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Need help fixing supports

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Up until recently, I was under the impression that each unit could have one A Support, one B Support, and one C Support at the max. Now in Chapter 22, I was informed that five Support conversations was the limit. The problem is that I want Roy and Lilina to reach A-rank but they're stuck at B, as Roy also has a B Support with Marcus and a C Support with Wolt.

What I want to do is input cheats so that Roy's Support with Marcus is down to C-rank and his Support with Lilina is at A-rank, with the conversation ready to be viewed. However, I was still confused after reading a list of codes for the game. Can anyone here more savvy in this area tell me what exact codes I need to input in order to accomplish this?

I am emulating the game on mGBA.



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I assume you were looking at this list of codes? I'll explain, I just figured out how to do this myself the other day

Have the game on the battle prep screen (not mandatory, but makes it easier). Get the code for the map deployment slot of whichever unit you're editing (since you're changing Roy, he's always slot 1). So the codes given for "supports 1-10" modify character support levels. The Roy/Marcus support is Roy's "support 2". (The options are in the same order as the list of supports on serenes, I think, but you can just do it by trial and error if you don't know which is which) So the code to change it is:
3202ABA9 00##
but replace the ## with the hex value of the support level you want. 3C=ready for C support, just need to make them talk; 3D=C support, 78=ready for B, 79=B, C8=ready for A, C9=A. You only have to do this on one character's end (i.e. you don't have to also put in codes to change Marcus's supports, they will update accordingly).

TLDR the codes for what you specifically want to do (Roy/Lilina ready for their A support, Roy/Marcus at C) are:
3202ABA8 00C8
3202ABA9 003D

Also these are codebreaker codes so you probably have to click that "add codebreaker" button I see in your screenshot, not sure about the exact process since I use a different emulator. You shouldn't have to use the "enabler code" from the guide, I think that's only needed on an actual gba cartridge or something.

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