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Guys, something interesting's been uploaded to NicoNicoDouga BSFE related. I'm downloading it and I will mirror it here ASAP. This post will be edited when done so.

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Nice, I think I heard Celice mention about this.

So I take it somebody recorded all the games on videotape? Anyway, it seems we finally have all the pieces of the BS FE puzzle now. Er, when/if they release all the chapters of course.

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So far it looks like only up to episode 2 was uploaded, actually. However, unless this cockteases me like my search for more on BS Super Mario Collection and BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2, then the rest may be up eventually. (An episode of SatellaQ was uploaded as well, but I doubt you folks care about the rest of these like I do.)

The best thing about this is now I have a nice audio check for a translation revision, and we got some more voice actor snippets and more music to listen to. Also, we finally get to see some of the game's CG art and it's proper title screen.

Anyway, I got done uploading all the "Palace Kanryaku" videos.




Hopefully everyone's familiar with MP4 format (Or can do a conversion for whatever).





With these, we finally got some Minerva VAing action. :D )

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Not that anyone's asked, but for anyone wondering if anything new's come up; there's been a recent surge of NicoNicoDogua uploads on "Satella-Q", a Satellaview quiz game by Nintendo. It's possible that if more BSFE Content is gonna be put up, it'd be after these Satella-Q uploads. I'll be concerned when there's no more Soundlink-video uploads, but for now, I'm being patient - and grateful for the Satella-Q info. It's one of the most educational tidbits on the Satellaview I've seen lately.

(Basically, just keep up hope.)

In the meantime, I've been doing some audio editing. Anyone want to critique this attempt to "rip" music?



More post editing:

I got some screenshots from the video uploaded. This shows some of the CG Art.

Unfortunately I do not have the photoshop skills to remove the "loading" bar at the bottom of some of the pictures.

The quality of the pictures may also have suffered due to the source being, I assume, VHS Transfer converted to MP4.


Title Screen


Boa and the King


Boa and Nyna




Midea lunges at Camus


Nyna and Camus


Minerva and Hardin


Minerva and Paola


Paola and a defeated dragon.



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Unfortunately, I haven't gotten anything new on this in a long while. (That means, no footage of parts 3 or 4 yet. Instead I got the bizarrely creepy footage of Kodomo Chousadan Mighty Pockets, and a radio show about Tactics Ogre...)

That being said, I think I'll take a look into revising my transcript translations soon enough - I already know there's at least a -few- lines I need to seriously revise, and I'd like to adjust all the character names and such to fit in with the English version better for easier reading (I of course feel relatively dur for getting into this while the game was still being localized, leading to the inconsistent results.)

If I can edit those really old posts, expect it to be done in the coming weeks. Otherwise, it's a good thing this topic was already stickied, cause otherwise this would be some serious bump-age.

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Alright. 2nd Draft of Part 1. A few notable errors I made were fixed. The most important ones are most certainly near the end, as due to an error I mistook a Camus line for a Nyna line.

[NOTES have been changed to brackets, and are now placed close to the line which is being referred to.]

[This script was last edited 2010/01/12. Changes include -

1) Improved translation (Of course. It wasn't like I was that great before, but, yeah.)

2) Character/place name adjustments. (I'm still basing the names off the NOA Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for now. For the sake of NOE fans, a chart will come up shortly.)

3) Attempts make the script feel less disjointed, stiff, or just plain corny.

4) That bit that I didn't translate myself was quickly thrown in, for the sake of completiveness.

5) Additional notes based on video footage of the first two episodes has been added]

[For quick reference, all the names in the script are adjusted to match the character and town names in the NOA Localization Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon; The names that appear in this chapter are as follows, for those who may be unfamiliar with the franchise, or confused otherwise;

1) Niena (JP) = Nina (commonly-accepted) = Nyna (US, EU)

2) Akanea (JP, commonly accepted) = Archanea (US)

3) Tomth (JP) = Dolph (US, EU)

4) Mishiean (JP) = Macellan (US, EU)

5) Thomas (JP) = Tomas (EU, US)

6) Drua (JP) = Doluna (EU) = Dolhr (US)

7) Black Knights (JP) = Sable Order (EU, US)

8) Grunia (JP) = Grust (EU, US)

9) Medius (JP, from FireLizard's translation) = Mediuth (Used in Monshou no Nazo translation) = Medeus (US, EU)

10) Live (JP) = Heal (US, EU)

11) Relive (JP) = Mend (US, EU)

12) Libro (JP) = Physic (US, EU)

13) Salves (JP) = Vulneraries (US, EU)

14) Macedonia (JP) = Macedon (Somewhere?) = Medon (US?)

15) Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu (JP) has not been localized, so the shorthand term "Holy War" is used in place of "Seisen".

16) Other possible alternate spellings; Boah/Boa, Medea/Midea/Midia


Satellite Broadcasting

( In the main town location. A graphic like Holy War's castles suddenly appears.

Go to it, then press A.

This place is usually called the Event Plaza. ) [*: The Event Plaza is a graphic specially made for each Satellaview broadcast where in the player goes to download and play the game. "Holy War" likely refers to Seisen no Keifu. Why they'd use a tent based on that rather than Monshou, though... well, it's St. Giga, they probably didn't even think of it.]

Palace Castle -

"BS Fire Emblem: The Archanea Wars, Story One: From 9/28 to 10/4 at 19:00" -

[The broadcast schedule for the program. 19:00 is 7 PM. The game apparently replays daily. These appear to be from the "Premeire" broadcasts, which means that the year would be 1997.]

At 7 PM the screen blacks out and city reappears.

[Ok, now to actually -begin- it. The game starts up, like most Satellaview Soundlink entries, with the St.GIGA Logo plastered over a blue background.]



(For future reference, any track titles without CD info are from Sound Memorial)

PCCG-00250 PONY CANYON [Track] 8. Opening Theme

This only identifies the song and music. This melody is the intro song from the whole series of games.

Almost every song is a new arrangement.

The melody changes to go along with the story. This continues until the end.


[Green text is a translation of the original transcriptor's music notes. They are not heard or displayed in the actual gameplay. In this instance, he's trying to explain that the music is rearrangements of Monshou no Nazo songs.]

(On-Screen Message)

BS Fire Emblem: The Archanea Wars, Story 1. This uses the entire Memory Pack.


Then, please savor this.

