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Theory on Ionius XI or Not

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He's probably just old or even prematurely aged due to stress. He's still alive and sane unlike Edelgard's siblings so he's likely not experimented on. Throwing the emperor into a dungeon and torturing him to death like his kids would probably get in the way of his job as puppet emperor too. Edelgard says it was just her, her siblings and a ton of commoners getting experimented on so the emperor probably was spared that fate. 

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4 hours ago, EdelgardHresvelgTargaryen said:

I've had this theory about Edelgard's father that might be wrong or might be right 

But why is his hair white it might be from old age 

or(this is stupid to think)

Was Ionius experimented on as well?

it never specifically states he was but i doubt it. H e couldnt save his own family from them and that sounded like this was the first generation they started to do these experiments on. 

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Edelgard told you that her siblings would either go crazy or die as result of the experiment, so those who went insane are probably still alive but in an asylum.


Or they were later killed.

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