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So, if this counts as role play, move it to that subforum.

That said, this is inspired by shenanigans at the “Things That Aren’t Allowed At Garreg Mach” thread.

Basically, make a scenario revolving around the Garreg Mach students and faculty chatting on social media like FaceBook and social apps like Discord about whatever (that is not too NSFW). Or just texting. Hey can go on with more than one person or more than one post, or both. I’ll start with an example.

(Some Discord PM; pre-timeskip)

Caspar: So, Lady Rhea wanted me to apologize to you for fighting you the other day.

Felix: Why should you apologize?

Capsar: I dunno, I could ask myself the same. You were the one who called me a friendly ghost first.

Felix: Just said something on my mind. Fine, I am sorry.

Caspar: So am I.

Felix: Now leave. I am off to play For Honor.

Caspar: Don’t be a coward in duels, Felix.

Felix: I said leave.

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1 hour ago, Azure, Roundabouted Out said:

Bumper cars.

Now I have to do something.

Minecraft server chat:

Claude: I'm gonna have to ask you to move your fort.

Edelgard: Why?

Claude: This is where I want to put the pooping butt.

Edelgard: The what? What the hell?


Claude: Hey, I made it, so...

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(Meanwhile on TF2, in public chat...)

Shiv_the_Chiv (Felix, playing Demoman): I always thought Dedue would be your pocket Medic, Boar. It’s not even a good strat.

Bl00dy-Faerghus-Gent60 (Dimitri, playing Soldier): What do you mean, I am on a killstreak!

Dimitri’s Gent (Dedue, playing Medic): As you very well know, I would do anything to serve milord. 94% charge.

Shiv_the_Chiv: This is a casual server, Boar, of course you are killing everyone. But I’ll make you say goodbye to your pocket.

Bl00dy-Faerghus-Gent60: Dedue, you can’t say that, you will blow our strategy away.

M.S.T.’s (Random dude on the server, playing Sniper. The anagram means something, btw, and is related to a female): Med down!

Shiv_the_Chiv: cxfdsghdfgrhs

Dimitri’s Gent: I have failed you, milord.


Shiv_the_Chiv: SAME HERE WTF


Killfeed as this is happening:

(Something-something 16 killstreak from Bl00dy-Faerghus-Gent60 + Dimitri’s Gent)

M.S.T.’s -> (Machina kill)->Dimitri’s Gent

Death Has Come (except it would look edgier and more cancerous. There is something like that somewhere.)->(Backburner kill)->Bl00dy-Faerghus-Gent60

Death Has Come->(Backburner kill)->Shiv_the_Chiv

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Cathedral time should not be mandatory! It cuts into studying time, and exam scores are proof!

(Comments section)

I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that. - Dimitri

Woah there! ...Although I do agree. It cuts into relax time. - Claude

Ugh, men are idiots! - Edelgard

Image result for no u original meme - Claude

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Rhea: Professor, have you spent your whole monthly allovance in FGO quartzs?

Byketh: There is a thoug event, and i tought that if i can get an NP5 Merlin my students could pick him as an helper, increasing their motivation.

The inamovable: I maxed my Summer Martha. Bring back memories...

Rhea: Pvt.

Ingrid: #Loogwhen

Edelgard: Hopefully never. The only people that are going to roll for him are you and Ashe anyway. And you are too poor to whale.


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I'm sorry if the following is crossing a line but...

Dimitri: Yes, suck it, bitch.

Edelgard: *disconnects from lobby*

Claude: I can't believe I play Smash with you guys. You, sir, need a new thing to say when you win.

Dimitri: Fuck you I won.

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