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Create a 2nd gen.

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6 hours ago, Azure, Roundabouted Out said:

Edelgard, you don’t need to have so many kids to find a new successor. Get off of him!

Still, they must love each other that much.

Almost 11 children, by the way. Same as Edelgard’s father. Except all with one person.


Well she wasn't told that it would feel pretty amazing making babies XD and Byleth's too nice to say give it a rest 😄 so it just happens.


ETA: Also joking aside they do love each other quite a bit, but the story hasn't got there yet lol!


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Here are a few more of my second generation.



Nariman von Riegan

Strengths: Axe, Authority, Riding, Flying

Budding Talent: Bow

Weakness(es): Sword, Reason, Brawling, Heavy Armor

Reason Spells: Wind, Cutting Gale, Sagittae

Faith Spells: Heal, Nosferatu, Physic

Crest: Minor Crest of Riegan

Default Path: Citizen, Fighter, Archer

Appearance: Short and skinny, tan skin, curly back-length black hair, dark green eyes

Age: 18 at the start of the 1210 school year


Nariman is the second daughter of Prince Claude von Riegan and his wife Ghazal, born on the 6th day of the Lone Moon, 1191.  She has an older sister named Parvin and a younger sister named Soraya, as well as a younger brother named Mehrdad.


Nariman is intelligent, disciplined, assertive, and serious to a degree that at times seems comical.  At her best, she is a brilliant tactician who can pull victory out of seemingly impossible situations, as well as a strict leader who can instill unwavering discipline in her subordinates.  At her worst, she is stubborn and arrogant to such a degree that she is incapable of seeing an obvious flaw in her tactics or holds her subordinates to unreasonable standards.  While a decent person at heart, her serious and disciplined nature mixes with her small stature in a way that makes her come off as childish and bossy.


Nariman’s affinity for axes, coupled with her high HP and Strength growths, make her an obvious choice for the Brigand and Warrior classes, though her low Speed and merely average Defense growths also limit her frontline applications.  Her high Dexterity growth, above-average Luck growth, and budding talent with bows also make her a good Archer and Sniper, thus compensating for her low Defense, and her affinity for riding gives her potential as a Bow Knight, though that route would also not capitalize on her high HP growth.  Her affinity for flying makes her a viable Wyvern Rider, too, though her low Defense and Speed make her better-suited to picking off lone enemies than charging into the thick of things.


Paul Baleine

Strengths: Sword, Brawling, Heavy Armor, Flying

Budding Talent: None

Weakness(es): Lance, Bow, Authority, Riding

Reason Spells: Fire, Bolganone

Faith Spells: Nosferatu, Seraphim, Aura

Default Path: Citizen, Fighter, Brawler

Appearance: Short and stocky, skin pockmarked with small scars, light brown hair, turquoise eyes

Age: 16 at the start of the 1210 school year


Paul is the second child of Dorothea Baleine (née Arnault) and her husband Michael, born on the 23rd day of the Garland Moon, 1193.  He has an older brother named Damian and a younger sister named Hermione.


Paul used to be a very friendly and funny individual who got along with just about everyone.  He also aspired to be an opera singer like his parents.  All that changed shortly after his fifteenth birthday when a terrible illness ruined his voice and left his skin pockmarked with tiny scars.  His new sickly appearance and raspy voice made most strangers uncomfortable around him and led to his old habit of friendly teasing being easily mistaken for mockery.  His newfound difficulty making friends led to him becoming bitter and grouchy, which in turn cost him several of his existing friends.  At the Academy, he almost never speaks and he avoids the company of other people out of fear that his appearance and voice will scare them off; his only remaining friends are back in Enbarr, as are his parents and siblings.


Paul has extremely high HP, Dexterity, and Speed growths, as well as above-average Strength growths, but lower Charm and Resistance growths than anyone else, as well as below-average Luck and Magic growths.  Because of this, as well as his affinity for brawling, Paul naturally gravitates toward the Fighter-Brawler-Grappler path, though he’d also make a decent Brigand and Warrior.  His growths would also make him a decent Wyvern Rider, though his trouble with lances will hinder making him into a Wyvern Lord.  He also has an adequate Defense growth and an affinity for heavy armor, giving him some potential as an Armored Knight or Fortress Knight, though those both neutralize his high Speed growth and lead to the Great Knight class, which Paul’s difficulty with riding will almost certainly make inaccessible to him.


