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First impressions after first completion of threehouses

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Three Houses has captured my heart, and also has likely even landed a spot in my top 10 games of all time. It’s been the first game in a while that has completely sucked me in and caused me to lose track of time, so after finishing my first play through, I decided to make a thread here for discussion.


Characters are fantastic with tons of depth. They all have distinct personalities that clearly change as the characters mature- for example, Bernadetta from the black eagles. My first play through was the Edelgard vs. Seiros route, so as you can imagine, I got pretty close to lil Bernie. In Part 1, she’s nearly impossible to understand and even annoying at times because of her nervous nature. But when Part 2 hits, it’s obvious that she’s matured, as the majority of her sentences are complete and without stuttering.


Furthermore, the characters’ individual philosophies and ideals clash and mesh with each-other to complete the narrative of house vs. house, and classmate vs. enemy. I genuinely felt like crying once or twice when I was forced to kill units that I’d bonded with but failed to recruit (or couldn’t recruit because of story route). Saddest part imo was the dialogue betwee my recruited Felix and enemy Sylvain. Sylvain was the only guy character outside of my house that I had ever interacted with apart from Felix, so that combined with the incredibly sad dialogue and atmosphere of the battle and music just got to me.


And the hardest part is still to come, because I have to do another route and may have to kill the units that I bonded with over an entire playthrough.

 Details in units and dialogue that add complexity and truly build the world are what makes this game shine for me. The devs clearly wanted to make sure that units felt like human beings rather than just characters in a game.

I’d like to hear everyone else’s thoughts as well

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