[A lot of notes, aren't there? Anyway, Satellaview carts are stored on 8M Memory Packs. Soundlink games like BS Fire Emblem usually use these even though you can never actually play the game booting from these.]

(On-Screen Message)

St. Giga's Logo.

"The program is starting. Please wait........................"

|Blue Text| NARRATION (hereinafter refered to as Toya Hiroharu.) - End Blue Text [seiyuu Credits! Yahoo! Blue text seems to be used to help easily identify speakers and etc.]

BS Fire Emblem: The Archanea Wars, Story 1 "Palace Falls".

Please download this Satellaview possession in the Event Plaza.

The program's memory will not save in the memory pack, please remember this.

So, please wait until the game starts.

[HE'S LYING. Although the game is unplayable from inside it, the gameplay's data is in there - this is how the ROMs were dumped! Of course, Nintendo would not really want you to know that since they want complete control over their products, so...]

(On-Screen Message)

"Palace Falls" Downloading (It will be done in a minute)

(On-Screen Message, white letters on a black background)

J123-BS-TDM1   St. GIGA

We will not allow others to reproduce the information we will send you without permission.

(On-Screen Message, white letters on a black background)


Please note that the contents of the game and the advanced audio may be unrelated.

[Not necessarily the case for this entry. This is a stock Satellaview Soundlink warning. There are a few Soundlink games that go this route, such as BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 (but not the first one), BS Super Mario Collection, and Kodomo Chousadan Mighty Pockets.]

[After a short while, the BS Fire Emblem Logo appears, as the game narration starts.]

[This following part was done by FireLizard, and while our styles may not necessarily be the same, quite frankly I'm too lazy to try my own interpretation of his lines.]


Palace, capital city to the Kingdom of Saint Akaneia, lay on the brink of destruction before the relentless attacks of the Drua Empire. Surrounded by the Imperial Army, Palace was in a state of chaos. The city's resources were drawn thin, and public order all but disappeared, with people resorting to thievery and murder to feed themselves. Palace was once hailed as the Millennial Palace, but its former glory was nowhere to be seen; all that remained were hopeless wails and flames that scorched the night sky.

The nightmare began two years before. The Dark Dragon Medius, one thousand years after being sealed away by the Legendary Hero Henri, had awoken in the land of Drua. With his terrifying power, Medius conquered Grunia and Macedonia in the blink of an eye, and united the two nations to form the Dark Empire of Drua.

To stop Medius, Akaneia, together with allies Orleans and Aritia, formed an Alliance Army of over fifty thousand men to march upon Drua. However, due to the incompetence of the Akeneian nobles, the Alliance suffered a humiliating defeat in Grunia by the hands of the cunning General Camus. As the Alliance was forced to retreat, it was further crippled by the relentless pursuit from the Macedonian Dragon Knights led by Prince Michael. Shocked by this defeat, the king of Akaneia holed up inside Castle Palace, and the bond within the Alliance was lost.

Answering the call for aid from Palace, King Cornelius of Aritia organized his entire army along with the Kingdom of Gra. However, between Cornelius and Palace stood the Grunian Army led by General Camus. The clash between the brilliant tactician Camus and the ferocious warrior Cornelius slowly degenerated into a stalemate, but the sudden betrayal of King Jiol of Gra quickly turned the tide of the battle in Grunia's favor. The Aritian Army was decimated, following the death of King Cornelius.

Meanwhile in the north, Orleans was under siege by the Macedonian Dragon Knights, slowly but surely being forced to surrender. The defeat of both Aritia and Orleans sent waves of fear through Palace. The people lost hope, and deserters could be seen fleeing the city daily. The once impregnable Castle Palace was being overrun by Imperial soldiers, and their footsteps could be heard approaching the king's chamber as well. Knowing that his fate was sealed, the king issued his last orders to Bishop Boa..."

[End part FireLizard did. Now the Title Screen image fades to...]

(An Illustration of the King of the Palace issuing his orders to Boa. The throne is in the background.)

(BGM 40. Camus Legend)

[Note that a loading bar is on the screen during all the introductory picture slideshow.]

Palace King (Toya Hiroharu):

Boa, this Palace, once called the Millennial Palace, shall now see it's last days.

I am already prepared for my fate. However, I want my only daughter, Nyna, to survive through any means.

Boa, do you understand what I wish from you?

[both the King and Boa use "Washi" when referring to themselves in first person, BTW. "Washi" kinda helps get into the King's thinking here - he feels old, that he's already lived his life through...]

Boa (Koji Yada):

Of course, I would gladly help Nyna. But your majesty, what would one as courageous as the princess say...? [Although stated as a question, the implication is that he already thinks she's not gonna like this.]

King Palace:

I will simply have to convince Nyna of this. Come with me, Boa.

(Footsteps) - |Sound Effect|

(Nyna's voice goes from far to near.)*

Nyna (Neya Michiko):

Even if my father's ordered it, I shall not run away! I will be with the Palace and my father until the end.


Princess Nyna, please listen to His Majesty. Now's not the time for this.


No! No matter what you say, I will remain here.

(Footsteps running from a long distance draw near.)

An Archanea Soldier (Shinichiro Ota):

Your Majesty! Are you here? The enemy is approaching! Please escape!

King Palace:

Is it so? Then there can be no other way. Boa, put the princess to sleep.


Understood. Princess, please forgive me...!

(Sound of a cane)


Boa cast a sleeping spell. [Horray for unnecessary, excess narration! Also, that's harrrsh.]


Bishop Boa, what are you doing...?! Oh, father...! (Sound of Nyna's collapse)


(Illustration of Boa putting Nyna to sleep. BGM 40. Camus Legend, a different arrangement)


Midia, command your subordinates to guard the princess.

Midia (Unknown Voice Actor) - [Craaaap! She played a really good "tough girl", too!]

Yes, please leave it to me.

King Palace:

Boa, after this, I wish you good luck.


Alright. I'll risk life and limb on this! [There, this flows a bit better now... Hearing the line on the audio, I checked "Kono inochi kakete", and apparently it's a nice stock phrase said when you're giving it all you got.]

[Also, at this point the King is not mentioned again, up until Camus appears. Apparently his death does NOT happen at a point where Nyna could see it visibly with her eyes. This seems to leave a plot hole, doesn't it...?]


For Nyna to escape, Boa, along with a few knights, left the throne room to walk about the castle.

However, in their attempt, they were forced into a secluded room by persuing Empire soldiers.

