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FE9 Hard Mode Run

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So, a little bit of background.

I bought my NGC in 2001 when it came out. Since then, it has moved halfway across the world, had to find new wires (including a special adapter to keep the power box from frying due to different voltages in the Middle East) and has effectively suffered through a lot of abuse. But why not dust it off and finally put to rest any questions of mine that I've had about this game for 15ish years? So, let's do it.

Parameters are Hard Mode with no bands and a semi-efficient run. Sorry, I haven't really played this game in over a decade off of emulators (and my last file crashed at Chapter 13).

Turn Counts (22😞


P - 4
C1 - 4
C2 - 5

C3 - 5

C4 - 4

Prologue: Mercenaries

Details: I forgot how manly Greil is. Far better character than Jeralt (no offense guys) because his death doesn't actually feel cheap. Adjusted my settings and trashed both Boyd and Greil in the mandatory 4 turn clear. As an aside, I really like this game's combat animations. They still hold up rather well nearly 15 years later.

Ike      2.57  |20| 5| 1| 6| 7| 6| 6| 0|
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Chapter 1: The Battle Begins

Details: I can't remember why Ike starts with 4 Iron Swords in his inventory but it is still funny. We get Boyd, Oscar and Titania and... well, we'll see if I end up using them. I do kinda want to use some more mediocre units this time and see if I can still be efficient. 4 Turn since my goal is simply max BExp via turns. Currently undecided on the Seraph Robe.

Ike      3.26  |21| 6| 2| 6| 8| 6| 6| 1|
Titania  1.28  Base
Boyd     2.83  Base
Oscar    3.85  Base


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Chapter 2: Rescue

Details: I'm praying that my Ike doesn't get Str-screwed this time since I remember the first time I ever played this game, my Ike finished with 20 Str or so. So far, so good. As for this chapter, I usually clear out the upper left group first but this time, I just pushed straight to the boss and used Oscar's SUPER CANTO to hit and run on the flanking group. When Titania finally showed up, she and Oscar rushed Ikanau for a 5 turn clear.

I forgot to mention: Titania has a monopoly on earlygame boss kills since she gets more bang for your buck out of them. Also, Oscar starts with C Lances. That's kinda impressive if not overkill since the first C level weapon is at the tail end of Chapter 6 (Short Spear upon Emil's death).

Ike      4.69  |22| 7| 2| 7| 8| 7| 6| 1|
Titania  1.62  Base
Boyd     3.88  |31| 8| 0| 4| 6| 4| 5| 1|
Oscar    4.68  |27| 6| 1| 6| 8| 6| 8| 1|
Rhys     4.45  Base


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Chapter 3: Pirates Aground

Details: I think this chapter exists because IS simply wanted to show players how good Titania is. Gatrie has 5 Move, Shinon doesn't have an enemy phase and Ike is the only unit who can possibly die (if you rush him in alone). Not to mention that Titania picks up a Hand Axe in this chapter to give her 19 Att at 1~2 range. That's pretty solid.

The chapter itself isn't really worth mentioning. Titania effectively solos the ship, Ike follows behind to talk to Marcia while Shinon and Gatrie are on clean-up duty. Killing Havetti ends the chapter so the goal here is just to pump as many kills into Ike as possible. 5 Turn clear.

Ike      5.65  |23| 7| 2| 8| 9| 8| 7| 2|
Titania  2.04  |34|12| 5|14|14|11|12| 7|
Shinon   1.17  Base
Gatrie   9.30  Base


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Chapter 4: Roadside Battle

Details: Once upon a time, I used to own the Nintendo Power guide to this game. And I remember it specifically saying "turtle in the corner and pray for your life".


It also said "don't use Titania too much" but we all know the truth of that, don't we? Anyway, Titania, Shinon and Gatrie are meatshields as everyone else cleans up the scraps behind them. It's a Kill Boss chapter so go crazy since Maijin is pretty shit. Soren is fun when he procs Adept but that's 8% of the time at base so don't count on it. 4 Turns for max BExp.

Ike      6.23  |23| 7| 3| 8|10| 9| 8| 3|
Titania  2.54  |34|12| 5|14|14|11|12| 7|
Shinon   1.30  Base
Gatrie  10.37  |32|12| 0| 6| 5| 5|15| 0|
Soren    1.91  Base
Rhys     4.45  Base

My Ike has gained more Res than Str until now. Even though his Res growth is 20% lower than his Str (50% to 40%).

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