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Yatagarasu's 3H customized portraits

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I don't know if this is the appropriate section for this since they are portraits and not "sprites"... still I used the same process as for creating GBA/DS style portraits (i.e using parts from different existing portraits to make new ones) so I guess it's not really different...Moderators are free to move the topic to a more appropriate section if there is one.

Anyway...here is my first attempt to create some custom portraits. Some look better than others, there are a few odd details or color here and there if you look closely...please feel free to comment and give critique.

Young Alois
Class: Fighter

A young squire who served Jeralt when he was still a Knight Captain. 
(Sorry I just noticed the eyes color isn't right.)



Class: Priest

A young lady who recently started to work at the Garreg-Mach monastery. Always ready to help others, unfortunately quite clumsy...





Class: Swordmaster

A young Lady from the Kingdom. Loves to travel accross the continent to hone her sword skills.




Class: Pegasus Knight

A Pegasus Knight in training. Cool and detached.




Class: Dark Mage

Wait...that guy looks way too young and cheerful to be a Dark Mage, right??




Guillaume the Gentilhomme
Class: Sniper

Stories abound about that mysterious man. Some say he came from a faraway continent, other say he was once a thieft converted to the teaching of Seiros, now trveling the land and helping the oppressed. However, all agree to say that he always acts very...noble.




Class: Wyvern Rider

A noble from the faraway land of Medon. Came to Fodlan as part of the study-eschange program. May look cold at first, but actually friendly, modest and polite to a fault.



I'm working on some other portraits but I'm running out of ideas..
If there are any kind of character you want to see (Alois with Edelgard hair, etc.) feel free to suggest on here or by private message.
Once again, feel free to comment and give critique!


I actually tried Alois with Edelgard hair, he looks like a Hippy grandpa 🙂 The back of his hair was too hard to match though, so I gave up midway.


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Ferdie with a hat might be a tad too obvious and immersion-breaking. 🙂

Edit: although now that i've read the description under it, it seems it might actually still be Ferdie under an alias?

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On 9/6/2019 at 3:13 AM, EdelgardHresvelgTargaryen said:

Could you make one for Edelgard's mother?

This could be a good idea! Are there some dialogue lines in Three Houses (story, supports) where we learn what kind of person she was? 
I'll definitly give it a try for the next ones 🙂

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"Taking stuff from existing portraits and mixing/matching stuff" is also known as "splicing".  Which means that this topic is where it should be.  No worries!

Though the eye spacing on Alois feels a little odd (too close together).

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Good evening everyone!
It has been a while since I last visited the forums😅
Anyway, here are some new custom characters portraits for the gallery:

Class: Commoner

A  merchant's child who often visits the Garreg-Mach monastery when his parents have business there.
He is the Gatekeeper biggest fan (Who doesn't love him?)




Holst Goneril
Class: General

The head of House Goneril, and Hilda's older brother.
He loves fashion. It seems that many 3H players want to see what he actually looks like...


Well...his face face will remain a mystery 😅

Class: Myrmidon

A young mercenary from the Kingdom. She fights to support an orphanage. Loves to gamble.



Class: Swordmaster

A highly-skilled Kunoichi from the Kingdom. Swift and agile as a cat.
A decisive woman who also is thoughtful of her comrades.
(Just noticed after uploading that the bottom part of the ear has a color that doesn't match, I'll fix it later)



So this is it, 4 new portraits in the gallery 🙂  Feel free to give critique, as always !

Here are 2 bonuses: The first one is an early stage of Faline's portrait. As you can see I used Ferdinand's hair on Petra's portrait...
Using a true noble's hair is sufficient to make anyone look even more noble, this is now proven 😛 I found the mix kinda cool so I saved it^^
The second was supposed to be a female thief but I couldn't find something satisfying enough to finish her hairstyle so I gave-up for now.




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I'm not sure shirtless Alois would be a good suggestion, but hey, if you want to. Anyway, these all look great (I'm no sprinter) and making some of the backstory characters like Glenn and Edelgard's mom would be really interesting to see! I'd add a younger Ionius IX (Edelgard's dad, I'm pretty sure that's his name), maybe from when he wasn't on the brink of death due to despair and his children being experimented on.

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