Dohlr Soldier (Hori Hideyuki):

Fufufufufu [stock evil laugh I could write down at the moment]. Remnants of Archanea's "top" military, hiding in such a place?

Give up already! If you obey, we might spare your lives.


Muh... what the... oh! Princess Nyna, you're conscious?

["Muh" is in place of "MUU", which is really just a sort of grunt as far as I can tell.]


... where...?


A room in the Palace.

Unfortunately, we're under siege by the Imperial Army.

My judgment seems to have lapsed.

Princess, in listening to my superiors, I have disrespected you.

I'm terribly sorry.


Don't be. I was acting childish. I should be the one apologizing.

So, Bishop, what should we do...?


Regrettably, we'll have to surrender now.

I'll negotiate with them so they won't touch you...


Boa! Surrendering without a fight? That pisses me off!

I can't stand surrendering to these people.

[Ok, so the literal line where I have the cussing there is just "I won't.", but at this point I've already grown of the idea of Midia being a stark contrast to the more polite-toned folks. She also starts -sounding- pretty pissed anyway...]


Don't be so selfish, Midia. Are you going to let Nyna be caught in the skirmish?

The princess is the last hope for the people of Archanea.

If something happens to her, what excuse would we have?


... that's true. I'm sorry.


Bishop. I sympathize with Midia.

Even if we're destined for ruin, I want our last minutes to be noble.

If Midia and the rest fight, I want to entrust my hope to them.

Bishop, please understand.


Princess Nyna, you say that with so much determination. I can say no more.

Follow your heart.

Guardian Narga will watch over us.


Thank you, Boa. And thank you, Midia. Your bravery brings fire to my eyes.


Princess Nyna...

Nyna; Dolph, Macellan, Tomas, and I shall help you. Don't forget it!

Dolph, Macellan, Tomas (Unknown VAs):



(BGM 44.ED first part of the medley - 18. Liberation)

This is important, everyone, so let's go! We'll show the empire that the Archanea are real knights!

(Illustration blacks out, the game switches to a message)

(the message is on white text in a blue background.)

<The rules for Story 1 - 1>

The game is 48 minutes.

If Nyna's HP goes to 0, Game Over.

You can reset to the first turn by hitting L+R+START+SELECT.

[NOTE: While "resetting the whole game tends to be how it works in hacked ROMs, ZSNES and whatnot - in the actual gameplay, as seen when playing the original dumps, and in the videos, dieing or soft-reseting actually brings you back to the beginning of the previous player phase.

The 48 minutes stated here is the DEFINITE time the game will have gameplay from the moment the broadcast started until gameplay stops. It'll keep going under all conditions until that time is up]

A: NEXT 19:11 (Note: Current time) B: BACK -

|<The rules for Story 1 - 2>

You get 500 points for getting treasure chests, and 1000 for killing Gubel.

When Gubel dies, reinforcements will appear at the end of each turn.

A: NEXT 19:11 B: BACK

<Item Transport 1>

If a characters has five or more items in his possession, the item may have to be transfered.

Nyna can be used to easily transport items.

A: NEXT 19:11 B: BACK

<Item Transport 2>

When you go to the next screen, you can transfer your items. [Not sure if I made sense of most ot that stuff - it's more or less explaining Fire Emblem rules anyone who's played already understands.]

19:11 B: BACK

Narration (This goes with the on-screen messages):

So, here are the rules. I will describe them only once.

When Nyna's strength is 0, it's game over.

When Gubel is killed, you get 1000 points, and treasure chests give you 500 points.

Please note that if you choose to end your turn after killing Gubel, enemy reinforcements will arrive.

You can see a unit's personal data by selecting it with the cursor and pressing the X Button.

Also, please remember that L+R+Start+Select lets you start from your previous turn.

Also, to open a treasure chest, you must have a chest key. To use the key on the treasure, first go to the treasure chest, then select "item"and select the key to "use" it.

(Message screen / white letters on a black background) Now Loading.

(After you download the map here, it scrolls up and down once like usual,)

[From this point up until the next CG art Piece call, the game plays as it does in the ROM file. Except there's also audio.]


Princess Nyna, please take cover.

Boa, treat the wounded with your cane. However, don't go out in front of us.

Dolph and Macellan, prevent the enemy advance.

Tomas, cover them from the rear.

I will make use of my mobility to hinder them.

I request you all do not relax your guard.

Dolph, Macellan, Tomas:


Narrator (Listen to this while fighting on the map):

I will now describe each character and his or her possessisons.

I'll begin with Boa and Nyna. They are bishops.

They start without any tools to attack, but instead staffs of recovery.

I will describe the "Heal" wand. This is Boa's first cane. Using it, you can cast the "Heal" spell.

To use it, move your cursor to the unit you want to use "Heal" and select the "Heal" cane.

You already have this cane and can use it at any time.

Also, if the square cursor is matched to a unit who can receive the spell, and the A Button is press, "Heal" will be used.

The "Heal" spell restores an allied unit's HP by about 10 points.

However, please note that the spell can only be used 20 times.

You also have the "Mend" and "Physic" canes, which allow you to use the "Mend" and "Physic" spells.

Then, you can trade over one of the canes to another allied unit by having the holder go to that unit and selecting "trade" with the A button.

The other units also have their own items they can trade with the cursor.

"Mend" is a magic stronger than "Heal" that can restore an ally's health by about 20 units.

And "Physic" can restore health by 10 points from a long distance.

If you want the Bishops to attack, you need to get the "Thunder" spell hidden in one of the treasure chests.

A unit who attacks, uses an item, or does not make another action after exchanging items will end his or her turn.

If you make a mistake, please press the B Button.

Again, if Nyna's HP reaches 0 and she is taken by the enemy, the game is over.

Now, for Midia. She is a Paladin. Paladins can ride horses.

Paladins can use spears only while mounted.

Dolph and Macellan can also only use spears.

You will get a description of the spears later.

If you choose, Midia can unmount from her horse.

When unmounted, Midia can use the Iron Sword and the ArmorSlayer instead of spears.

However, her range of movement is reduced, please beware of this.

Then, Dolph and Macellan. They're Armor Knights.

The Armor Knights can use spears like Midia.

An attack done next to the opponent is called a direct attack.

You can do this to attack the nearby enemies, but they will counter.

Armor Knights, their whole bodies covered in armor, have high protection against weapons, but can not move very far, and should be wary of enemy magic as they are weak against it.

Next is Tomas. He's an archer.

