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Fire Emblem Three Houses sold 2 million copies

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On 11/3/2019 at 9:34 AM, Harvey said:

I can't figure out how you found SMO or Botw disappointing but whatever.

Three Houses did everything that fans nearly wanted but the map design. To me atleast, the story is a major improvement of Fates.


Improving the story upon Fates seems like the single easiest thing to do, tbh. While I enjoyed playing Conquest, storywise of all 3 of Fates' routes were... well, to say lackluster would be too kind. I'm glad that instead 3H borrowed from TBB, PoR/RD, GotHW and SoV. Also the game overall was fun, and probably a better Persona than both P4 and P5 were.

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Ok seems my prediction with outselling fates around christmas was a little bit overestimated. We are currently (31.Dec.2019) at 2.58 Million, meaning that they are 360.000 units left to go.


But still think it will be most sucessfull (non mobile) FE game.

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