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Three Houses Average Stats Calculator in Google Docs

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Hey guys,

I made an average stats calculator in Google Sheets after I tried finding one on by searching around but couldn't find one, so I decided to just make my own. Just view the document and go to File -> Make a copy.


Everything you need to know on how to use the calculator is in the spreadsheet by clicking on boxes that have notes on them. This calculator allows you to see every levels' average stats for a unit while taking into account different class's growth rates, class base stats, as well as class bonuses and dismount bonuses.

Happy theorycrafting!

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Wrong link whoops

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Yep. Just updated the doc so you can add custom chars and classes. Just make sure you add what you need into every sheet in the document so that the formulas in the calculator work correctly.

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Hey, thanks a lot first of all, this is going to save a lot of people a lot of time. Much appreciated:) I've noticed magic classes in advance and above have their Mag class bonus lowered by 1 for some reason, don't know if it's a bug or something.

Also it's a bit of a tangent but maybe you have the answer to one of my questions: Why do stat bonuses(as well as caps) cut leftover decimals from growths, for example, a character with an average of 6.5 str at level 10 class changing into a soldier should, in my mind, have an average of 8.5, but we mark it as 8, and I just don't get why. By that reasoning, using a stat booster every two levels would make every growth under 0.5 null, no? And really in general, saying 9 levels of 0.5 will average in 4.0 or 3.5 (with two promotions) in stat gains... I don't know, that's weird to me.

Whether you answer this or not, the essential part is the shortest, so again, thank you very much.

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