-on-one, yes?"

He smirked.

Agni to (10,9), sneakily take and equip the Requiem.

Edited by Xinnidy

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Sollowy takes a chunk out of the mage!
Roll1: 3,94
12 damage
A spell is flung back!
Roll: 39,83
A narrow miss!
Sollowy finishes up
Roll2: 28,27
12 damage!

Sollowy gains +11 EXP!
Sollowy levels!
Level 8!
29    89    79    63    42    66    33    60

"Wha-- Whoa, alright!" Lavinia hadn't been expecting the tug, doing her best to follow through as to not knock Jade off balance. Hoisted up onto her horse, gauntlets stuck around Jade's stomach to hold herself on tight, falling off the last thing she wanted to do. "Not exactly the time for us to be horseback riding, wouldn't you agree?" A pause from the battle as they rode past the armor, to hefty to react, Lavinia was unfortunately caught by the smell of Jade's fresh wounds. A small shudder and a heavy breath, she had to control herself. Jade needed to focus on leading her horse and avoiding the more lethal undead.

"When this is over, I'm biting you," she stated, the best she could do to control the sudden urge.

Agni sneaks the Requiem away and preps himself!

Enemy Phase/Turn 5!

The spider eye turns its attention to Gabriela!
Roll: 89,83
A whiff!
She blasts it with magic!
Roll: 77,2(62)
Spider guts burned everywhere!
21 damage!
Gabriela gains +47 EXP, +4 light WEXP!
Gabriela levels up!
Level 9
52    57    79    60    35    3    89    19

The mage wants a chunk of her too!
Roll: 95,64
Wide misses aplenty
Roll: 47,26(96)
And torched, nothing left!
+34 EXP, +4 light WEXP!

The towering husk of flesh swings a meaty talon at Agni!
Roll: 35,80
A miss!
Agni blasts an orb of magic from Requiem!
Roll1: 94,68(85)
Roll2: 83,89(99)
16 damage!
+11 EXP!

The less towering, but just as terrifying creature swings at Xalrei!
Roll: 22,81
A fleshy tear!
15 damage!
Xalrei swings back! Twice!
Roll1: 38,83
Roll2: 32,98
20 damage!
Xalrei gains +14 EXP, +2 lance WEXP!
Xalrei gains C rank lances!

A spear flies through the trees at Agni!
Roll: 45,11
A miss!
He flings magic back!
Roll1: 69,37(84)
Roll2: 30,61(63)
22 damage!
Agni gains +15 EXP!

The elite boneman cackles something indecipherable towards the zombies, who crowd near Nessraya but remain docile... before charging Ayane!

A samurai sword swings its way towards Ayane!
But she strikes first!
Roll: 90,2(1)
18 damage!
Roll2: 91,59
6 damage!
Roll3: 7,75
6 damage!
Roll4: 80,30
6 damage!
Roll5: 59,79
6 damage!
42 damage total!
The Wight is cut apart!
Ayane gains +84 EXP, +12 WEXP
Ayane levels!
Level 8
15    45    93    74    60    55    8    63

The archer takes up aim at Ayane!
Roll: 63,31

Player Phase/Turn 6!

Jade's better undead activates, healing her! (Max)
The Fort heals Agni for 4 HP!


Edited by SnakeMomMelissa

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Jade to 4,18 open chest, canto to 4,14

"A fight is always a good time to be horseback riding," Jade countered contentiously, but a moment's more thought and she shifted her tone to serious, with an almost coy ending. "Well, in my case anyway. I suppose you can't very well fire your bow from up here without me getting in the way though, so if that's what you're worried about, we can schedule a more peaceful outing later, to enjoy horseback riding as just us."

Tempting as it was to reply to Lavinia's comment about biting her, the merchant wasn't sure that wouldn't lead things down a path to getting too carried away, absolutely inviting more distractions. A giggle--and bringing one of her hands to rest on the vampire's that was holding onto her--was all she allowed herself.

