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Run Idea: The Dice Choose For You

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A run designed for Joshua gamblers that lets the dice rule their game.

To start, your house will be decided by a d4. 1 is Black Eagles, 2 is Blue Lions, 3 is Golden Deer, and 4 is a reroll. Afterwards, you will roll for who you will recruit. 2 each from the other 2 houses will be chosen. This list will exclude Hubert, Dedue, and Hilda, though you can swap them out for another character in the list. The list below is in alphabetical order, but swapping the units around will add even more randomization for runs afterwards.

Black Eagles:

  1. Bernadetta
  2. Caspar
  3. Dorothea
  4. Ferdinand
  5. Linhardt
  6. Petra

Blue Lions:

  1. Annette
  2. Ashe
  3. Felix
  4. Ingrid
  5. Mercedes
  6. Sylvain

Golden Deer:

  1. Ignatz
  2. Leonie
  3. Lorenz
  4. Lysithea
  5. Marianne
  6. Raphael

Afterwards, roll a d8 to determine what Master class your units will go for. As well, options for classes before reaching Master Class will be given that must be followed.


  1. Mortal Savant. Includes Myrmidon, Mercenary, Thief, Swordmaster, Hero, Assassin.
  2. Dark Knight. Includes Monk, Soldier, Mage, Dark Mage, Cavalier, Warlock, Dark Bishop, Paladin.
  3. Holy Knight. Includes Monk, Soldier, Priest, Cavalier, Bishop, Paladin.
  4. Wyvern Lord. Includes Fighter, Brigand, Wyvern Knight.
  5. Great Knight. Includes Fighter, Armored Knight, Fortress Knight.
  6. Bow Knight. Includes Fighter, Soldier, Archer, Cavalier, Thief, Sniper, Paladin, Assassin.
  7. Warmaster for males. Includes Fighter, Brigand, Brawler, Warrior, Grappler, Hero; Gremory for females. Includes Monk, Mage, Priest, Warlock, Bishop. Either gender can choose Dancer if they roll this number.
  8. Reroll for males. Falcoknight for females. Includes Soldier, Pegasus Knight, Paladin. Either gender can choose Dancer if they roll this number.

House Leaders can use their Lord class freely.

I swear the amount of stupidly fun run ideas you could come up with for this game is insane. I've already seen someone think up a Weakness Only run, and you could do Male or Female Classes only, Will Magic be Good in This Game (magic only), Slow and Steady (Armored Knights and Fortress Knights only), etc. I can't wait until Friday.

Edit: Goodperson707 has given the idea for randomizing dialogue options. For those who feel like control is for the weak, flipping a coin for options between 2 dialogue prompts or a d4 for 3/4 option prompts is a great option to choose for your run.

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This honestly sounds like a blast. Kind of like a Nuzlocke run for Fire Emblem.

Protip if you don't own d4s, you can just roll a d6 to pick your house, with 2 numbers assigned to each house. And for a d8 you could... flip a coin 3 times... and assign a master class... to each discrete sequence of flips... or just use random.org lol

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The 4th result on the d4 doesn't have to be a reroll.


Just make it the result where you side with the church over Edelgard.

My personal "stupid run" is gonna be Edelgard's Track & Field Team where I specifically avoid using anything with a mount.

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Just now, goodperson707 said:

What about the dialogue options, I know it's not quite game mechanics but it seems to fit the spirit of things to roll/flip for Bleyth's choices. 

That's actually not a bad idea. It might be a great side option if people still want a bit of control, but for those who want pure chaos to envelop their game, this is a perfect option. I'll update the OP with this.

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I decided to do this for fun to see how it would turn out and I got:


Black Eagles

BL-Ingrid and Felix

GD-Ignatz and Leonie

Hubert-Wyvern Lord (oof, could not get worse)

Ferdinand-War Master (not bad)

Linhardt-Wyvern Lord (big oof)

Casper-War Master (his best option)

Bernadetta-Falcon Knight (actually super good)

Dorothea-Holy Knight (not the best)

Petra-Mortal Savant (...)

Ingrid-Bow Knight (Decent)

Felix-Holy Knight (meh)

Ignatz-War Master (I dunno lol)

Leonie-Great Knight (Actually fine)

Overall, I think I would struggle XD

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5 hours ago, MilodicMellodi said:

I thought we're getting 10?

I thought we were getting 5... I don't know! I saw it somewhere. 

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