Sarah Pejmani

Strengths: Sword, Reason

Budding Talent: None

Weakness(es): Bow, Brawling

Reason Spells: Thunder, Thoron, Sagittae, Bolting

Faith Spells: Heal, Nosferatu, Recover, Restore

Default Path: Citizen, Myrmidon, Mercenary

Appearance: Average height, stocky build, tan skin, pale blue back-length hair tied back in a ponytail, orange eyes

Age: 16 at the start of the 1210 school year


Sarah is the illegitimate daughter of Darina Pejmani, an Almyran mercenary, born on the 17th day of the Garland Moon, 1193.  She claims her father is Felix Fraldarius.


While Sarah’s youth kept her mother from letting her participate in combat, she spent her later childhood years and early teenage years doing all manner of noncombatant work for the mercenary band her mother works for, demonstrating a special knack for bookkeeping and appraisal.  She has a sharp eye for details and patterns and is good at analysis.  Her upbringing has led to her being very blunt with her criticism, and she often shows affection through teasing, both tendencies that can cause misunderstandings despite the constructive or friendly intentions behind them.


Sarah has high Strength, Magic, and Speed growths, but low Defense and Resistance growths.  Her skill with swords and Reason magic make her a good choice for both the Myrmidon-Mercenary-Swordmaster path and the Monk-Mage-Warlock path.  The Mortal Savant class capitalizes on both of her proficiencies, albeit at a cost to her respectable Speed growth.  She also has potential as a full-fledged spellcasting class, as she is not weak in any of the skills necessary for them, though her low Resistance growth makes her ill-suited to fighting fellow spellcasters.



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Just now, PeonyofLeosa Dreamworld said:

Does anyone have any Ashen Wolves Child characters?

I don’t think all of us do. I think we are still trying to get to know the Ashen Wolves ourselves to know who they might nest pair with in our eyes.

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37 minutes ago, PeonyofLeosa Dreamworld said:

Does anyone have any Ashen Wolves Child characters?

Oh I'm sure Yuri would have many, many different children across Fodlan. 

But its a bit too soon for people to know the specifics. 

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Black Eagles nestlings

Children of Edelgard

Ionius X
Age: 15
Class: Emperor
Appearance: The typical lord build of young, short and slender. He wears a male version of Edelgard's red armor and has light brown hair. 

True to her word Edelgard adopted her heir rather than giving birth to one. Ionius isn't a noble but a very talented commoner that Edelgard adopted into her house and named after her father. He's wise, diplomatic and shrewd. Due to her ill health Edelgard steps down sooner then expected and grants power to her son. Being a crestless commoner ensures Ionius faces a lot of oppositions and the stress can cause him to get quite solemn. Relations with his mommy are strained because Edelgard is still a very dominant presence in the empire and can't stop giving him advice. 

Children of Hubert and Petra

Selena Lunalila von Vestra
Age: 29
Class: Malig knight
Appearance: As pale skinned and vampiric as her father with an extremely long black ponytail that she styled after her mother. Despite being queen of Brigid she dresses like a typical Fodlandian noble. 

The eldest daughter of Hubert and Petra. As their eldest she was chosen to become the next queen of Brigid. Selena is a energetic reformer who changes Brigid completely. She sets up an order of knighthood, imports foreign beasts such as wyvrens and pegasus, and strengthens the monarchy of Brigid. On the other hand she's also a bit of a tyrant who is rumored to feed dissidents to her wyvren and who routinely sends her fathers spy network for some dirty business. She sees Edelgard as her idol but doesn't respect the newbie emperor very much.

Tenebrae Umbreon von Vestra
Age 14
Class: mage
Appearance: Unlike his sister Tenebrae takes after his mother with tanned skin and a slender build. He wears his purple hair in a neat nobleman's ponytail. 

