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[FE: Mystery of the Emblem] Return to chapter 1 glitch


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I'm a big fan of the FE in general and Mystery of the Emblem. I played it a lot when I was in middle school (some 20 years ago). In my hometown we couldn't afford a console at home so I had to play at the console shops where they put many machines for rent (like internet game coffee today). There was one owner that played a lot of FE too. He was able to do this glitch to return to chapter one on Mystery of the Emblem - Book 1. All the items were kept (I can't remember if the characters are kept too). This way he was able to return many times and save a lot of star orbs for training (wearing 4 star orbs while leveling up makes stats growth much better like always +2HP and all stats grow even magic resistance) and a lot of weapons like Mercurius and Gradivus and so on). It was also fun when you can infinitely play the game over and over again. I loved training all the heroes to their max stats for example.


It was his kind of secret so he would usually do it for me. I remember it's the combination of doing it in the right chapter with the right characters and then pressing Select + Start + L + R (the reset game buttons) at the same time but I couldn't figure out while trying to do it again recently.


Anyone knows about this? I really wanna play that again. Not sure if the version we played were a modded one, but it was played on the modded SNES (modded to be able to play with floppy disks).


Book 2 also has a glitch that allows the duplication of infinite items and weapons too. I still remember how to do it cuz back then I was the one who found out how.

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