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What custom moves from SSB4/moves from past games would you give to Echoes?

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Just as the title says. We all kinda wish Echoes were more different from their original fighters, don't we? Well, what custom moves from Smash 4 (and/or moves from past games) would best suit them to differentiate them (I sound redundant as hell)? My ideas are:


Dark Samus

B: Dense Charge Shot

Side-B: Turbo Missile

Up-B: Screw Rush



B: Sleepy Toad

Side-B: Flower Bomber



B: Dashing Assault

Side-B: Heavy Blade

Down-B: Iai Counter



B: Tempest

Side-B: Quick Draw

Down-B: Effortless Blade


Dark Pit

Up-B: Wings of Icarus

Down-B: Impact Orbitars


Honorable Mentions

Dr. Mario

B: Mega Capsule

Side-B: Shocking Sheet

Up-B: Ol' One-Two

Down-B: Soaring Tornado



B: Warlock Blade

Side-B: Flame Wave

Down-B: Wizard’s Dropkick



B: Ice Ball

Up-B: Burial Header (but with the Shoryuken effect)


Toon Link

B: Piercing Bow

Down-B: Short-Fused Bomb



B: Thunder Wave

Side-B: Shocking Skull Bash

Down-B: Thunder Burst

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Give Lucina Dolphin Jump, I guess? I dunno, I never liked the custom moves.

In all honestly, this sounds all well and good, but I don't think it would be enough to make them different enough. I still think they need to take the melee Marth/Roy route with attack angles. It makes them play a lot different, even though they have the same moveset. Not that I think this is a bad idea at all, it's a decent start I think.

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Just throwing in this idea as a little what-if concept but:

If Morgan was an Echo for Robin, I'd give them Thunder+ and some of Robin's other customs from Smash 4 just because they'd actually reflect the diversity of an Echo rather well and it'd help acknowledge the idea that Morgan is still young (being the youngest child in Awakening if I'm not mistaken) but also incredibly powerful as they easily have the most potential just through Robin's potential partners.

13 hours ago, Perkilator said:

Dark Samus


B: Dense Charge Shot

Dark Pit

Up-B: Wings of Icarus

I can easily see these but they're the only ones my mind is coherently able to hold onto right now.

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