The youngest son of Hubert and Petra. Because of his intellect Edelgard quickly made him the viscount of Nuvelle and the companion for her son Ionius. Tenebrae serves Ionius as his father serves Edelgard but prefers diplomacy over murder. Still, if things don't go his way he starts to mimics his father and drop a lot of veiled treats he doesn't want to live up to, but ultimately does if needed. 

Because he reigns over the town of Nubelle Tenebrae has a VERY petty rivalry with Constance. She calls him ''Brae brae'' and often unleashes hexes on him. 

Blue Lion cubs

Children of Ashe and Annette

Christophe Ulbert
Age: 14
Class: Cavalrier
Appearance: A combination of his parents. He's has Annette's orange hair and Ashe's green eyes and freckles. Like both of his parents he's small and cute looking. 

As the son of his parents Christophe is the most wholesome figure in fodlan. Constantly cute, happy and curious. Just like Ashe he adores knight tales and just like Annette he's a prodigy. Everyone treats him like their little brother. Has a crest of Dominic. 

Golden Deer Fawn's. 

Children of Lorentz and Marianne

Darin Hyperion Theophrastus Gloucester
Age: 25
Class Baron

The new head of the Alliance. He's the opposite of his father in that he's very pleasant outwardly but on the inside he is more like his grandfather. In the Crimson Flower world he leads the traditionalist faction to preserve the rights and power of the nobility. In the Verdant Wind world he seeks to increase house Gloucester's hold over the rest of the Alliance despite already being its sovereign duke. On the plus side he's very sweet, tender and protective of his mother. 

Son of Holst

Horace Nadir Goneril
Age: 19
Appearance: Pink haired, skinny and bespectacled
Class: Archer

Everything his father isn't. Holst is a powerful champion, a star general and a warrior. Horace is a big nerd. With Claude as the king of Almyra Goneril doesn't need to defend the border and thus changed into a house of diplomats. Horace reflects this by being kind, gentle and understanding. The only thing he does share with Holst is that he loves and adores auntie Hilda. 

Children of Ignatz and Maya

Clara Victor
Age: 22
Class: Merchant
Appearance: A big, fat, happy and female version of Raphael. 

The daughter of Ignatz and Maya. She inherited the Victor family business. Unlike her wholesome father Clara is a ruthless capitalist who may or might not have contacts on the black market and occasionally steals her father's artwork to sell. Despite being shady she's a barrel of laughter though her intense rivalry with Anna can get hectic. 

Miscellaneous babies

Geraldine Rangeld
Age: 42
Appearance: A big beautiful woman with a big smile. 
Class: Warrior

The daughter of Alois who is similarly happy, chummy and lovable. She's a lot more responsible than her father and smart enough to realize she's being taken advantage of. Geraldine is a professor at the academy and pretty much the student's friendly mom. 

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On 10/29/2019 at 8:22 PM, Hero_Lucina said:

Omg I looked at all the kids and BYLETH GET OFF OF EDELGARD


On 10/29/2019 at 10:04 PM, Azure loves his Half Elves said:

Edelgard, you don’t need to have so many kids to find a new successor. Get off of him!

I didn't know this topic was still alive.

Astor doesn't need a bunch of siblings, heavens no. Granted maybe it would help with his I'M THE FUCKING EAGLE EMPEROR BITCHES BRING ME APPLE JUICE AND CHICKEN NUGGETS attitude if he had to share his Dad butler. Hubert jumps up every time Astor makes a peep, basically. He would have had one sibling, but Edelgard's crest implant was attacking her system by that time so the sibling was miscarried. Yeah.

Right, so...wolf pups? I might have to think of some. Constance sounds most likely to want to pair up and have kids on purpose. Gotta revive house Nuvelle.

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I will play:

Dantalion Eisner,

Parents: Byelth and Flyan

Crest: Flames

Class: Mercenary

Naebatan form: a Panther


Andras Eisner 

Dantalion's sister

Crest: Chetllin

Class Pristst

Naebatan form: a Lynx

( I gave them both names of Goetia Demon to keep on the theme of the Sothis' vessals, Byelth and Sitiri)


Anur Lambert Blaiddyd

Parents: Dimitri and Hapi

Crest: Blaiddyd

Class chevalier


Bastet Edelgard Blaiddyd

Sister to Anur

Crest: Timotheos

Class: Valkyrie 

(again sibling keeping a naming theme, in this case Egyptian Gods, from Hapi)

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Note : I ignore, Support-Ending canons a lot, because well, some of them suck, like Hilda x Marianne. : (  


Black Eagles

Edelgard x Dorothea ( CF route) : Edelgard would be the glorious Emperor while Dorothea would be the big opera diva that writes and performs opera about her wife. Byleth would be the child's beloved and very trusted by all, Uncle or Auntie.