"Keep your eyes out for somewhere that head might be hiding." It would behoove them to stay on task.

"Well... That rather out of place chest might be the best place to start." Lavinia was glad that Jade hasn't added a comment on her promise, anything more might've sent her over an edge. "I don't suppose you have a way to go about opening it, do you?" Perhaps childishly, one of her gauntlets moved to cover the hand that had placed itself on hers, wishing to hold Jade's hand for herself.

"Chest? What..." The zombie stopped talking as she almost immediately spotted the object in question. "Oh, well wouldn't you know. See, another reason it was good of me to have picked you up and brought you along. No complaining."

It wasn't out of the question that she had overlooked it initially, not when she was tracking multiple enemies to make sure they didn't get the jump on them, like she thought the centaur might have before it ended up giving them wide berth. The ghoul hadn't moved at all, and that had contributed to her lowering her guard some, but with the shortest route to the chest taking them right past it, probably time for one hand on the reins and one hand on the gun again. Giving Lavinia's gauntlet a parting squeeze, not that she could feel it, before reluctantly extracting it from the hand sandwich, Jade answered the vampire's question.

"There's a ring of chest keys on my belt. I'd been keeping it in the wagon, not on my person--at least until our path was blocked and I had to improvise to take it with me--so it's not exactly easy access like it could have been. Just ran my belt through the center of the keyring before retying it. I'll have my hands full getting us there and making sure the ghoul doesn't make a meal of us as we do, and it's probably a good idea to save time and have it ready before we arrive, so you'll have to undo my belt to get at it if we wanna make that happen."

"Take off your belt? Jade, I thought we were going to take this slow? Besides, not while the undead are watching." Joking was all Lavinia could do to cope with the sudden, and unfortunately timed request. Between the still fresh smell of blood on the woman she'd spend the better part of two days now flirting with, and the sudden request to remove her belt, even for such a mundane reason, her mind was sliding between far too many unfortunate ideas.

"Right, belt... A moment..." Not a difficult knot, by any means, but with the motion of the horse, and her gauntlets, just a bit difficult. "And... There we are. Keys, at the ready." Dangling them out in front of Jade as they approached the box of, hopefully goods, she glanced at their surroundings. "Shall I let you do the honors?"

Jade snorted a light laugh at the vampire's joke. "If I had a free hand, I'd slap you for that one," she returned with a jest of her own. By the time Lavinia had had worked the keys free, the ghoul was far behind and they'd just about made it to the chest. Pulling back on the reins to signal DV to slow down, she traded the reins for the keys, and swung off to land on the ground.

"Don't ride off without me," the zombie chuckled as she called up to the vampire before bending down and beginning work on getting the lock open. Not that the nightmare would let that happen anyway, unless she was severely misjudging their relationship. ...Yup, one of the keys fit; this would do the trick. Giving it a twist, the lock opened with a click, and then she just had to lift the lid to see if they'd been on the right track, or if all this work had been spent chasing a red herring.

"Feel free to slap me whenever. I won't feel it, but it'll give me a good indication of too far... Though I suppose, if I can get away with jokes like that, your tolerance must be rather high." Lavinia did her best to stay stable on the nightmare, but she wasn't exactly used to riding horses.

As Jade lifted the chest... A pair of eyes blinked back at her. That was their head, alright. "A zombie-- Wait, no! Don't close the chest! Also don't scream! Probably!"

"That's the head, then. Grab her, Jade! We've a body to return it to!"

"Wait, you're here to save me!? Oh, Hess, thank you! I put on that stupid set of armor, and suddenly, I'm on the ground, and my body isn't! Then this creepy lady takes my head and stuffs me into this chest... I could cry... Or, I would be, but it doesn't seem my tear ducts are cooperating. Haha! Hoo, boy..."

"Talkative dullahan... This is new." Lavinia hadn't expected their find to be this... Rambling.

