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Adel Amery

Fire Emblem 1‎ (Arabic patch)

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(This topic is linking with FE6 - Arabic patch topic. Here is its link:


You can download FE1  - Arabic patch from here:


Apply to a Japanese FE1 ROM using a UPS patcher.



Fire Emblem 1

The learning slope wasn't the smoothest. Some parties in local romhacking circles had a vested interest in having a wider library of Arabic NES games because illegal ad-infested online emulators, or reproduction cartridges, were easier to profit from if it's NES games than GBA games. That stance was pushed aggressively, to put mildly, down to stealth-deleting informative posts and withholding learning material and techniques that may be applicable to bigger and better games, and other drama we'll spare you the details. Needless to say, we distanced ourselves pretty quickly from that unappealing situation once we realized how deep the rabbit hole went.

As a result, the initial project wasn't the planned Fire Emblem 6 (not counting BS) but the very first game that begun it all. Much of it was done on paper, transcribing letter figures directly to hex values, and hex-editing that manually. As it was wartime, the last hour (between 4PM and 5PM) before curfew and electricity is cut, was spent on a rush transcribing English text to paper, and then working out a translation and the hex equivalent. We fortunately received better information and tools (for the Arabic conversion) from fellow JRPG fans that helped expedite the process and rekindle our love of the hobby.

Luckily, we pushed forward and even added extravaganza like diacritics and in some cases, true right-to-left support.

That first patch was released in 2015, with a recent bugfix revision. Please apply it (BPS format) using Floating IPS or similar beat patchers. Many thanks to the original translators for making this possible.

Fire Emblem 2 - Gaiden

Another talented romhacker, MasterGrand, started work on Gaiden (FE2) by then, but eventually had to abandon it as he lost interest in romhacking altogether. We're now in the process of porting our complete translation (as he worked on J2E's version which wasn't... ideal) and his unpublished work he kindly shared with us (a right-to-left routine in particular) to the 2009 English version, as a Kruptar project. Again, much thanks to the English team for making much of this possible.

While we were soured by some of the meta surrounding this enough to make it a low-priority project, we didn't want all of this work to go to waste, and as such we are slowly wrapping it up (its text is already finished, as are the insertion script tests) Besides, the prospect of a completed Arachnea trilogy is a much welcome one, all things considered. More on this later.



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This is so cool! Awesome work! Sorry to hear about the Gaiden translation, will it be worked on further? 

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Is there a sizeable Arabic fanbase for Fire Emblem? They should try being a bit vocal if there is. People have been saying they want some more Arabic aesthetic in the series for a while now. If Nintendo knows they have fans who would appreciate it they might go ahead and do it.

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