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Optimal Class Lines

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20 minutes ago, LSM said:

Does anyone know if Dark Bishop is the only class that requires you to have a previous class known?

(Specifically, if I ignore Lord for my lord it's not going to bite me later, is it?)

I don't think so, but even then, you could always do the exam afterwards when you know you need it. I've also been ignoring Lord for Edelgard, her authority is high enough and the skills are a bit wank tbh, Merc is just much better with vantage and axe prof.

I think the only one that makes sense as Lord is Dimitri, because going cavalier can screw with his speed and he's supposed to wield swords anyway.

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On 7/26/2019 at 9:07 PM, Nio said:

So just got post time skip and can do master classes. I got to say, they are NOT as good as i thought. Some advanced classes are as good as them, Paladin for example, it is way better than Great Knight and there is even a net loss in stats. Same with lets say Bisho/Warlock and the mounted master classes, but the movement makes them overall better, but still, stat and skill wise, there isnt that much of a difference at all.

Edit: Oh but if you can pass (or even try to pass) a master class, go for it, cause some stats that require a minimun stay at that number even after reclassing. For example, my Felix had like 8 magic, but when he became a Mortal Sarvant it went up till 19, but when i changed back it was at 17, not 8 like before.


Perhaps one thing I could do is make optimal class lines for those who do plan to go for Master classes and those who don't.

In that case, you have a lot more options to choose from.

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7 hours ago, Jayvee94 said:

Excuse me, what? Can you screen cap? Can anyone confirm?

I do not believe this is the case.

Unlike Hanneman, who reverts to his Mage model as a Warlock after the timeskip, Manuela uses a regular Assassin model both before and after.

This leads me to believe she's just stuck with Priest as her canon class.

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