Archers use only bows. You have both the Iron and Killer Bow.

Archers can't attack directly, and must attack indirectly, one cell away.

This concludes my descriptions.

(BGM 24. Defense. The fighting continues on the map.)

This starts 23 minutes in. (current time and score are displayed at the bottom-right)

Dohlr Soldiers:


Dolph (Shinichiro Ohta):


Macellan (Thomas?The radio actor is uncertain.):

Dolph! Are you alright? Aaah! That is definately magic!

Boa, mages are among our enemies. They've hurt Dolph. I'd appreciate if the "Heal" staff was used [to heal him].

[Macellan (Or whoever is speaking here, the scriptwriter is actually confused at this point, and switches Macellan with Tomas after this line.) has a very inappropriate voice for his character type and shape. It sounds very much like a girl impersonating a man... perhaps even Midia impersonating a man]


Indeed, magic. Midia's in danger.


They're after the armor knights!


I will confront them. You guys must get away a bit.


Bishop Boa, that's crazy! Midia will scold us for this.


I can endure their attacks. Now, quickly!

[Obviously meant to be a game hint - Bishops have high res and can take blows from magicians. Note that the game does not force anything at this point, so you don't have to follow through on anything in the dialog.]


Dolph, fall back.


I'm sorry, Bishop Boa...!

(BGM 16. March - still in the battle map.)

Starts 26 minutes in. (Sound of damage)


Bishop, are you alright? Let me repay you. (Sound effect of recovery with a cane. Sound named. Followed by uncertain song)

[The song is a slow rearrange of the Healing music from Monshou]


Thank you... Princess Nyna.


Bishop, don't overexert yourself like that.

You're not young anymore.


Ah, yes... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to...


So the battle continues?

Is everyone still ok?


Well... we're... disadvantaged.

I've worn myself out. If I don't escape, the Heal staff will break...


Alright then. Bishop, step down for a while. I will help the others instead.


But... Princess Nyna...!


It's alright. Midia, watch over the bishop.



(BGM 16. March continues)

Starts 29 minutes in. (BGM 12. Monshou no Nazo)

[The music is the "Attack" Music from Ankoku rearranged]




Princess Nyna! Damn you, Dolhr soldiers! (sound of slashing)

Are you alright, Princess Nyna?

Bishop Boa, hurry and help here. (Sound of cane use.)


Yeah... I'm fine... Midia... don't mind me... I just didn't...


Princess Nyna... I'm sorry.

Dolph! Macellan! Tomas!

Put more spirit into this fight.

It isn't necessary to bring the enemy close to us.

Just guard Nyna.

Dolph, Macellan, Tomas:


(Something about the time I can't quite get translated. fff. It's not too important anyway... [it may be about the Critical TRE that seems to happen in each episode]

Sound of horses running. BGM divides.)

Starts 32 minutes in (BGM unknown)

[The music is the "Attack" Music from Ankoku rearranged, from before]

Dolhr Soldier:

Fire! (Sound of fire)


So, Dolhr Soldier. Take this! (Sound of slashing)

Dolhr Soldier:



Are you okay, Midia?


I'm fine. We Paladins can also take a bit of magic.

Boa, direct Dolph and Macellan to target the enemy.

I'll stop these magicians.


Right, that's ok. I'll tell them.

Starts 36 minutes in (Cane SFX)

Nyna (Voice is Exhausted):

Everyone, please listen...

I now have the "Unlock" cane. It's spell can unlock treasure chests even from a distance..


Princess Nyna, are you holding together?


I'm fine. Now...

Sprits of the dead, servants of the formless king,

undo this seal now, and collect what's within!

(Sound of the treasure box)


The incantation of the "Unlock" spell opens the treasure chest.

Starts 38 Minutes in (BGM arranged fanfare music) [Victory is Ours A]


Bishop Boa, we've obtained the Thunder tome.


Well done, Midia. Give it to me.




Ah, my children of Narga, we can defeat Gubel with the Thunder spell.

Starts 41 minutes in (BGM 25. Confrontation.)


For Archanea's prosperity!

I shall cast this spell.


Rain clouds, come...

spin Light and earth...

Like the dark night...

To the silence of space... Thunder! (Sound of thunder) [No, I don't know how that makes sense, but it's a spell incantion. It'd probably sound more epic if we just made them all FFT-style Engrish anyway, lol.]

Enemy troops (Castor?): [Assumedly refering to Castor's VA]


(BGM Unknown)

[The map music changes to an arrange of"Victory is Near A" from Ankoku, that was used previously at the the 38 minute mark for a while.]

Starts 44 minutes in:

Dolhr Soldier:





Dolph! Are you alright?


Nina... please... safety...

Dolhr Solider:


How stupid, you dismal bugs are gonna suffer now!

Listen well, Archaneans.

We have your Armor Knight!

You should have surrendered sooner!


... Dolph...

(BGM Unknown song)

[The BGM switches back from "Victory is Near" to the previous map song "March"]

Starts 48 minutes in: (BGM 22. For Whom)

[At this point, gameplay stops.]

(Following the SFX of footsteps of a person running,

Illustration of Camus, a blond-haired man tied in a red ribbon)

Camus (Inoue Kazuhiko):

Looks like I made it in time.

Ok, everyone, that's enough.

I'll take both sides' arms.

Dolhr soldier (Toya Hiroharu):

You're commander Camus! Why are you here...?


I heard the princess of Archanea was in this room. Is that true?

Dolhr soldier:

Yes, that is so. She has a few knights guarding her.

Although it's been a bit of trouble, it'll only be a matter of time before she's ours.


I see... it must've been hard on you. You've done well, now leave this to me.

Dolhr Solider:



Please hear me, Archaneans.

I am Camus of Grust.

It is meaningless for there to be any more bloodshed on either side.

Please obey this: Surrender your weapons.

I will go to you now.

And, I will not be armed myself.

On the honor of Grust, I'm not being deceitful.

(Camus walks up the steps / BGM 32. Conniver)



That man... the feared general of the Sable Order.

He's betrayed us, brought Archanea to ruin, and killed so many people.

Bishop, I hate him! I can't forgive him for this!


Princess Nyna, please leave.

I shall kill Camus.

For my sick parents, I will fight him to the end,

as bitter as it may be.


Wait, Midia. Don't be so hasty. Do you realize what misfortune the princess would have if you try?

Camus is a man to be feared. They say the Sable Order can be twice as strong as ordinary men.

