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Feedback for "FE12 REWRITE"

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I figured I should make this thread so that if anyone does want to comment but does not want to do it on the thread you are welcome to do so here. 

The story is episodic, meaning each chapter is bulky so having a separate feedback topic may be warranted. You can write about individual chapters you like, post fav facial reactions, whatever you want. I am fine with you posting in the main thread too, I just thought this space may give others more breathing room.

I honestly just want your thoughts. I'm an artist by trade, not a writer, and that's evidenced by it's "unique" visual presentation. Being a professional artist by trade too, I do not mind constructive criticism – I would also love just your reactions, thoughts, wondering what'll happen next, ect. I don't wanna feel like I'm screaming to the void, lol.

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