"I think she expected me to be afraid? 'Don't scream!' That's cute," Jade had a broad grin on her face, which hopefully didn't look as terrifying as seeing a mouthful of teeth on a zombie sounds.

"Forgive me if I manhandle you a little, I don't have any of experience with dullahan heads, thought I heard you guys usually carry them yourselves. ...Anyway, we have to get you back to your body before it endangers any more of our comrades--that armor you're wearing really is quite the piece of work, by the way."

Hopping back up onto the nightmare was made a little more complicated, both because of her new cargo and the fact that Lavinia was already taking up a good deal of space, but it wasn't anything Jade couldn't manage. Once she was properly situated again, the merchant turned them back in the direction of the rampaging body.

"You can tell us about the spooky lady as we go, I'd like to know a little more about whoever's putting this whole show on, to tell the truth. Awfully elaborate production..." Jade then drew quiet, trailing off as her thoughts darted down a couple random paths of imagination.

"I... Well, yeah! I expected you to be scared! ... But, I guess, you're undead, so a head isn't much... Now I feel stupid-- Hey, are you undead too, lady? What's with all the sentient undead!? All these shamblers about, I figured you were all gone!"

Lavinia gave the head a puzzled smile. "You're undead too, you know?"

"What!? No, I'm an elf!"

"Not anymore, you aren't..."

"Wha... That's... Oh, crackers..."

"... I believe I may have spooked her, Jade. I'm sure once she is whole again, she'll be more willing to speak. Or, so I hope..." Lavinia huffed, hoping their improptu horseride wouldn't last much longer. All this armor, and being unprepared, it wasn't exactly the best fitting experience.

"Now now, Lavinia, she's still an elf... Just, an undead one. See, she's got the ears for it," Jade held the head out to her left a little and leaned to the right so she wasn't blocking as much of the vampire's view. But that said, it seemed that 'spooked' was right, perhaps they ought to have been a little more mindful.

"I've been wondering how might be best to get the head to the body, actually. Don't want to have to dodge or block sword swings, and just tossing it feels... wrong. Maybe if someone flew up above it a little? Do you think that'd be better?" They were getting closer and closer, so the question was becoming timely.

"Y-Yeah! Still an elf! I... Just, undead, oh, geez... I... I really should have thought before putting on that armor." A deflated sigh escaped the head, leaving Lavinia to smile wryly at it.

"As soon as we get near the armor with her in tow, it should stop its assault," Lavinia began, trying to remain serious despite the amusing plight of this elf. "It will realize we have its source of existing, and stop, so that it does not accidentally destroy itself. If her head is slain, the body follows. Its the only weakness of a dullahan."

"Wow, that sounda kinda cool! Well... 'Cept for the whole, bein' dead now, thing..."

"Fair enough, that sounds like a plan," Jade grunted in approval, still slowing down as she began the final approach, regardless. "I suppose it's worth asking if you're on board with helping us clear out the, how did you put them--'shamblers'? After we get you reunited with your body, of course, Miss..." Jade cocked her head a moment trying to remember before realize her mistake. "...I do believe we've completely forgotten to ask your name. Well, desperate circumstances; I hope you'll forgive a bit of ill manners on our part."

"Helping... Oh, like fighting! So long as my body is willing! I dunno what this armor did to me, so... We'll have to see, i guess... U-Uh, Aithlin, miss. Aithlin Merethyl, rogue extraordinaire, at your service."

"So you're a thief?" Quite the amusing noggin, Lavinia was curious why their head had managed its way all the way here.

"Treasure hunter, thank you... Thief, honestly..."

"Treasure hunter, huh? Well, I'm something of a treasure seller, so as long as you're not hunting from me I think we might be able to work things out. Jade Persyn, by the way. You probably caught our names in the back and forth, but it would be rude not to return them properly. The woman behind me is Lavinia Vasilia. Now, let's get you taken care of."


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