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What Endings Did You Get?

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I know there are plenty of discussions and topics going around about how to get specific paired endings, but I wanted a topic just to discuss what paired endings did people get during their playthroughs, planned or otherwise. So, I created this one.

I just finished my first playthrough of the Blue Lions path and managed to get 7 paired endings, which isn't bad for a first time. Though that does include the Byleth pairing, who I played as a female named Lily.

In no particular order:








I'm not too surprised by most of these. Ashe/Ingrid was my first A support that wasn't a Lily one, so it made sense that these two ended up together. I think I'm one of the first people to get Dimitri/Catherine though; I was just trying to fill out support pages then and accidentally snatched this one up. Their support chain was pretty cute though. I'm grateful that Sylvain was able to be happy in the end considering that I got every single A support he had filled out. I was worried that he would end up alone because I got Dorothea/Ferdinand's A support before his A support with Dorothea, but I think I got enough points to override the house bias. Also, Dedue's solo ending is poetic and sad. Poor guy.

Felix's ending is both adorable and hilarious and I highly recommend it to people who want a bit of a laugh. He's actually really sweet though, and I like that we got the opportunity to tease him a bit during his confession. 10/10, would marry again.

Anyways, enough about me. What endings did you all get?

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Well, I did Edelgard's route first and got the following endings:


Edelgard/Hubert (They make such a cute couple oh my goodness)


Bernadetta/Ferdinand (Their A support was very very cute. I don't want to spoil it, but I liked the little twist it had and it made the ending they got together that much more cute)

Lysithea/Felix (While the game didn't say that those two got married, but it did say that Felix gave up his sword and opened up a bakery with Lysithea. If that isn't true love, I don't know what is)

And funny enough, Dorothea was the only one from my original students who didn't get an ending with anyone lol. Which is a bit ironic when you think about it.  

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Ferdinand x Bernadetta (romantic)


Linhardt x Petra (romantic)


Byleth x Edelgard (romantic)


Hubert and Dorothea (non romantic)

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  • I got Claude/Lorenz and I think that outcome accentuates why these two characters play off each other so well.
  • Ignatz/Raphael is another cute outcome since it involves the three childhood friends reunited and engaging with their passions.
  • Hilda/Seteth writing children's books after the war fulfills the promise laid out in their support. And them not being romantically involved is another plus.
  • Lysithea, Marianne, and the remaining church knights + Flayn ended up alone
  • Byleth/Leonie for S support option. Good ending for her, but the idea of Byleth becoming King of Fodlan makes me want to vomit. Should have been Rhea or Claude.

Definitely was surprised that none of my students hooked up with each other despite all of their possible supports being maxed. But I hope the first two on this list are canon since they're just perfect.

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Byleth/Sothis - Not a fan of Byleth and didn't want to pair him with anyone. Did it mainly because I wanted to see why it was an option. Was good seeing Sothis one last time, but I think I'll have Byleth go solo from now on. 

Claude/Lysithea - Ending could've been it's own short story imo, would of loved to see Claude's quest for love. Kind of detrimental to future relations between Fodlan and Almyra though... 

Lorenz/Marianne - Great support, but the ending felt really disconnected from their supports. Regardless, I feel like this is a potential OTP for me. 

Raphael/Bernadetta - Bernie marrying a commoner and overcoming her trauma sounds like a perfect ending and big middle finger to her dad.  

The rest just got their solo endings despite having A ranks. I actually wanted to pair Claude with Hilda, but I'm still confused on how to get the endings I want. 

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Blue Lions:

  • Dimitri/Marianne -  Was really sweet, and I feel like they can be there for each other.
  • Felix/Ingrid - My OTP even pre game, and don't have more to say. 
  • Sylvain/Mercedes - Their ending and the conclusion of Sylvain's arc made me emotional.
  • Ashe/Annette - Was cute, and had nice connection to Gilbert
  • Dedue/Flayn - Weird, but I liked it. 
  • Ferdinand/Dorothea - A hot mess couple, but I really like it.
  • Bylass/Seteth - Seteth has stolen my heart lol.

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I played through Crimson Flower twice so know you'll see some characters multiple times

  • Byleth/Edelgard
  • Byleth/Dorothea
  • Lindhart/Bernadetta
  • Lindhart/Lysethia
  • Ferdinand/Bernadetta
  • Fedinand/Dorothea
  • Caspar/Petra
  • Hubert/Edelgard

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Just finished my first Crimson Flower run, got:

Edelgard/Hubert: didn't try for it and it's exactly what you'd expect. Cute, but I was curious to see Edelgard with someone else.

