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Tearing Saga Skill Formula Patch

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This is a xdelta patch for Tearing Saga which you can use to change the skill formula for some skill in Tearing Saga:

For example: Sol,  Luna, Terra, Draco, Tiamat,...

or any skill which has the formula:

* Chance% = (User Skill - Enemy Skill)%


* Chance% = User Skill %

Reason for disabling it:

1.This mean you will have a character with high skill and your opponent must be of lower skill than you. Usually most of the time you can just finish him without any skill

2. This mean you can't make a cool VS Battle with characters already have Max Skill 25 with each other.

Since ( 25 - 25 )% = 0% don't expect to have any exciting battle when 2 Skill Masters are fighting each other 

3. Users' skill should be dependent on himself only like other FE games.

4. Those skills are used to showcase a character's fighting style. It is useless if they can't use it against an enemy that is the same level as them

- Xdelta patch link: (apply to Tearing Saga BIN file, see Aethin's patch topic on how to apply xdelta file to image)


* I tested them in game. It doesn't mean the characters will execute skill all the time. The game is still enjoyable with the new formula.

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