Children : They adopt a young boy, and absolutely spoil him rotten. Edelgard is a tough but fair Mother to him that trains him in battles, while Dorothea makes sure that he's happy and full of wealth, but is also down to earth and helps the less fortunate, after all, he was originally found in the streets. Prince Arnault is 15 yrs old, true D/O/B is unknown, though he was found on a cold wintery January day, so that day, Jan 5th is his birthday. He has light brown hair and it's tied in a bow, familiar to Lindhardt.

Lindhardt x Casper: These two don't adopt any children, as Lind is busy sleeping/ studying, but Casper likes to visit the orphanage sometimes and tell stories of his victories and Edelgard's victories with them. 

Bernie x Ferdie : Bernie struggling with her anxieties and wanting to be locked away in her room somedays, would sometimes struggle to be the best Mum, but thanks to Ferdie and her children's support, they all make it through together and live happily. 

Children: They have two daughters, one mirroring her Father and his proudness, the other a bit short, unconfident and shy but she's incredibly intelligent and becomes a tactical on the battlefield prodigy, which makes the other, a bit jealous. Aurora the legendary Pegasus Knight and Minerva the mastermind. They are 21/ 17 yrs old. Aurora's D/O/B is Aug 2nd. Minerva is July 20th.


Golden Deer

Claude x (Recruited Petra) : (GD route)  Claude would be the legendary King that has brought peace among nations and Petra would be his loyal Queen by his side, that also opened up everybody's mind and hearts to Brigid culture. 

Children: These two get busy, and have 3 daughters and 2 boys. The oldest boy is somebody who refuses to fight and is a true peacemaker and instead, fights with his words, and loves to travel the lands and learn more about everybody's cultures. He's a bit of a Hippie. The youngest son, however, has taken up his Dad's wit and scheme and old bow, not trusting that the world has been cured of all discrimination, just yet. The three daughters are fierce triplets that have taken up their Mother's Brigid education and culture. They are Princess Aoife, Orla, Laoise. And Prince Miro "The Peaceful" and Prince Quinn.

The Triplets are 15 yrs old, Miro is 18 yrs and Quinn is 22.


Cyril x Lysithea: Unfortunately, Lysithea doesn't survive long after their marriage, but they do manage to have a child, a son, before she passes away. Cyril while grieving, gives the child to the Church and he is looked after by Rhea, however he doesn't hold Rhea in the same light that his Father does. 

Children: Zeno is a grumpy and somewhat depressed 13 yr old boy that feels neglected by his Father after having a happy childhood with him and his Mother before her passing. Zeno has taken up the sword, but not out of free-will, and more out of confusion and sorrow. Zeno wants to study about this "Edelgard", even though trying to learn about her could equal in your execution. Cyril assumed that living in the church and Rhea would bring him true happiness, but instead he accidently created a ticking time bomb and maybe a future danger. I see Byleth stepping in here, and taking role as his guardian. ( Note: This isn't Cyril hate, I actually like his character, but in my head, he falls into the road to hell is pathed with good intentions trap, I can also see him stepping up as soon as he knows asap and NOT becoming a Gilbert.) 

Marianne x Hilda:  Marianne and Hilda, of course adopt a young girl and even though she's not, she's treated like a true royal Princess. Hilda always makes sure that she gets visits from "Uncle Claude". She basically lives the best life, and Marianne and Hilda make sure that she does. Charlotte, or "Lottie", has taken up Hilda's axe, though would prefer not to fight and ruin her expensive dresses. Lottie sounds like a pain, but she's naive and somewhat sheltered and over-protected, and wants to know more about the real world. She's 16, D/O/B Oct 12th.

Even though she has the name, she's nothing like Fates Charlotte.


