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English its not my first language, so please correct me/tell me if I get something wrong, thanks.

Hi there, I decided to get out these questions, as newbie hacker:

In regards of the weapon triangle, do you think that the weapon triangle looks somewhat empty since the update on fates?, It would be desirable to implement the updated triangle on a future romhack?

It would be cool if the anima magic could be separated in the three elements (Fe 9/10 comes to mind), or I should keep it on the unified state that it is now?

On a test, I made the tactician playable, and gave him/her access to all weapon kinds, It would be extremely OP if he/she had to start from rank E on everything? (This class works like a promoted one in regards of exp)

I decided to use All-instrument format music instead of the old N.I.M. format, It would be reasonable/desirable to use it alongside the 16tracks12notes patch? (With proper composition/looping), Or these two patches are incompatible?

I decided to nerf every weapon that follows the tier system, implementing bronze weapons, reducing might and weight to 1 for sword, 2 for lance, 3 for axe on bronze weapons (to keep this list going the next might and weight value its +1 of those from the previous tier axe) also tomes and bows suffered from this nerf. It would be wise to tier the weapons like this?

I want to hear your critics/opinions about this.

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