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Best or Favorite Support conversations?

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So far I really enjoyed the support conversations for Ferdinand and Dorothea as well as their ending epilogue, and the development of their relationship throughout was really touching to see. What supports between the different characters are your favorite and why? 

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There were not many I enjoyed personally. Many of them reiterate the fact of a person or archetype you already know about. I would say over half of Bernadetta's supports are her yelling and screaming in fear of someone being potentially upset and people having to calm her down. Otherwise, the only ones I enjoyed really were ones which advanced your knowledge of someone such as Edelgard's supports. Linhardt and Lysithea was interesting. 

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Honestly, I don't like this game's support conversations. The requirements for getting them are so lenient you basically get every single one of them without trying, and not only does that make them feel a lot less special, it also contributed to making them kind of a blur. If you gave me a random pair in the black eagle house and asked me to remember what their support chain was about, I think I'd have like a 40% chance of getting it right.

A few made me chuckle though, but I can't remember many specific examples. I think the times I most laughed were when the timeskip kicked in and the support chains continued like absolutely nothing else happened between the pair in the meantime. Things like Caspar struggling to beat anyone taller than him for five years.

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I really liked Felix and Dedue's support conversation. It was really intense! Also, enjoyed Annette's and Felix's. It was very light hearted compared to some of Felix's other supports. Sylvain, and Ashe had some good supports with Ingrid and Felix. I think it helped that quite a few Blue Lions had a long history with each other. I enjoyed Alois' 'C' support, I haven't yet managed to get him higher then that so far though.

I was looking forward to Annette and Mercedes' support but the 'A' conversation was a bit disappointing.

I find it hard to believe it took five years for Annette and Mercedes to reconcile.

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Pretty much every Marianne's support is interesting to me, but that's also because I desperately want to know what the hell her crest really is.

Edelgard as well is very nice to read, as she doesn't stop herself from saying what she thinks, it makes the conversations interesting. Same rule applies for Dorothea (didn't expect her to be so blunt, but it's a welcome surprise).

On the other hand I just had Ashe and Annette both C and B and what the hell? Unbearable is the right word, it's so incredibly boring, obvious and vague, even worse than some of Bern's supports. They're actually the first conversations I skipped without listening to the voice lines.

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I'm still on my first, unfinished Black Eagles playthrough. I've seen a handful of B supports (about half of the house's, I'd say).

I like Caspar and Edelgard's support. All of Edelgard's supports are quite good so far.

Hubert's probably my favorite. All of his conversations fully hold my attention. His Japanese voice actor suits him perfectly (not that the English one is bad).

The only supports I'm not crazy about are some of Bernadetta's, but not all of them are bad (some are quite good, like her and Edelgard or her and Dorothea).

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Dimitri, Dedue, Ingrid, and Ashe have really good Supports all around, they really ended up being my favorite characters. Lystithea also has really nice ones. Sylvian's did make me change my mind on him and find him more sympathetic. 

As for specific Supports, Annette X Felix is a really cute one. I also adore Ashe and Petra. 

I've only just played the Blue Lions route and only recruited Petra and Lysithea so I haven't too many opinions yet on the others.

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Ingrid and Ashe - I was charmed by the quote-off in their C support, appreciated the seriousness of the B, and heartened by the A support.

Edelgard and Lysithea - they have things in common, and you see the relaxed side of Edelgard, Lysithea's story, and it made me really bummed that


you don't directly confront Those Who Slither in Edelgard's route because imo the route needed it and they had it coming.

Bernadetta and Dorothea - mostly the B support, where Bernadetta reveals why she runs away from human contact. In fact most of Dorothea's supports are my favorite, like hers with Ferdinand and Linhardt.

Sylvain and Mercedes - Mercedes reveals her backstory, and Sylvain is serious and not a flirt for once.

Hubert and Petra - Petra wants to prove that Brigid can be an equal to the Empire and Hubert doesn't act like a jerk for once and, in their A support, begins to take her words into account.

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