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Golden Deer student builds

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3 hours ago, Altrosa said:

Anyone try Marianne as a cav or peg knight? 

Go Cav if you plan on making her a dancer. It sounds stupid and it is, but it'll help maximize her Riding Proficiency for mov +1.

Outside of that, Marianne is better off going Monk > Mage > Bishop > Holy/Dark Knight if you're trying to get a mount on her. And as the above guy said, the fact that the Arrow of Indra is only available in a chest on the last map really hurts her potential as a Paladin/Falco. Levin Swords (and Blutgang to a lesser extent) exist though, so you could probably meme something on her as a Mage > Peg > Falco.

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Here's the units that I used in my playthrough. This setup worked well for me.


  • Byleth: Enlightened One (their personal class)
  • Claude: Barbarossa (his personal class)
  • Hilda: Warrior
  • Lorenz: Great Knight
  • Raphael: Fortress Knight
  • Ignatz: Assassin
  • Lysithea: Gremory
  • Marianne: Mortal Savant
  • Leonie: Falcon Knight


  • Bernadetta: Bow Knight
  • Felix: Swordmaster

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1 hour ago, IzzyFresh said:

She is really bad as a Peg Knight. Lack of a magic lance on the Golden Deer Route really hurts.

She gets Frozen Lance, though it’s only really viable at player phase and eats durability. You can also give her Levin Sword+ too.

But I do agree the lack of the lance equivalent of Levin Sword/Bolt Axe is kind of jarring.

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My Pegasus knight Marianne just uses her unique sword I have tons of umbral steel for some reason monsters keep dropping that over mithril or the others

passively train her lance for reclass

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Here’s what I had on my first playthrough. Class Paths and all.

(M)Byleth: Commoner->Myrmidon->Thief->Assassin->Enlightened One

Claude: Noble->Fighter->Lord->Wyvern Master->Barbarossa

Hilda: Noble->Fighter->Brigand->Warrior->Great Knight

Lorenz: Noble->Soldier->Cavalier->Paladin->Dark Knight

Ignatz: Commoner->Fighter->Archer->Sniper->Bow Knight

Raphael: Commoner->Fighter->Armor Knight->Fortress Knight->War Master

Lysithea: Noble->Monk->Mage->Warlock->Gremory

Marianne: Noble->Monk->Priest->Bishop->Holy Knight

Leonie: Commoner->Soldier->Pegasus Knight->Wyvern Rider->Wyvern Lord

Recruited Students:

Bernadetta: Archer->Sniper->Bow Knight

In all, here is what I think:

-Unless you want to go to another final class, you should just go to an Intermediate class and be that until you are given the Enlightened One class.

-Don’t be afraid to make Claude a Wyvern Rider prior to the time skip. Just because flying status is best status in this game.

-If you want to make Hilda a Great Knight, maybe she’s her through the Armor Knight route first. Otherwise, maybe go with something else. GK Hilda was not exactly the best for me.

-Anyone is better outside the Armor Knight class except maybe in Maddening. I dunno.

-Bishop is better than Holy Knight.

-Leonie makes a good Flier, but Bow Knight takes less investment.

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Claude - his story class. Archer and sniper pre-time skip

M!Byleth - Enlighted (trained +1 move from riding + shoes + march ring helps). Wyvern can help with all the terrain from final map but practically only person with sword. stole catherines too 

Hilda - brigand > wyvern

Raph - brigand >  warrior > war

Ignats > archer (+20 hit) > sniper >bow knight

Marriane >  priest> bishop

Flayn > Dancer

Leonie > cav>paladin >bow knight

Lorenz > cav> Paladin

Lysithia > mage>priest>gremory (2x warp is better than anything that can be offered, plus getting fiendish blow)

byleth, lorenz, ignatz and leonie had A+ riding to get the +1 move. People say marriene can use a magical sword relic and lance arts. but her growths suck for combat. healing someone else better for that role is better than having her fill in that role. all the horseback were OKAY. they werent great.

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Here are the final classes I used for my team.

Byleth: Wyvern Lord

Claude: Barbarossa

Lorenz: Dark Knight

Hilda: Wyvern Lord

Raphael: Wyvern Lord

Lysithea: Gremory

Ignatz: Bow Knight

Marianne: Holy Knight

Leonie: Bow Knight

Flayn: Dancer

Catherine: Falcon Knight

Seteth: Wyvern Lord

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