We can't defend Nyna against him.


Bishop! We must keep our defensive, even if it's hopeless.


Shh, quiet! (between her teeth) Camus is coming...

(Sound of a sword unsheathing. Illustration of Midia vs Camus)


You die now, Camus! (Sound of the sword shaking)

[there's also a few grunts here, of course]


Woah!... A woman?

Excuse me, you surprised me and I couldn't use more restraint.


You guys, being with the sage knights of Archanea, are a poor imitation.

You've tried a surprise attack on an unarmed enemy?

Have you lost all your pride as an Archanean knight?

And to think, this was my kingdom, too!


Shut your trap!

You wouldn't call this a "poor imitation" if you weren't our enemy.

And Grustians, speaking about pride... Don't talk such stupidity!

Traitor to Archanea, your country, have you not just reduced yourself to Dolhr's slaves?

What bullshit!

A mere slave commanding troops!

... oh, fuck it, Just kill me already! Finish this already!


Unfortunately, I'm not here to kill you.

Rather, I've come for Princess Nyna. (NOTE: Camus uses the actual Japanese term for "princess" in this. A lot of other times I just translated "sama", literally "lord", into "princess" to make it sound not as stilted. There's also a few instances where Boa is given the "sama" suffix. Obviously these don't go that well in English. Blah blah.)


In the corner of the hallway, Nyna tries to take the dagger that Midia dropped to the ground into her own chest. (SFX Develops rapidly)



Princess Nyna, don't do that! Please stop!

(Illustration of Nyna, fallen down, with the dagger by her side. Camus kneels next to her.)


Bishop, I can't! I have no will to live anymore now that Midia's failed.

Camus: (BGM 31. Fate)

You're Princess Nyna?

And yet, such irresonposibility.

Why are you on such terms to this shameless Archanean knight?

In Grust, even the most spoiled brats wouldn't talk like this.


... how rude! Talking about irresponsibility to me of all people. What do you mean, spoiled?

Camus: [ I can't remember if I mixed this up to a transcript error or my own, but this part is Camus's line. It's bee adjusted accordingly, and now it makes more sense!]

You are royalty. The King is now dead, and you'll be held in account for Archanea's chaos.

You shouldn't die so easily. Look at yourself.

... if you just end it right here, you'll leave everyone behind.

Royalty needs to be held to a higher standard.


The selfish thing here is bringing father to his death...!


I'm sorry, but, your father was a failure as a king.

Drowning in pleasure, ignoring his political affairs, abandoning his people.

The result is a humbling defeat. The King of Archanea dug his people into despair himself.

A king should have an obligation to protect the public.

The King of Archanea may have been a good father to you, but for the people, he was the worst.

Sad, but true.


... My subjects, I'm sorry.

I never paid heed to these things said about my father.

Now, Archanea is ruined. What do I do now...?


At the least, don't let Medeus kill you now.

Then, live as long as you can, and give hope to the people of Archanea...

Princess, you loved to listen to your subjects, and for that, you are their hope.


aa...! (break down)


Princess Nyna, this sad war is done.

I'm heading to Grust, but I will return to this Palace in a few months from now as head of the occupation forces.

I'm not a politican, but I am pained to see this earth ruined.

I wish the rich, green Archanea would return as soon as possible.

Will you help me, Nyna? To rebuild Archanea, and it's people?


... alright, I'll believe you.

However, don't think it's because I don't hate you anymore.


If it's that bad, I could just hand my life to you now.

That oughta ease your mind.

(BGM 37. Win)


No. I will endure for Archanea now.

Someday, I shall lead a large Archanean army to challenge Dolhr.

You won't be forgiven for interfering.

Remember this!



Ah, Princess Nyna.

Not just charismatic, but pretty as well!


... so rude, and yet, it's a compliment.


(with mirth)

Heeheehee. You mock me.

Please excuse that, I'm a soldier of the frontier, and that's how we always talk.


No, that's fine. I should toughen up a bit, too.

Bishop, Midia, everyone, please listen.

I've decided.

I will surely our mother country Archanea from the empire, no matter how painful it my be.

You all must be suffering, but, please endure it.

We will meet again, in this palace, someday.

Boa, Midia: (weeping)

N-Nyna...! (Sound of Camus's feet.)


Thus, The Palace, capital of the largest continent, got conquered by the empire.

Will Nyna's promise be realized? To know the answer, a few more years are needed...

(BGM Instrumental flow of new songs,

to screen: illustration shows your results.

Postcard is an example)

[The BGM is an instrumental of "WIND".]


BS Fire Emblem: The Archanea Wars, Story 1.

This has been produced by Nintendo and St. Giga.

People enjoying this game on your Satellaview, you will have your password displayed after this.

Make sure you have no omissions, and please send it to St. Giga.

The deadline for submissions for Story 1 is October 13th, so please have your letter postmarked by Monday and send it in early.

BS Fire Emblem: The Archanea Wars, Story 2, is a story about Minerva of the Medonian army. Please wait for it.

(Example postcard)

Address Postcode Address Stamps

Name (Signature) Sex

Age, Taito-ku, Tokyo TEL Impressions

0-00-0 Asakusabashi results


St. Giga Password

BS Fire Emblem The Archanea Wars

Story 1

FAX: 00 (0000) 0000 10 Monday Monday, the 13th, valid postmark

Also, for extra convenience sake, two more pictures to help understand the context;


the St.GIGA logo.


BS Fire Emblem's "Event Plaza" in BS-X. Does this really look Seisen-like...?

Part 2:

BS Fire Emblem: The Archanea Wars

Story 2: The Red Dragon Knight

[Notes for part 2]

[Name changes again. Ones here here include;

1) Macedonia (JP) = Macedon (US) = Medon (EU)

2) Orleans (JP) = Aurelis (US)

3) Prarie Wolves (JP) = Prarie Cougars (EU?) = Wolfguard (US)

4) Salves (JP) = Vulneraries (US, EU)

5) Katua (JP) = Catria (US, EU)

6) Other alt names; Paula/Paola, Wolf/Ulf, Too dang many for Roshe, etc.


(Fire Emblem fanfare)

Narration (Toya Hiroharu, from the previous story):

BS Fire Emblem: The Archanea Wars, Story 2 "The Red Dragon Knight".

Please download this Satellaview possession in the Event Plaza.

The program's memory will not save in the memory pack, please note this.

So, please wait until the game starts.

