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How do I get into the 3DS Titles?

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@Eske sorry your thread ended up the way it did, I hope it doesn't leave a bad impression of us on you

@EVERYONE please stop quoting the offending poster, it has been taken care of


Awakening may spoil a few details of a few other games, but it really won't rain the other games

IMO, I think the best way to enjoy them is to go in completely blind, don't go for the most optimal way to play, trying to build units, and come up with your own strategies is some of the most fun you can have with these games

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there really isn't an order to recommend the 3ds games in, honestly. there's approximately one callback to awakening in fates, but it's a minor enough thing that it wouldn't really impact your enjoyment of either one way or the other.


i genuinely don't remember what spoilers awakening had for other games besides really small stuff in a few conversations, it's mostly callbacks to things that are entirely not plot elements in one game. i wouldn't worry at all about launching into the 3ds games before clearing the backlog of other ones.


EDIT: that said, from a pure mechanical perspective, fates plays like a fairly positive iteration on awakening's gameplay, while echoes is completely different from either, so i'd very gently recommend awakening before fates with no bearing on when you play echoes, but the changes made by fates didn't make awakening difficult to play at all for me so it's only a tiebreaker at best if you can't decide

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