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Perler/artkal bead art

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I've posted a few things on the FE subreddit but there's not a lot of feedback, so I thought I'd try here. 


I've made a few GBA sprites into magnets, and I figured I'd share/take requests. I'm running out of certain colors from my stach, so I'll have to buy more beads before too long 





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Huh.  Battle sprites as magnets.  Might be useful as a stocking stuffer (read: remind me when it's closer to Christmas).

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I'm mildly annoyed. I set up a crude overhead mount for my phone so I could do a time-lapse, but it was out of focus and cut off 5 minutes in. I think I might get out the old generic gopro and see if that will work any better. 


In the meantime, here's PURPLEBOI WOLT. 



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