Caspar/Shamir: felt not necessarily romantic but it was a great ending for them. They basically start a mercenary company together and are famous after the war.

Linhardt/Marianne: super sweet. Linhardt moves to Duke Edmund's territory to study Crests and asks for Marianne's hand in marriage, they live happily ever after and are loved by the common folk.

Dorothea/Petra: this is amazing! Petra becomes queen, declares independence from Fódlan and Dorothea is her beloved bride helping her do it. Awesome ending for two of my best BE units.

Lysithea/Hanneman: now this was a beautiful ending, I'm so glad I got it because I was hooked from their first support. Goes into spoiler territory as to why, but they basically solve a big mystery related to Crests and continue working together until Lysithea inherits Hanneman's research.

Felix/Sylvain: the only ending I was let down by. It was kind of sad considering all they worked through in their supports. They basically see each other once after the war and then it's implied Sylvain dies?

And Byleth/Sothis, felt really awkward and interrupted the flow of the ending... Byleth is staying alone from now on.

I really liked the supports in this game, even the romantic turn in the A conversation mostly felt organic and most of them do a crazy amount of world building.

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Finished Golden Deer just hours ago.

-Claude/Byleth - Wanted more cuteness but nonetheless, glad they reunited.
-Marianne/Hilda - Adorable in all the sense.
-Raphael/Ignatz - I was a fan of this one. Honestly a good end for everyone involved (though I do wonder what happen on Ignatz end with his family).
-Lysithea/Lorenz - Nice and solid.
I was trying to hook up certain folks with each other but forgot about it during the end battles. But I'm not actually disappointed either.

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In my recent Golden Deer run, I got these endings:

  • Seteth/Flayn - Standard, I guess. But it makes sense.
  • Raphael/Ignatz - Best buddies forever ending! Also really cool to see Ignatz' quest for painting see closure
  • Claude/Lorenz - Interesting ending with interesting implications towards Fodlans new style of ruling
  • Hilda/Marianne - Adorable. 'Nuff said
  • Byleth/Lysithea - So far my favorite ending in the game, heck, in Fire Emblem in general.

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Byleth/Flayn: I don’t exactly agree with the path Byleth took after the war (as mentioned above by someone else), but maybe I can make a little story about why that happened. And hey, I liked the ending they had.

Claude/Lysithea: Hooked on them being a couple, though the teasing at the end of the A support kind of put me off. But I persevered. Kind of mixed, to be honest. I paired the two because Claude gives Lysithea the respect she wants and deserves.

Lorenz/Hilda: I kind of liked how things went for them in the supports and ending. That is all.

Marianne/Ignatz: Shipped this from the C Support. Holy frick, I love these two together. B support only made things better.


Heck, their love story even became a play. So cute.

Dimitri/Marianne is going down that same route as of their B support, it seems (especially with insight into Marianne’s crest).

Leonie/Raphael: Their ending did take a little twist, but yeah, why not put the two strongest of both genders in the house together.

Catherine/Shamir: Platonic power couple to the end. Heck yeah.



Did not expect their marriage at all. But I guess something clicked between them.

Everyone else was single after that. A shame, since I tried to get the Bernadetta/Alois ending (Bernadetta liked Raphael too much) and the Seteth/Cyril ending (Seteth liked Flayn more. But understandable.)

I liked how Alois, Cyril, and Seteth turned out, but I felt bad for Bernadetta.

In my current playthrough (Blue Lions), here is what I am going to try out:


Dimitri/Marianne (Frick)




Felix/Leonie (I wanted to pair him with someone he shows respect for)

Caspar/Catherine (Originally was going to do Catherine/Seteth, but...)




Which will make Hanneman alone.

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After reading this, I'm glad my Byleth is single.

Of the endings, got two mentioned, and had Sylvain/Dorothea married.  The supports do wonders for both of their characters.  Definitely an interesting take on why both of them are so very flirty.

Next playthrough, I'm gonna aim for Ashe/Petra. . .that is, if I can recruit both of them.  Their C support is adorable.

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Felix and Bernadetta. I am actually kind of glad they had an Ending together. Because they are one hilarious paring I can ship.

Hubert and Ferdinand. This one was random. I actually intended to setup Dorothea and Hubert. But his bond with Ferdinand was bigger. 

Petra and Claude. Also their A support is priceless and I was happy to make them a good ending together.

So far with Byleth I saw, Manuella, Hilda and Edelgard. This time I am really struggling because I think Dimitri and F Byleth is worth it. But I am still fighting to make Marianne and Dimitri happen. But somehow Dedue just has a too high friendship with Dimitri by default. I don't know where I messed up...