(On-screen Message)

"The Red Dragon Knight" Downloading (It will be done in a minute) - [Ok the rest of this stuff is WAY TOO FAMILIAR I'll cut to a different point.]


(BS-upload of the logo of Fire Emblem. BGM 13: The New Departure)


In the northeast of the continent is the prarie Country of Aurelis.

Since it's founding, this large northern country has had the deepest ties to the St. Archanea Palace.

However, the rich, green kingdom was exposed to an intense attack by the Macedonian dragon knight army, led by the Princess Minerva, and already most of the land was lost.

The Macedonian forces, led by the renowned Princess Minerva and the Pegasus sisters, would soon fly back to their faraway homeland after fulfilling their duties..

(BGM 21. Uprising)

Daughter (Neya Michiko):

Gaa! Stop it!

Deserter (Toya Hiroharu):

Mweheheheheh. Come here to me!

Youth (Hori Hideyuki):

Please! Please stop now, that's my lover!


Go to hell! (sound of a sword slash)


Oh Go-waah!


Before Minerva's eyes was the sight of soldiers attacking villagers.

When she saw this, she quickly flew to the ground and unmounted from her dragon. (Sound of a dragon's cry)


The Macedonian army is here!

Minerva (Yoshiko Sakakibara):

Hang in there, what on earth is happening? What are these soldiers doing?


W, what..? Are you not one of them? I beg you!

They're killing us!

That man was just one of the many murderers and abductors in this village of theives.

We only wanted to live and let live.

I'm done for, but save the village. Please!


Such shamelessness from the Macedonian army... what on earth...


Minerva, as the head of the Macedonian army, respected peacemaking.

It pained her to hear this story about violence being directed at the villagers, coming from deserters of the soldiers in Macedonia.

Afterward, she saw some figures nearby...

(BGM 28. the advent of the dark emperor is arranged to substantially always hear this song during Hardin's appearance)

[This rearrange of "The Dark Emperior" sounds, strangely enough, very heroic. Fitting for how Hardin is at this point, and scary, too, when you think about it.]

Deserter: (Shinichiro Ota)

What do you want? Stay back or die!

Man of Mystery (... actually Hardin / Hori Hideyuki):

For what you've done..

Do not forget it.


Grr! You ass! (Sound of a sword slash)

Ouwahh! Such strength!

Shoot! I'll remember this!

(Illustration of Minerva in red armor. Hardin is dismounted behind his horse.)


For a stranger, you sure got a good arm. What is your name?

Man of Mystery:

I'd rather not introduce myself now.


Is that so... I see. I may wear their armor, but I'm just as mad at what these soldiers are doing as you are.

Man of Mystery:

So you're... Lord Minerva of Macedon?


Precisely. Why do you know my name?

Man of Mystery:

I've heard of you; a beautiful woman from Macedon who wears such Crimson Armor. You have had bestowed upon you the title of "the Red Dragon Knight".


Uh... those rumors don't seem so reliable now.

Man of Mystery:

By the way, those fellows don't seem to be normal servicemen. Is there a desertion?


... that's.. a shameful tale.

Man of Mystery:

I see. Let's hurry then.


Stranger, where are we going now?

Man of Mystery:

Towards the fort beyond here.

I've heard people like that man I let run have set up the fort as a base to protect themselves from the villagers.

They also keep the kidnapped women in there.

He won't be alone there.


What? There's that many of them?

Man of Mystery:

Such is what I hear.


This is madness! ... such things... [ - NO SPARTA JOKES PLEASE - ]

Man of Mystery:

So, why don't we hurry then? Haa! (Hardin drives off with his horse)


Aa, wait! Why, so hasty...

(Illustration: Minerva on her dragon at front. the Pegasus Knight Paula behind)

Paola, I will take Catria and Est with me to follow him. You must go back to reinforce our base.

Paola (Voice Actor Unknown)

Got it.

Don't stray too far from the base.

Don't overexert yourselves, and return as soon as possible.

Catria, Est, please insure Minerva's safety.

(horse's neigh and fluttering of pegasus)


Catria, Est, after that man!

Catria, Est: (VAs unknown)



Thus, Minerva, Catria, and Est, along with the mystery man, went towards the fort.

Meanwhile, inside the fort, the Dragon Knight Ruben and Frost, a Macedonian Priest, were clashing heads.

(BGM 22. Action)

Ruben (Koji Toya):

Priest Frost. Change your mind yet?

Frost (Kazuhiko Inoue):

I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. We should not be antagonizing Macedon.


What's that? You still say such things?

If you don't obey me, you will die, and so will your family and friends!

You prefer that?


Ohh... ugh... I'm really in for it now....

( The BGM increases in volume as the picture blacks out to the explanation screen.)

(Message Screen. BGM during this is 18. Changes)

<Rules of the Second Story>

The game is 55 minutes.

When Minerva's or Hardin's HP is zero, game over.

L+R+START+SELECT resets the game to the previous turn.

A: NEXT 19: 8 B: BACK

<Rules of the Second Story Part 2>

Points for beating Ruben: 1000

Visiting a village: 500

Capturing the fort: 1000

Experience points also go into your score.

Although you cannot talk to enemies, there is someone who will defect to your side.

A: NEXT 19:8 B: BACK

<On transportation of items 1>

If a unit hold more than 5 items,

they must be transmitted to another party member.

Minerva and Hardin can both act as supply units.

A: NEXT 19:8 B: BACK

<On transportation of items 2>

[same as from the previous week]



I shall explain the rules now.

When Minvera or Hardin's HP is zero, the game is over.

Any of your units can visit villages, but if an enemy theif attacks it, the village will be destroyed and won't be able to be visited.

Visiting the village scores you 500 points.

Killing Ruben gives you 1000 points, as does attacking his fort.

You can heal by keeping your unit at the fort.

Also, L+R+START+SELECT allows you restart from the beginning of the turn.

(Message screen / white letters on black background)

The game is loading now.

(After you download the map here, it will scroll through and gameplay will go like normal.)

[ROM Gameplay starts here]

Starts 10 minutes in (BGM 17. Expeditionary)


Catria, Est, there are archers nearby.

Watch out for their bow attacks.

If we need to fight them, you two should dismount from your Pegasus horses.

Man of Mystery:

Lord Minerva. I have two Social Knights in my army.

They can take a lot more arrow shots.

The Archers should be ours to defeat.

Moreover, your troops should take cover behind my Horseman.


