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Most memorable crit quotes

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Seteth: "Judgement has passed!"  and  "You shall not survive!"
Lysithea:"You will regret this!" and


"I don't wanna do this!", this one  seems only to be used if Lysithea fights another student, which happens often.

Byleth: "Here's something to believe in!"
Edelgard: "I will show no mercy!"
Dedue:"I will break you!"
Dimitri: "Out of my way!"
Felix:"I cut you down!"

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Hubert: "HAHAHAHA!"

Hubert: "Just a bug to squash!"

Hubert: "Bow before Her Majesty!"

Dimitri: "I'll destroy you!"

Dorothea: "One of us has to die!"

Claude: "Don't hold this against me, okay?"

Claude: "Shall we dance?"

Hilda: "You're making me work!"

Lysithea: "You're irrelevant!"

Lorenz: "In a hurry to die, are you?"

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Claude: My moment has arrived!

Dedue: All in his service!

Hilda: You're making me WORK!

Ferdinand: No openings? I'll make one!

Cyril (part 2): I'm not a kid anymore!

Hubert (part 2): WE WILL BURN TOGETHER

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Cyril: "I'm not just some kid!" and its post time-skip equivalent, "I'm not a kid anymore!"

Lorenz: "Don't you know who I am?!"

Raphael: "Time for seconds!"

Ashe: "I'll prove myself!"

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