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Battalions Analysis

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Okay, so out of the B-tier and A-tier battalions, which ones do you think could use a buff? (This assumes you've done multiple playthroughs.)

First on my list would be the Varley Archers. +30 Aim sounds nice at first, but the Edmund Troops do better with +40, and the Varley Archers give no bonus to damage, as well as have a -10 Avoid penalty. Their only redeeming quality is their gambit, Fusillade, but you can do better with the Immortal Corps. I'd definitely give the Varley Archers at least a +4 to Physical Attack to make them at all worthwhile.

Second is the Bergliez War Group. +8 Physical Attack is good, but Goneril Valkyries are straight-up better with their bonuses to Aim and Crit. Plus the Bergliez War Group has that -10 Avoid penalty, which really hurts in Maddening. Onslaught isn't much better than Assault Troop, so Caspar's battalion just doesn't match up.

Third on my list is the Gaspard Knights. These guys flat-out suck, only providing +5 Physical Attack, +5 Protection, and basically nothing else. They are completely outclassed by various other battalions at this tier, and honestly should have been made a C-tier battalion instead of a B-tier.

As for A-tier battalions, it's harder to judge since I don't tend to use those ones as much, but the Cethleann Monks are definitely one of the worse ones at this tier. It's mainly due to their bad Gambit, Resonant White Magic. If RWM did something better, it'd be more useful, but an AOE heal at this stage is useless when you should have Mercedes or Flayn with Fortify. If I were to change the Cethleann Monks in any way, I'd change their Gambit to Blessing, which is much more useful.

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