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i just blew a bunch of money on the new switch what games do i get

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Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition would be my first pick, to be honest.

Well, since I'm still waiting for the new Switch models, I can't exactly vouch for the quality of that version. But being able to play Hyrule Warriors at 60 fps sounds bloody awesome.
The Wii U version was absolute garbage in terms of performance. It never even comes close to hitting the 30 FPS it's capped at. I wonder if that's the reason they designed the first level so that it's just random enemies spread out all over the placer and not the large, concentrated forces like you see everywhere else in the game. That way the performance issues aren't all that noticeable.
And Hyrule Warriors really does have excellent gameplay. At least I can't claim to have every played a Musou game that comes close to it's level of fluency to the combat. Well, unless you play Agitha and Ruto who very much feel like playing Ocarina of Time with the Iron Boots on. Maybe there is a way to play them that does not feel like complete ass, but at least I never found one.

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currently available, there's plenty of games.

titles like Octopath Traveler and FE 3H should already be worth of notice, then there's Oninaki, Astral Chain and Daemon X Machina coming up in the next months.

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Looking at my list of games-

Overcooked 2 > ALL

I loved this game so much I bought Overcooked 1 for more levels, and then bought it on PC so I can play it with my local multiplayer AND my online multiplayer group. 


Possible to hold off until the next Puyo game especially for online-puropses but my impression is that it won't be as good of an "entry point" as this one.for me both are neccesary

Smash Bros

Golf Story

I thought it was overhyped, but I actually think it's in the top 3 best comedy story games I've ever played. It also does a surprisingly well translation of a hot-shots golf esque engine into 2.5 D (although you don't need to play Hot Shots golf to enjoy it). For people really afraid of Golf, it isn't too scary - you spend more time on Golf themed challenges than "real" golf, and at worst it'll only put you through 9 holes. 

Pang Adventures

A really nice arcade reboot. I have fun doing it in score attack.

Super Mario Odyssey

Lode Runner Legacy

Everyone should play through Lode Runner in some form at some time. I personally don't like this one graphic/presentation wise (Legend Returns PC beats this by a mile)

NES Collection

A lot of people forget about this coming free with Online, but I've spent more hours in in that all actual switch games. The KING of the games here is Super Dodgeball. play that if nothing else and you won't regret it.

Cadence of Hyrule

I recommend this WITHOUT playing Crypt of Necrodancer first - CoN gets more frustrating to complete and the overworld w/ dungeons feels more complete than the 3 floors+boss formula. The map seeding and enemy design are more generous here than in CoN


This is a ton of fun, but especially as a multiplayer game,  it's also cheap by switch standards.

Into the Breach

This is really a puzzle game, and is necessary for everyone to get a new impression of the Fire Emblem AI. 


I bought it for the Meme, but it's a relaxing atmospheric game. As a platformer, it's very simple, with main jumps being from contextual (tree) to (tree) so you can fudge it since it's generous with the really wide range your charather has.


There are a couple of things I found OFF about it, but it's a above average game that partially succeeds in making a Fantasy themed Advanced Wars spiritual successor.

Mario vs Rabbids

This is genuinely a very funny game. Tactically it's a possible to kind of brute force a lot of the story, but the final chapters and the postgame challenges kind of evolve into a squishy vs squishy meta, which helped me to renew my interest.


Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon, Yooka Laylee, Yoshi's Crafted World, Unruly Heroes, Starlink Battle for Atlas

- I really wanted to like Chocobo and Yooka Laylee, but both have serious problems compared to the games they are inspired or the immediate previous game in Yoshi's case.

-Unruly Heroes is great visually, using the Rayman engine for a Chinese setting, but the gameplay bores me to tears.

Only if really interested in local Multiplayer

Screencheat, Astro Bears, Lovers in Dangerous Space Time, Super Mario Party, and Crawl

Screencheat is a novel gimmick FPS, but I think it works well. Astro Bears is a 4 player 3D "Snake" game, Lovers is a free roaming Space ship game, but you have to juggle who is using turrets and who is driving in real time, And Crawl is a streamlined VS version of Gauntlent.

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Breath of the Wild, Odyssey, and Smash are legit, and I’ve heard Three Houses is some good shit as well

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Actually, forget what I said before, because now that TMS for the Switch is now on the table...

If you have not played the Persona series at all, then:

  1. First, play Tokyo Mirage Session on the Switch when it comes out next year,
  2. Then, move onto Persona 4 (on the PS Vita with cartridge, or your PS3-4 via downloading from the store), and then move to either 3 or 5.

...Because that is how I came to know and love Atlus.

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