Leonie x Raph: Leonie and Raph have 3 loving boys, one that seems fragile but holds the might and strength of his Father. One that follows in his Mother's worship, of a certain "Captain", and the odd one in the middle, who doesn't want to have a role model or be familiar to anybody else, he just wants to be himself and sometimes because of this is forgotten about by accident. Think Kellam from FE Awakening. Expect, this boy doesn't care. 

Hagan (19) Jedrek (15).....  and Oswald (17)


Blue Lions 

Dimitri x Flayn: ( BL route)  Dimitri and Flayn would both try and be the best King and Queen that was ever seen, and the best parents that they possibly can be, with help from a Uncle Seteth, and a Uncle or Auntie Byleth. 

Children: I see them having 6-7 children, maybe even losing a couple tragically. Four boys and two or three girls. Three green haired boys that love to just chill and fish and two lovely Princesses that love to read and fight. Princess Mira ( 13), Talise ( 15) and Prince Arno (17), Lincoln ( 11), Neptune (21), and Lir (25)

And yes, it did take a while for Dimitri to work out the theme Flayn had with their children's names. 

Annette x Felix : Finally, the OTP ! Felix and Annette have a daughter as they are busy having fun teaching and training, but they still treasure their daughter dearly. Annette may give her too much care and attention though !

Children: Abigail looks like her father, but acts like her mother, but fights like her father, if that's not confusing ! She's 17 and loves cats, of course. D/O/B Feb 16th.


Sylvain x Mercedes: Despite Sylvain's rep from his old days, he's one of the best Fathers in the Kingdom, and manages to become a good Dad. Sylvain never slips back, however that can't stop nasty rumours from the townspeople. Mercedes becomes, of course, a kind Mother to not just her children, but to all.

Children: 2 girls and 2 boys. The oldest daughter has taken up her Father's old charm, but doesn't quite go the lengths that he once did. The youngest daughter wants to follow in Ingrid's footsteps and become a legendary knight for King Dimitri and Queen Flayn. The boys love to help and heal in the church. 

Penelope the knight ( 21), Kate ( 23), Cody (28), and Winslow ( 18) 


Ashen Wolves: 

Constance x Hapi I can see these two dating, and a adopting a young son while doing so, however they don't stay together forever, but they stay as friends, and are still very good Mothers to their son.

Children: If Edelgard and Dorothea can't adopt Prince Arnault for clearly obvious reasons, then these two do. Arnault however grows up with the name Lotus instead. Lotus still however, still ends up becoming somebody who helps the needy.



Married to the Job: Ingrid as a Knight to King Dimitri, Ignatz to his painting, Ashe/ Dedude to cooking career, Hubert to always serving Edelgard, Catherine.

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Ok now I'm wanting to make Ashen Wolves next gens but I don't know who to ship them with? All I know is Constance has a son that's like the opposite of her. He's cocky in sunlight but Dwyer levels lazy in the shade so he's always outside, and that Hapi's kid is able to do the monster shtick but it's only one at a time but in exchange they can control the monsters

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I have several characters that might end up getting used in a time skip situation. 

Greta von Hresvelg = Edelgard/Dimitri

Eithle Molinaro = Flayn/Dedue 

Lucian von Aegir = Ferdinand/Lysithea 

Helga von Vestra = Hubert/Bernadett 

(I have other couples that don't have kids yet, but might in the future) 

Byleth/Mercedes (female Byleth)




That's most of them, at least so far in the story. 

On 2/26/2020 at 7:46 AM, PeonyofLeosa Dreamworld said:

Does anyone have any Ashen Wolves Child characters?

My timeline doesn't really allow it because there's basically no Ashen Wolves, I might utilize some of the characters in another way. Probably Constance and Yuri.

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Mine are 

Yuri x Hapi:

Yuni Leclerc - Bears Major Crest of Timotheos 

Hopi Leclerc - Bears Major Crest of Aubin

Constance x Jeritza:

Corra von Nuvelle - Hrym - Bears Minor Crest of Noa

Jeremy von Nuvelle - Hrym - Bears Major Crest of Lamine

Balthus x Hilda: 

Holden von Goneril - Adalbrecht - No Crest

Balthazar von Goneril - Adalbrecht - Bears Major Crest of Chevalier


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I suppose I could do a couple more, based on my last playthrough (CF). Here are the children of Petra and Ashe:


Name: Lonato Christopher MacNeary

Born: 03/1187

Crest: None

Personal Skill: Sharp Shooter - Grants +20 Hit when attacking from at least two spaces away.