Also I want to make Ferdinand and Hilda happen. 

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Just finished my Blue Lions Run:

Byleth/Dorothea - Not much to say here; of all the female characters I had on my army, I just liked overall how she interacted with everyone.  Would be happy to see her paired with any of her A Supports (she has 2 in the Blue Lions, which I think is more than usual?)

Dmitri/Flayn - I made a push for this one at the end.  Their supports are both cute in regards to Flayn's cooking "skills" (something referenced very sweetly in the ending text), but also in the overall themes of how one deals with the past and the dead, a main theme of the route.  Very satisfying.

Felix/Sylvain - A surprise; I don't know if their ending is different in Azure Moon than in Crimson flower; it's definitely said that they met more than once.  For any Americans out there, the ending seems in part a reference to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, a touch this history buff appreciated.

Dedue/Ashe - Another Surprise.  Turns out in this one, Ashe turns down knighthood to fight prejudice against Duscur by opening an inn specializing in Duscur Cuisine, with Dedue working sponsoring the venture as a friend and partner.  Thought it interesting how Ashe ended up taking after his birth family all along after his other supports, but given that their A support did actually make me tear up a little at the end, was actually quite happy with this.

Annette/Mercedes - I suppose I should have expected this.  Nice, but I had been kind of hoping to pair Mercedes with Sylvain, as I liked their support chain quite a bit.

Hilda/Cyril - Not much to say on this one.  My Dragon Riders were a great tag team, and I didn't want them to stop.

Ingrid/Seteth - I didn't hate it, but definitely the least favorite of the pairings I got.  Kind of wanted her to end up with Ashe.


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No pairs just me and my waifu alone don't care for other potential pairs those don't matter to me so:









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I try to pair everyone, so I'll just list favorites

Crimson Flower:

Edelgard/Lysithea (platonic): They share a lot in common and watching Edelgard acting like Lysithea's mom during their support was funny. 

Also (spoiler)



They both managed to extend their lifespan together 🙂


Felix/Leonie (platonic?): Their support was very good and entertaining.


Trying to imagine the two of them as street performers after they ran out of merc jobs to do makes me laugh

Petra/Dorothea (Romantic?): Happened by accident, glad how it turned out though. 

Ferdinand/Marianne: They make a cute couple and I am glad to see Marianne happy. 


Verdent Wind:

Claude/Ingrid: They already argue like an old couple. 

Byloth/Hilda: Hilda was adorable and funny. 

Sylvain/Mercedes: Crest babies! 

Lorenz/Marianne: Again, must ensure Marianne happiness

Lysithea/Lindhardt: Gotta warp together. 


Lysithea is saved again!


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Now I am through with Blue Lion:

Dimitri/Marianne. Seems that I wasn't the only one here who thought they fit together. 

Dedue/Shamir. Shamir was the only character fitting to Dedue for me..

Felix/Ingrid. Also kind of fitting

Ferdinand/Hilda: after I had seen their support they have to be together. And Ferdinand still has the habit of doing what others do after Marriage.

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everything's kind of bleeding together now that I'm wrapping up my fourth route, but I do recall Ignatz and Raphael's sister getting together. and Ingrid staying solo, which made sense

I sometimes worry about picking a spouse for MC because I don't want to mess up the nice in-house couplings. I spend most of my activity points on eating with students so everybody's a rank with everybody by the end

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Let's see if I can remember... I did Black Eagles (Rhea's route) on my first run and I got these:






Three of those seemed kind of random to me while everyone else from Hanneman to Catherine to Cyril are all on their own.



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Byleth/Shamir, Ignatz/Marianne, Raphael/Hilda, Claude/Flayn, Seteth/Catherine, Leonie/Lorenz, Petra/Cyril, Lindhart/Lysithea, Manuela/Hanneman, Annette/Mercedes

All planned. I was amazed at how confused people were with the closest allies functionality. It was implicit to me that this was what determines the paired endings.


Hanneman and Manuela having a grand wedding with whatever is left of the students in attendance is the sweetest thing... especially for Manuela in particular given that love is all she’s wanted for so long.


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Still taking my stuff slow, damn you life.  Anyway still on my first bl route, going for:





Ashe/Petra or Catherine

Male byleth/Shamir

Dedue/ummm I can't remember




There are others but I'm not looking at it right now.

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In Golden Deer route:

- Claude X Petra

- Byleth X Mercedes

- Lorenz X Marianne

- Ignatz X Raphael's little sister

- Dorothea X Hanneman

- Felix X Silvain (just one-sided, I don't think Silvain ever noticed);

- Catherine X Shamir

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