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[FE12] H2 Dual-Class SOYO

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Let's try a new type of SOYO. In this draft, we'll pick units and classes for each other as usual, but every unit gets two classes to choose from.

Not too sure on how to handle Warp. I thought it might be too good if Feena can be warped, but on the other hand it might just be fine like in other drafts, so it's only banned on Marth for now.

Lunatic boosters should be a pretty nice addition, so they're allowed.

1. This draft is for 4 players.
2. Each player picks units for the next player in the drafting order. Every round, they can pick a unit and two classes for that unit.
3. Marth, MyUnit, Arran, Feena, Julian and Rickard are free for all.
a) Arran is not allowed to reclass.
b) MyUnit's build (gender, class, past, present, future) is decided along with the first pick. A second class must be picked for MyUnit aswell.
c) You can draft female Generals, which must be Archers when unpromoted, and male Dracoknights, which promote from Cavaliers.
d) Dracoknight and Falcoknight mustn't be given to the same unit.
4. There are 64 draftable units. Xane and the female Manaketes are banned, but Bantu is allowed so we don't end up with leftover units.
5. Initially, one class can only be given to two units per player.
6. Once a player has each class at least once on their units, all classes can be given to three of their units.
a) Falcoknights are counted together with Dracoknights.
b) Only the promoted classes are relevant for this rule. Male Dracoknight doesn't occupy a Cavalier (-> Paladin) slot, nor does female General occupy an Archer (-> Sniper) slot.
c) If you give a player a female unit, but already assigned all female classes three times (or two times, before three units per class are allowed), the player getting the unit decides one or both of that unit's classes freely. Better manage your slots wisely.

a) I have 5 units with 10 different classes, including a Sniper. The person picking for me can give me one, but not two more Snipers.
b) I have 6 units with one instance of every class. Now I can get two more Snipers.

1. Undrafted units may not be fielded, except for recruitment purposes. They may be in any class of your choice in that case and are only allowed to talk, trade and move.
2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, opening chests/doors, using map saves, picking up treasures, shopping and activating supports.
3. All characters are free for the Prologue chapters. Prologue chapters do not count towards your total turncount.
4. All sidequest chapters must be visited and count towards your total turncount.
5. The game must be played out to the True Ending.

1. Growth Drop, Bond Drop, Rainbow Potion and How's everyone are banned.
2. Combined male class sets, Lunatic statboosters, Drill grounds and Forging are allowed.
3. Hammerne is banned.
4. Rescue and Again may be used freely.
5. Warp may be used on anyone besides Marth. Warp-rescue chains involving Marth are banned.

1. Undrafted units have a 10 turn penalty, per unit per chapter.
2. Reclassing a drafted unit outside of their drafted classes results in a 99-turn penalty. Simply don't. Two classes are generous enough!

1. Palla is free for Chapter 3.
2. Yubello, Yumina, Ogma and Sirius are free for Chapter 4.
3. Navarre is free for Chapter 7.
4. Merric is free for Chapter 10.
5. Midia is free to get attacked in Chapter 20.
6. Nyna, Maria, Lena and Elice are free for Endgame.
7. If you are unable to reclass a drafted unit to either of their drafted classes because of the in-game limits, you may keep them in their original class until you have enough reclass slots available to reclass them.


Gradivus. (picked by Finalinsanity): General/Sniper!FeMU, Draco/Paladin!Frost, Sage/Sorcerer!Samson, Draco/Bishop!Sedgar, Paladin/Bishop!Roshea, Berserker/Sorcerer!Dolph, Swordmaster/Warrior!Darros, Sage/Hero!Dice, Swordmaster/Horseman!Matthis, Horseman/Hero!Yubello, General/Sniper!Yumina, Berserker/Paladin!Elrean, Sorcerer/Warrior!Belf, Bishop/Swordmaster!Minerva, Horseman/Hero!Etzel, Sage/General!Warren, Warrior/Sniper!Luke

Rute (picked by Gradivus.): General/Warrior!MaMU, Draco/Bishop!Wolf, Draco/Bishop!Tomas, Horseman/Paladin!Vyland, Sage/Swordmaster!Sheema, Sorcerer/Sniper!Beck, Berserker/Hero!Radd, Sage/Bishop!Midia, Draco/Sorcerer!Astram, Hero/Paladin!Wendell, Sorcerer/Hero!Caesar, Paladin/Berserker!Merric, Swordmaster/Berserker!Horace, Swordmaster/Sage!Jeorge, Horseman/Warrior!Cain, General/Sniper!Gordin, General/Sniper!Cecille

Mantis (picked by Rute): Sniper/Bishop!MaMU, Warrior/Sage!Michalis, Horseman/Hero!Abel, Paladin/Berserker!Robert, Sorcerer/Swordmaster!Macellan, General/Paladin!Malicia, Warrior/Bishop!Navarre, Sniper/Draco!Katarina, Hero/Sage!Roger, Warrior/Sorcerer!Castor, General/Swordmaster!Shiida, Bishop/Sage!Maris, Falco/Sniper!Linde, Sorcerer/Berserker!Leiden, Paladin/Swordmaster!Barst, General/Berserker!Draug, Paladin/Draco!Catria

Finalinsanity (picked by Mantis): Warrior/Sorcerer!MaMU, Berserker/Hero!Rody, Bishop/Paladin!Bord, General/Horseman!Ymir, General/Bishop!Norne, Swordmaster/Sniper!Est, Falco/Paladin!Athena, Draco/Hero!Samto, Horseman/Swordmaster!Wrys, Bantu, Sorcerer/Paladin!Jake, Warrior/Sage!Cord, Hero/Sniper!Ogma, Draco/Berserker!Frey, Sage/Warrior!Sirius, Sorcerer/Sage!Ryan, General/Sniper!Palla

Edited by Gradivus.

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Rute gets:

- General/Warrior!Male MU (Knight during Prologue, Merchant's child, Kindness, Enlightened)

- Draco/Bishop!Wolf

Edited by Gradivus.

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