Ah, sorry. Your request is more suitable. So then, I shall go.

(BGM 18. Liberation

The battle continues for a while)

Starts 19 minutes in (BGM 17. Expeditionary)


Take this! (sound of swords clashing)



(sound of horses racing)

Man of Mystery:

Lord Minerva, are you alright?


No, you don't need to worry about it. The wound's not serious.

Stranger, how about you?

Man of Mystery:

Yeah? I got a few scratches myself, but a vulnerary would ease any worry about that.


Then, let's send someone in the village, and have them obtain a vulnerary.

Man of Mystery:

I welcome that. Let's ask.

(BGM 18. Liberation

The battle continues for a while)

Starts 25 minutes in (BGM 22. For Whom, sound of footsteps come through.)

Deserter (Shinichiro Ota):

Lord Ruben! I've spotted a Dragon Knight, 2 Pegasus Knights, 2 Social Knights and a Horseman headed our way!

Ruben (Toya Hiroharu):

What? Knights and dragons together?

What kind of party like that would head here?

However, we're powerful forces.

There's no need for worry.

We'll strike back when they approach our fort.

(BGM 18. Liberation

The battle continues for a while)

Starts 30 minutes in (cries of a dragon)


Ah, that must be Princess Minerva!

I would like to talk to her about my situation, she should understand.

I shall force myself into Minerva's party.

(Frost becomes a blue unit the turn after this line is said.)

Starts 34 minutes in (BGM 34. Defense)


Hey you, aren't you fighting?

Deserter (Shinichiro Ota):

The Dragon Knight is approaching the fort from above!


Shit... That bitch needs to be put in her place.

Send out more reinforcements, and retreat the soldiers near our villages.



(BGM 20. Victory is ours (B)

Reinforcements come from the forest and approach the fort.)

Starts in 40 minutes (BGM 25 . confrontation)


Oh, what a shocker! Princess Minerva, you dare a direct attack on my army?


You bastard...! Is that really you, Ruben?

Assaulting the villagers was reckless, and you ought to be court-martialed and convicted for that!

However, seeing you here.. you're the BOSS of these deserters?

You scum should surrender humbly, or face the wrath of Macedon!


Ha...! Go back to the nuthouse where you belong. Macedon, Macedon!

For always going around like that, I praise our god as I recite this;

that your "noble" brother, the prince has killed his own father,

that you, the "older sister" are nothing more than a blockhead with sex appeal,

and that your "younger sister" is being held hostage to keep you as nothing more than a pawn!

My soldiers shall not listen to your silly commands.

Eh, Minerva the bigot?


You asshole, don't taunt me! You can't change my thinking.


Heh... now I shall strike back!

(BGM 20. Win

The battle continues)


Catria, Est.

You take care of the other enemies while I fight Ruben.

Do not play with them. Kill them in one blow!

(It is time to必殺a while from here *) - [seems to be the Critical TRE Again]

Catria, Est:

Got it!

(BGM 20. We will win)

Starts 50 minutes in (BGM unknown, sound of horses come running up)

Man of Mystery:

Lord Minerva, I have this vulnerary. Take it.


Thank you, but I've beaten Ruben. There's no need for any more interference.

Man of Mystery:

Lord Minerva. You shouldn't fight alone like that.

I know how excessive battle can have you fall prey to a horseman.

You could just drop right here.


hmph... then I'll take it for now. Let's fall back. Don't be reckless yourself, Stranger.

Man of Mystery:

Don't worry. The gardens around here are like the ones I had at home... hiyaaa! (Horses race away)

(BGM 20. Victory

battle to the time limit)

Starts 55 minutes in (BGM 17. Expedition

Illustration of Pegasus Knights

Paola, Est, and Dragon Knight Minerva. The Pegasus in the sky. Minerva and the Dragon Below)

[Gameplay stops at this point]


Lord Minerva? Lord Minerva! Are you safe?


Paola. Don't worry. Are the reinforcements dealt with?


Yes. We're done with them already.


That's great.

Macedonian Army (Shinichiro Ota):

Lord Minerva, let us handle this. Those who sour Macedon's name will be punished.

Lord Minvera, wasn't that knight Hardin, from Aurelis who passed by?

He's from the "Wolfguard", they could be connected to the rebel army.

We should investigate them.


Don't be stupid. Hardin would not be one of them.

Macedonian Army:

B-But I'm certain...!


You will not disregard my word. Stay away from him!

Macedonian Army:

Ah, I apologize for my rudeness!

(BGM 28. Dark Emperor

"Hardin forgo the line fly off the sky Minerva Illustration" - [Couldn't make sense of that, luckily it's just a transcription note. It's probably describing the illustration of Hardin watching a dragon over his head])


Ah, Lord Minvera. The rumors were true!

The red Dragon Knight was a great, honorable and beautiful commander!


I've always wished to see that on the battlefield!

Hii-yahh! (Horse gallops away)


Having left his mark and given his respects to Minerva, the man left for the other side of the prairie.


Hardin, of the Wolfguard...


Lord Minerva, is something on your mind?


... No, it's nothing. Let us hurry.




This is Minerva, the princess of Macedon who people call the "Red Dragon Knight".

BS Fire Emblem: The Archanea Wars, the Second Story.

Produced by Nintendo and St. GIGA,

For those of you enjoying the game on your Satellaview, after this your password shall be displayed.

Check that there is no omission and send it to St. Giga.

The deadline for story submissions is October 20 so have your mail postmarked by Monday, in effect, please apply early.

BS fire Emblem: The Archanea Wars: The Third Story tells of Rickard slipping into The Palace. Please wait for it.

Currently I'm not sure what to change about part 3 yet (It'd be easier to note if a video of it was put out by now.) - therefore I might jump to part 4. Hrm.

Edited by Kiddo

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Thanks for the work ^^

I haven't had time to look through the revisions in depth, but I did something a little odd in Part 2. Man of Mystery would probably be better transcribed as Mysterious Man.

Also, the Wolfguard refers to Wolf's squadron in Book 2. The Prairie Wolves (aka Wolf of the Plains) is referring to Hardin's title, which is Coyote in the English version.

Edited by VincentASM

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Thanks for the work ^^

I haven't had time to look through the revisions in depth, but I did something a little odd in Part 2. Man of Mystery would probably be better transcribed as Mysterious Man.

Also, the Wolfguard refers to Wolf's squadron in Book 2. The Prairie Wolves (aka Wolf of the Plains) is referring to Hardin's title, which is Coyote in the English version.

