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Warrior of Dawn

"Noble Intentions" Playthrough

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Part 1 Chapter 2: Maiden of Miracles


Sent Edward to get the Vulnerary from the house.

Sent Nolan to blockade the alley exit, while Leo lines up behind him.

Micaiah Sits behind Leo.


The nearest fighter attacks Nolan, missing, Nolan hits back and reduces him to 5 HP.

Another Axe Fighter lines up behind the first.

An Axe fighter from the West attacks Nolan from that side, hitting for 7, Nolan counters and reduces him to 5 as well.

Another Axe fighter approaches from the west.


Edward moves behind Micaiah.

Leo finishes the Fighter to the North of Nolan.

Nolan kills the one to the west.

Resisting the urge to shove Edward, Micaiah stays where she is.


Another Axe fighter attacks Nolan from the North, he misses, Nolan reduces him to 5 as well.

The other Axe fighter attacks Nolan from the west, he hits, Nolan reduces him to 5 also.


Leo finishes the axe fighter to the west of Nolan.

Edward Crits the Fighter to the North of Nolan, rising to lvl 5 and gaining HP, Skill and Speed. Not bad, I suppose.

Nolan attacks the Javelin-guy in front of the church, reducing him to 5.

Micaiah finishes Javelin guy.


Precisely nothing


Nolan visits the church and claimed the Hand Axe.

Edward moves to two spaces West of Nolan, blockading the alley.

Leo moves to one space West of Nolan.

Micaiah uses Sacrifice on Nolan.


Archer approaches from the North-West

Soldier from the West attacks Edward, hitting for 12. Edward doubles back for a total of 10.


Edward falls back a little and uses a Vulnerary.

Micaiah stays where she is and uses an Herb.

Leo attacks the Soldier, reducing him to 3HP

Nolan finishes the Soldier.


Archer attacks Nolan, but misses.


Nolan cripples the Archer, reducing him to 2HP.

Micaiah finishes the Archer, rising to lvl 3 and gaining just Magic and Luck. Not feeling well, Micaiah?

Edward moves to one space west of Nolan.

Leo stays where he is.


The fighter in the west rushes to attack Edward, He hits for 13, Eddie counters for 18 in total. EDDIE WEAPON LEVEL UP.


Nolan attacks the stoic Fighter just before the boss. The fighter is crippled, Nolan is tickled.

Leo moves in and finishes the Northern fighter. Level up to level 6! Hp, Magic and Skill. Where’s the strength, Leo?

Eddie moves back and uses a Vulnerary again.

Micaiah takes Eddie’s place and finishes the Axe fighter to the West.


Reinforcements arrive to the south.


Nolan attacks the boss for 16 damage, is countered with 8.

Leo moves to the North-western Corner and finishes the boss.

Eddie attacks the Fighter, dealing 16 damage in total. The enemy misses.

Micaiah finishes the fighter off.


The reinforcements approach, and some new ones arrive.


Micaiah escapes.


I’m starting to worry about Leo’s strength. And Micaiah overall. Still, I can’t be too picky. Maybe things will pick up? I hope so. Still. I'm using Leo regardless of Stats. Just Becasue.

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Gah! My suddenly Fire Emblem obsessed Nephew has overwritten the Noble Intentions Save File. >(


I'm probably not going to put in the blow-by-blow chapter detail. Just going to post my characters stats when I feel it's appropriate.

Edited by Warrior of Dawn

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Seriously, aren't children being taught to stay away from other people's stuff these days? >_>

I would really love to say no, but the evidence is telling me otherwise.

When I saw the save in green, signifying easy, I just looked at it, in disbelief. I think my words were "I beg your pudding?"

Anywho, I can't get that save back. Nothing to do but try again.

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And so, I begin my fourth RD playthrough with a theme! "Noble Intentions" is a playthrough where I shall use the characters who come from nobility.

So, in no particular order, the candidates are as follows:

Leonardo (yes, Leo is nobility. Read his description in the library.)











Soren possibly maybe


There are 12 Candidates. If any get Stat-shamed, I'll bench 'em in favour of the other candidate. If none get stat-shamed, Sigrun will be benched. She's just that awful (stat-wise). Oh, on a side note, no PoR data transfer.

That's a....suprisingly well balanced team. I'll update with my progress, chapter by chapter. See you then!

You forgot Tibarn, Naesala, Caighneis, Stefan, Sanaki, Micaiah, Leanne, Reyson, Rafiel, Nailah, and Kurthnaga, puls, techichally Ike.

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You forgot Tibarn, Naesala, Caighneis, Stefan, Sanaki, Micaiah, Leanne, Reyson, Rafiel, Nailah, and Kurthnaga, puls, techichally Ike.

Micaiah, Ike, Sanaki, and the Herons are forced anyway. The Laguz royals are simply too broken to make the playthrough a challenge.

Wait, Stefan is a noble?

Edited by Knife

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Wait, Stefan is a noble?

Descendant of Soan, at least, his Japanese name suggests that.

He does act rather noble-ish. More viable than Soren, but still...

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Lucia is a more viable noble-swordmaster, in my opinion.

And that list was for the optional units, which you do not have to bring to EndGame.

Laguz Royalty sap all EndGame's fun! Though I will use Kurthnaga, as he is the weakest of them and is forced.

Edited by Warrior of Dawn

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You can pretty much get him to 40 on that chapter. I don't know if Blossom will fit after those skills, but if it does, that'd be even better.

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Dragonfoe (or Paragon) isn't completely necessary though. At least Dragonfoe isn't. You can give him Paragon and Blossom, and get him to 40 on that chapter, then remove both skills on the next chapter and give him whatever you want.

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Sorry about the delay. Silly "Three-Essay-a-Day" Schoolwork. >.<

Anyway, I've just finished the Part 1 Endgame. CHARATERS:

Leonardo: Level 6 Sniper:

Strength: 23 (Natural)

Magic: 3

Skill: 24

Speed: 23

Luck: 24

Defense: 13

Resistance: 16 (Cap)

Weapons: Steel Bow, Iron Longbow.

Skills: Cancel, Paragon.

Overall, I am very pleased with Leonardo. His Strength and Speed blessings let me use him consistantly, and he completely annhialated everything he came accross. He was even 100% Accurate with the Longbow, which was very useful. Only worrying point is his defense, but he is an Archer Class - It's to be expected. On a side note, I used the Energy Drop on him, so add +2 to his Strength.

Micaiah: Level 20 Light Mage:

Strength: 3

Magic: 20 (Cap)

Skill: 16

Speed: 14

Luck: 24

Defense: 4

Resistance: 20 (Cap)

Weapons: Light, Thani x 2

Skills: Pass

Some slight dissapointment on Micaiah's front. Another point in Defense would have made me more confident in her, and the fact she hasn't capped skill is wierd - she usually caps skill. Still, she capped Magic - at least she isn't screwed there. Hopefully she'll compensate for some of these in Tier 2. Oh, I used the Ashera Icon on her, but she really doesn't need it now T_T

Sothe: Level 4 Rogue:

Strength: 19

Magic: 4

Skill: 23

Speed: 22

Luck: 19

Defense: 15

Resistance: 11

Weapons: Iron Dagger, Kard

Skills: Adept

Sothe has been very helpful with Adept, It's almost like he's been waiting to get his hands on it! Anyway, he's not been the strongest of my characters, but he gets the job done, and weakens them for Micaiah. His ability to steal has also proven useful, as I have too many vulneraries to use, now. No useful stats particularly low, so I am pleased.

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