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This is my attempt to make a lunatic mode for FE 8...

Patch on a clean FE 8 us rom.

It includes skills for every unit including enemies

inflated stats

+/- 5mt and +/- 20 hit for magic weapon triangle

A.S penalty is (con+skill/4)- weight, i.e for 4 points in skill, you get an extra point in con, letting you wield heavier weapons once you have enough skill without a lot of penalty.

A readme which has the less obvious stuff that can't be seen in the game:

FE 8 Wild mode.txt

The ups patch:

FE 8 Wild mode.ups


The updated patch:

FE 8 Wild mode-1.ups


Added gauntlets: basically weapon locked axes to foot axe units with brave effect and low might.

Added trainee seals.

Buffed Eirika and Franz

Changed Lute's paragon to death blow and Ewan's celerity to paragon.


Have fun playing it:


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