Dagnabbit on the Wolfguard issue. Should be a quick word-swap to correct, but I'm really annoyed at myself for not being able to sort through the naming conventions.

As for whether "Man of Mystery" or "Mysterious Man" is more correct, I do not consider that a very important thing to address, because it's a character identifier note that's never vocally stated in the script. As long as everyone understands "It's actually Hardin, but no one else knows that", that's the important thing.

Anyway, since I got back to this I'll probably take a quick look at the voice snippets from the initial BS Fire Emblem sound archival - they seem to cover most of Week 4's script, although I'm not sure if it's all of it. If I can match up the segments with the appropriate script portions (shouldn't be too difficult, I don't think...), it should be easier for other folks to cross-check.

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I can't see what Hardin posted there, but I assume it's related to what was upped on NND recently.

Footage of the last 2 BSFE weeks, so we finally can see a "complete" game playthrough!

I upped them to my webspace and plan to put a video stream on Satellablog shortly.







EDIT: Ok, so Hardin posted a YT up of some BSFE Akanea Senki footage. I don't really know what kind of significance it has, though. Is it footage different in any way from what we have before?



First blog post up, for those who want a stream rather than a direct-download.

Edited by Kiddo

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I can't see what Hardin posted there, but I assume it's related to what was upped on NND recently.

Footage of the last 2 BSFE weeks, so we finally can see a "complete" game playthrough!

I upped them to my webspace and plan to put a video stream on Satellablog shortly.







EDIT: Ok, so Hardin posted a YT up of some BSFE Akanea Senki footage. I don't really know what kind of significance it has, though. Is it footage different in any way from what we have before?



First blog post up, for those who want a stream rather than a direct-download.

It was a video from the first map with Nyna escaping Akaneian palace.

For a seemingly minor character, Rickard oozes personality, I actually like him much more then I did before. I'll be eager to try out Dice in the remake, I wonder if he'll be a pirate as the Vikings in book 2 were of the pirate class?

Camus's stats actually decayed significantly after becoming Sirius, I wonder why?

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I would assume it's because he was nearly brutally killed. Twice.

Oh Yeah, right I forgot about that.

Do you think Robert, Belf, and Raiden survived? If even their leader was starved for weeks, it would seem odd if they were left unpunished by Doluna.

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I think their fates were purposely left vague, much like what Dice and Malice in week 3 (Where were they when Lena was caught? Heck if I know!)

Anyway, pictures time!


Rena and Rickard.


Rickard explains his plans to the others.


Uh oh! Look who's running this castle!


Rena pleas to Camus.


Week 3 ends with the designated protagonists hightailing it outta there.


The score tally in this game looks similar to the ones used in Panel De Pon Event 98, now that I think about it. And they're both made by Intsys... I think I'm seeing a pattern!


I think that guy you only see the back of is meant to be Medeus himself.


This is too corny beyond what words can describe.


Hardin hasn't even seen Nyna yet, but it looks like he's already ready to penetrate!... ok, that joke was totally horrible.


Hardin asking someone to get some water. But outside the context, this picture looks unintentionally funny somehow.


Camus surrenders. The last picture, and this one stays on the screen a while to take in all the emo-value it's worth.

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I'll probably look into seeing what I can revise in the transcripts from here later on, but first, I'd like to bring up something;

Since we now have the material I believe is needed as the basis (I'm referring to the CG art and the transcripts), is anyone perhaps interested in hacking the BS Fire Emblem ROMs? Understandably one might argue that IntSys's own remake would give this a degree of redundancy, but I thought it would be nice to have a project like this done in a similar vein as the BS Zelda ROM hacking projects.

My idea would be to figure out how to hack the ROMS:

1) For standard hardware compatibility rather than Satellaview hardware compatibility, so that they'd work on real hardware as well as most mainstream emulators.

2) Include the plotline from the transcripts to the best degree feasible, likely via adding text in various places.

3) Include the CG artwork at the beginning and ending of each part, as well as the score tally.

4) See if there's a way to put music in the game. (The BS Zeldas had music taken from disabled in-game code.)

5) Translate the text in the ROMs themselves.

Unfortunate for me I'm not an experienced hacker myself - I mostly just did debugging work for the BS Zelda project. The BS Zelda hackers are kinda busy on their own things, themselves.

I propose this idea mostly to get some more discussion in this thread - I'm not actually certain what result it will bring. Hopefully it'll be a nice one though.

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Ricardo looks straight in the first picture, Medeus loves that throne, and the soldier with Camus in the third picture looks like Belf. The picture of mounted Hardin with his lance is really badass, I hope someday they'll reflect things like that in the battle animations! I'm guessing Hardin's first meeting with Nyna was in the tenth picture, he looks like a magician with the way he's moving his hand.

I hope the artwork for the DS remake will be as good as this.

Edited by Emperor Hardin

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I would assume for the DS game they'll have the artwork redrawn to resemble the current art-style.

I'd guess opinions on this would vary. ^^;

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Silly as it sounds, this is the first I've heard of the FE Wiki.

What info do they have on BS FE already? I'd consider posting the screencaps I ripped, but I heard something about that FE Anniversary book...

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Silly as it sounds, this is the first I've heard of the FE Wiki.

What info do they have on BS FE already? I'd consider posting the screencaps I ripped, but I heard something about that FE Anniversary book...

I put some info on some of the character pages and created articles for a few of the bosses and exclusive characters.

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A bit of something that I nearly missed out on, based on the date of this upload:


A particular fan has attempted recreating three of the BS Fire Emblem songs - namely the "God's Young Sage" and "Theme of Live" remixes and the "Planning"/"Victory" Medley.

I was able to extract a single mp3, much like with IntSys's upload of the songm "WIND" from before:


Trying for an Mp3 DL link here.

The songs sound very nicely done, although even with the low-quality encodes we have, I can tell the guy didn't quite have all the sound samples the original used. In particular, the organ in the medley lacks the "church-like" organ sound, sand generally sounds more analog-synthed than sound-sampled.

Edited by Kiddo

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A large amount of Satellaview products has "BS" prefixed or suffixed to them. In Japan, "BS" is a sort of network slang for "Broadcasting Satellite", and could refer to nearly anything sent from a Satellite signal - in this case, BS Fire Emblem (among the other Satellaview material) was broadcast from St.GIGA's Satellite Network at the time.

Edited by Kiddo

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