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Which non-TMS Atlus character should have which FE mirage?

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To commemorate the imminent release of TMSFE, let's do a round of which SMT/Persona (or Radiant Historia/Odin Sphere, if you so desire) character should have which FE character as their mirage. (I'm not sure whether this thread should be here or in a FE-specific thread, but anyway.) For the purpose of this excercise, the Atlus characters can have multiple mirages as their personas.

My round:

Persona 4:

  • Yu: Male Robin
  • Yosuke: not quite sure...Gatrie or Inigo maybe?
  • Chie: Leonie/Lyn
  • Yukiko: Lilina/L'Arachel
  • Kanji: Ike, Hector, or Sigurd?
  • Rise: Lalum
  • Naoto: Lute/Soren?
  • Teddie: Fa
  • Nanako: Maria
  • Marie: Idenn
  • Tohru Adachi: Narcian

Persona 3 Portable

  • Minako: Female Robin
  • Junpei: Hinata/Caspar
  • Yukari: Lucina/Neimi
  • Fuuka: Florina/
  • Akihiko: Dieck
  • Mitsuru: Edelgard!
  • Shinjiro: Rutger/Jeritza
  • Ken: Lugh or Chad
  • Aigis: Female Byleth
  • Ikutsuki: Nergal
  • Ryoji: Lyon

Persona 5:

  • Akira: Maybe Leif (Thracia 776)
  • Masayoshi Shido: Definitely one of the senators from Radiant Dawn

So, what's everyone's take?

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PERSONA!!! *Fire Emblem character appears* Huh. Not what I figured, but hey. I'll take it.

Here's what I think would fit:

Persona 5

  • Joker: Matthew, Volke, Kaze
  • Ann: Severa, Dorothea
  • Ryuji: Boyd, Raphael, Saber
  • Yusuke: Ignatz, Lorenz
  • Makoto: Minerva, Catherine, Lucia
  • Haru: Elise, Marianne (voice actor joke!)
  • Morgana: Lethe, Lyre, Ranulf

Persona 4

  • Yu: Male Robin
  • Yosuke: Gatrie, Sylvain, Inigo, Sain
  • Chie: Cynthia, Sully
  • Yukiko: Celica
  • Kanji: Niles, Linhardt
  • Rise: Lalum, Olivia, Faye
  • Naoto: Lucina as Masked Marth
  • Teddie: Whatever Yosuke didn't get
  • Nanako: Delthea, Nowi, Nah, Flayn
  • Marie: Yune, Sothis

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl

  • Highlander: Ephraim, Chrom
  • Frederica: Mist, Lysithea
  • Simon: Moulder
  • Arthur: Ricken, Hayato
  • Raquna: Mia, Wendy, Effie

Etrian Odyssey II Untold: The Fafnir Knight

  • Fafnir: Bantu, Nasir, Kurthnaga
  • Arianna: Eirika
  • Bertrand: Draug, Brom
  • Chloe: Sophia, Nino, Mae (voice actor joke!)
  • Flavio: Wolt, Ashe

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

  • Wake: Male Byleth, Male Robin
  • Fuuko: Hilda (same hair)
  • Torrii: Lysithea (similar looks, same voice)
  • Ellie: Sumia, Felicia, Faye
  • Chloe: Female Byleth, Cecilia, Titania
  • Serina: Severa (same personality), Nyx
  • Narika: Olivia

Stella Glow (published by Atlus)

  • Alto: Tobin (voice actor joke!), Eliwood
  • Lisette: Azura, Mercedes, Leanne
  • Sakuya: Petra, Leonie
  • Popo: Nowi, Midori
  • Mordimort: Bernadetta, Ninian
  • Hilda: Rhea, Edelgard
  • Dante: Valter, Death Knight
  • Dorothy: Peri, Henry
  • Hrodulf: Camus, Seteth
  • Keith: Shinon
  • Nonoka: Felicia
  • Klaus: Dimitri
  • Rusty: Sylvain
  • Archibald: Tauroneo
  • Ewan: Anna
  • Veronica: Miriel
  • Giselle: Micaiah
  • Marie: Yune, Sothis (voice actor joke!)
  • Eve: Ashera, Idoun
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Really only know P3, 4 and 5 and don't know TMS at all so:

Joker- Robin (all those supports and a jack of all trades)

Morgana- Ranulf (Feline advisor with a cute accessory)

Ryuji- Kieran (Hotheaded but devoted club wielder)

Ann- Dorothea (it just works)

Yusuke- Either Forde or Ignatz (Art)

Makoto- Mathilda or Titania (Older member of the group, smarter and generally stronger)

Futaba- Lysithea (You don't even have to switch the VA)

Haru- Jill (Axe girl with evil dad)

 Akechi- Berkut (If you played P5 then you know.)

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Y'all are missing the best Atlus game.

Yggdra Union

Bonus challenge: FE8 only

Yggdra: Eirika (though I can't imagine her waging war against another country, ever)
Milanor: Rennac
Durant: Seth
Nietzsche: Amelia
Roswell: Knoll
Rosary: Lute
Russell: Joshua
Cruz: Ephraim
Elena: Innes (Neimi isn't awesome enough)
Mistel: Syrene, I guess?  Scythes don't appear in FE.
Pamela: L'arachel
Kylier: Cormag

There's a couple of weapon mismatches, but eh.

EDIT: And since this is a TMS-exclusive thing (mirages), I'm gonna shove it in the TMS subforum.

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3 hours ago, eclipse said:

EDIT: And since this is a TMS-exclusive thing (mirages), I'm gonna shove it in the TMS subforum.

Thanks, eclipse. I have to admit, I wasn't sure where this would have gone with this thread straddling multiple subjects.

BTW, anyone wants to have a go at Radiant Historia?

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2 hours ago, SoulWeaver said:

I haven't played anything ATLUS-exclusive, but I have played their greatest missed-potential collaboration with Spike Chunsoft, namely, Conception 2. Can I do that?

Go ahead. 🙂

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