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Scans of a little known FE Manga! At least, I hadn't heard of it.

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Hello! As anyone following me on social media (likely no on reading this thread, I don't have a terribly large following) knows, Navarre is my favorite FE character. Since he's not an overly popular character, I decided about two years ago to start collecting all of the official merchandise featuring him- TCG, artbooks, ect. There aren't really scans for most of these books online (Which is fine, people should buy the books themselves for the text imo but I do wish there were scans of all the artwork available) - a lot of them only have shaky phone pictures. Still, I think I know for the most part which images are from which books.

However, upon buying Fire Emblem - The Complete, I found to my surprise, a short manga! (Two, actually, but I haven't scanned the second one yet. The second one is about the whitewings, I think?) I've never seen anyone mention this before... so I'm assuming most people haven't heard of it. I mean, I was doing digging for artwork for two years and didn't find it until I bought the book myself!

I've scanned the whole thing and put it in my Google Drive- I also attempted a rough translation, but my Japanese is entirely self taught and not very extensive so I had to rely on Google Translate quite a bit... if anyone who actually can read Japanese sees this, I'd be super happy if you'd give this a quick look and see if I got anything horribly wrong!

Here's the raw scans

And here's my attempt at an English translation

I also don't read enough to know who the artist actually is. If anyone in the know could tell me, that'd be great!

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It seems to be by an artist named Mizushima Toru(水縞とおる) You can see his name on page two next to the title and a quick google search confirmed this. A couple places where the translation could be improved: on page 7 instead of “time to decide your fate” the text is closer to “looks we have  a deal.” He’s indicating that they’re pretty much already come to an agreement, not asking a question; on page 9 “but maybe with power of both Talys and Aleta” is also slightly off. The original line implies that even with the two armies together it wouldn’t be enough to win, not that together they might have a chance. Then on page 10 something seems to have gotten lost in translation. A couple metaphors involving fire were used but as far as I can tell they’re just metaphors and they’ re not actually planning to start a fire. I would translate it more like “they’re too busy taking care of the neighboring country to fend off an attack on their own soil!” Finally on page 14 there’s a mistake where the bandit says Navarre helping people is a reversal of his true nature. The reversal he’s referring to is just that Navarre thought he was tricking the bandits but now he’s the one in danger.(a reversal of their roles.) Everything else looks good. Thanks for sharing! P.S. sorry this post is so messy. I’m on my phone and old so I can’t figure out how to fix it lol

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