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Help finding a name for three houses oc

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Can anybody help me make a good name for my oc? It's a girl

Name: help me



Class: assassin


Personality: energetic, Likes wyverns, dislikes horses, a little bit of a trickster

Likes: petting Seteth's wyvern, Reptiles, spring days, conversations with linhardt and hanneman, talking to Claude and petting his albino wyvern

Dislikes: Edelgard, the empire, those who slither in the dark, Horses, Dimitri falling in battle, and people trying to mess with seteth.

Strength: Swords, flying, reason

Weakness: riding, bows, armor

House: blue lions

Relatives: Seteth, flayn, rhea, linhardt, (anyone else I don't know related to seteth)

Other: Seteth's brother, you can learn more about her when I roleplay, or by simply messaging me!

Please help me find a suitable name!

Thanks to Ertrick36 for helping me, the part about the names having origin from Irish was extremely useful!

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Whenever I can't figure out a name to use/make up, I always go to fantasynamegenerators.com

It has mostly fantasy names, though none of the generators on the site are for FE in particular, but there are generators for actual real life cultures.  In particular, since you mentioned those relations, you may want to look into traditional Irish (Seteth/Flayn relation), Roman (Rhea relation), or Germanic (Linhardt relation - add a "von" in the name), depending on which character you feel your character is closest to/most closely related to.

I speak of those generators because Seteth and Flayn's names come from Irish mythology, Rhea's comes from Greek/Roman mythology, and Linhardt's is a Germanic version of the name "Leonard" or "Lion Heart".

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Based on the naming conventions the game has used, scottish/celtic/slavic seems to be the way to go for the Kingdom and the Alliance.

For the empire, it's mainly germanic, and the church is greco-roman.

I'd look up some of the lore around Dagda and the Tuatha de Danann, that seems to be the gist of it.

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Given that she's in the Blue Lions and their names are mostly, as @dragonlordsd said, based on Scottish, Celtic, and Slavic names, I would go with a name from one of these sites:




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