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Which B-tier unique battalions do you think need some kind of buff?

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Many of the B-tier battalions are good, but there are a few that just plain suck. Case in point: Varley Archers. Their +30 Aim sounds nice, but comes with no Physical Attack bonus and -10 Avoid, and the Edmund Troops provide an even greater +40 to Aim along with +5 Physical and Magical Attack. The Varley Archers' only redeeming quality is that they have Fusillade, but if you want an effect like that, you can just go with the Immortal Corps.

There's also the Bergliez War Group. +8 Physical Attack sounds nice, but Goneril Valkyries are straight-up better with their bonuses to Aim and Crit, and the Bergliez War Group also has that -10 Avoid. Onslaught also isn't a very useful Gambit compared to Assault Troop.

Lastly, there's the Gaspard Knights, which are outright terrible. +5 Physical Attack, +5 Protection, and that's pretty much it. They're easily outclassed by other battalions at this tier. This would've been better as a C-tier battalion.

But that's my opinions. Which B-tier unique battalions do you think are too weak?

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