Bio: The elder son of Petra and Ashe, and the heir to the throne of Brigid. Fairly tall, with light tan skin and short gray hair, he takes on tattoos similar to his mother's at age 13. Serious about training, studying, and becoming the best leader of Brigid that he can, but could use some work when it comes to social interactions.

Proficiencies: Bow (+), Axe (+), Flight (+), Reason (-), Faith (-)

Unique Spells: Wind (D-Reason), Sagittae (C-Reason), Physic (C-Faith)

Unique Combat Arts: Focused Strike (C+-Axe), Diamond Axe (A-Axe), Deadeye (C+-Bow), Waning Shot (A-Bow)

Growth Rates: HP (.45), Str (.40), Mag (.25), Dex (.50), Spd (.50), Lck (.40), Def (.30), Res (.30), Cha (.25), Total (3.35)


Name: Pietros Edelgard MacNeary

Born: 11/1189

Crest: None

Personal Skill: Charming Cheat - Combination of "Steal" and "Stealth" skills.

Bio: The younger son, named for his great-grandfather, and the revolutionary Emperor who granted Brigid its independence. Short, with light tan freckled skin, and long burgundy hair that he wears in a braid, he is often mistaken for a girl. A bit of a free spirit with a mischievous streak, but also a kind heart, he cultivates a garden and shares the harvest with Brigid's poorest.

Proficiencies: Sword (+), Lance (+), Bow (+), Reason (-), Authority (-), Riding (*)

*Gets "Pass" from Budding Talent

Unique Spells: Wind (D-Reason), Cutting Gale (C-Reason), Physic (C-Faith), Restore (B-Faith)

Unique Combat Arts: Bane of Monsters (C+-Sword), Finesse Blade (A-Sword), Shatter Slash (C+-Lance), Waning Shot (C+-Bow)

Growth Rates: HP (.35), Str (.35), Mag (.25), Dex (.55), Spd (.60), Lck (.45), Def (.20), Res (.25), Cha (.35), Total (3.35)

Let me know what you think!

Edited by Shanty Pete's 1st Mate
Added growth rates.

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52 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

@Shanty Pete's 1st Mate What house would Lonato and Pietros be in? 

That's an interesting question.

We know, after the events of Crimson Flower, that Garreg Mach and the Officer's Academy continue to function (but likely in service to the Empire, rather than the reformed Church). But do we know if the traditional houses (Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer) continue to exist? Edelgard was all about uniting the nations of Fódlan, so I find it improbable that the House system would continue to be used. Or if it is, it'd be broken up in a non-geographic manner (maybe a physical house, a magical house, and a support house? maybe based off personality traits, like in Harry Potter? IDK).

Moreover, I don't imagine the sons attending the Officer's Academy - especially not if it's an organ of the Empire. While Petra has great personal respect for Edelgard, she also believes in the importance of Brigid standing on its own, and being a vassal state to no one. Their education, both academic and military, would likely occur in Brigid itself - possibly aided by visits from her former allies in the Black Eagles, as well as visits to Ashe's homeland in the former Faerghus.

In, however, the unlikely event that Garreg Mach maintains the existing House structure, and both sons attend there? I would have Lonato in the Black Eagles (that his naming was inspired by Ashe's background, yet he takes more after his mother, is an intentional irony), with Pietros coming a few years later into the Blue Lions (he particularly bonded with his Aunts and Uncles in Faerghus).

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2 hours ago, Etrurian emperor said:

Goodness! Their child would certainly be the noblest of nobles!

They spoil their children (both of which are good at heart)


20 hours ago, Quillmonger said:

Greta von Hresvelg = Edelgard/Dimitri

You do know that's technically incest right?

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2 minutes ago, Hero_Lucina said:

They spoil their children (both of which are good at heart)


You do know that's technically incest right?

they are step-siblings it does not count

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