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Secret shops/desert map/gaiden chapters/FAQ

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Secret shop locations

Chapter 16

The secret shop is all the way to the top left of the map. In fact it is the tile where Zeis starts from.


For sale: All promotion items, Angelic Robe and Lockpick

Chapter 21

The second and final secret shop. This time it's located to the far right of the map. You can find it pretty easily- it's the single grass tile amongst the mountain range.


For sale: All promotion items, all stat-boosting items, Bolting, Purge, Eclipse

Desert map


Only Sofiya can pick up the Guiding Ring. Thieves have an 100% chance of picking up an item, while other characters have a random chance.

Gaiden chapters/Divine weapons


Ch 8x: Lilina must survive


Ch 12x: Beat Ch 12 within 20 turns

Notes: If you went through the B route, Elphin must also survive


Ch 14x: Beat Ch 14 within 25 turns and Sofiya must survive


Ch 16x: Douglas must survive Ch 16


Ilia, Ch 20x: Beat Ch 20 within 25 turns. Yuuno and Zealot must survive.

Sacae, Ch 21: From Yodel.


Sacae, Ch 20x: Beat Ch 20 within 25 turns. Dayan, Sue and Shin must survive.

Ilia, Ch 21: From Yodel.

Saint's Staff

Ch 21: From Yodel.


Ch 21x: Beat Ch 21 within 30 turns and Miledy and Zeis must survive.

Notes: You do not need to talk to Gale

To progress beyond Ch 22, you must have the Sword of Seals, Durandal, Armads, Malte, Miugre, Forblaze, Aureole and Apocalypse (they must be intact as well).

Notes: You do not need the Saint's Staff, and you do not need Fa or her dragonstone either

Alternate routes

There are two instances in which the storyline branches- during Chapters 10-11 and Chapters 17-20.

10-11A (Lalum route)

In Chapter 9, don't visit the north-eastern village. In this route, you can recruit Lalum and Echidna.

10-11B (Elphin route)

In Chapter 9, visit the north-eastern village. In this route, you can recruit Elphin and Bartre.

17-20A (Ilia route)

Prior to Chapter 17, Thany and Tate's total gained EXP must be greater than or equal to Sue and Shin's total gained EXP. Juno, the third of the pegasus sisters, can be recruited in this route.

17-20B (Sacae route)

Prior to Chapter 17, Sue and Shin's total gained EXP must be greater than Thany and Tate's total gained EXP. Dayan, Sue's grandfather, can be recruited in this route.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where can I get this game in English?

A: The game was never released officially in the West, so don't expect to buy it. The only way to play it in English is to emulate it and use the translation patch (found on these forums).

Q: When does Roy promote?

A: At the end of Ch 21 or, if you managed to get to Ch 21x, he will promote at the end of that chapter instead.

Q: Do I need to bring out any characters to get the gaiden chapter?

A: No. If they are part of the survival requirement, they just need to be recruited and alive.

Q: How do I promote Thieves, Bandits and Pirates?

A: Thieves cannot promote. Bandits and Pirates require the Hero Proof- the Ocean Seal does not exist in this game.

Q: Can I repair Fa's Dragonstone?

A: No- the Hammerne staff has no effect on it. There is, however, a glitch that gives you a Fire Dragonstone instead. The Fire one is slightly inferior to Fa's Divine Dragonstone, but it has unlimited usage.

During Ch 22 or 23, position a Thief character so they are within the range of an enemy with a Berserk staff and near an enemy Mamkute. If your Thief becomes berserked, they can steal the Fire Dragonstone from the enemy Mamkute. Later you can cure the status of your Thief and give the new Dragonstone to Fa.

(Note that the Fire Dragonstone will glitch up Fa's battle animations)

Q: How can I S rank Light magic when Ellen/Saul are going to S Rank Staves on promotion?

A: Characters can get multiple S Ranks, so don't worry.

Q: Is there a Triangle Attack in this game?

A: Yes, two in fact- the Pegasus Triangle Attack performed by Thany, Tate and Yuuno and the Knight Triangle Attack performed by Bors, Wendy and Barth. There are no other Triangle Attacks.

To perform the attack, position the three characters so they are all adjacent to one enemy unit. Then make either of the three attack that enemy unit.

All possible combinations:

--x-- --x-- ----- --x--
-xEx- -xE-- -xEx- --Ex-
----- --x-- --x-- --x--

x=your character


Q: Is there a Sound Room and Support Gallery?

A: The Sound Room can be unlocked by completing the game once. All the songs are already available so you don't need to "unlock" them though. There is no Support Gallery.

Q: What other major differences are there between this game and FE7?

A: Missing several weapons/items, most notably: Longsword, Heavy Spear, Short Spear, Swordslayer, Shine, Aura (Argyraurae), Luna, Earth Seal, Mine, Light Rune, Afa's Drops, Iron Rune, Ocean Seal, Fell Contract, all the Dancer rings and all the S rank weapons (except Aureola). Also, some weapons like the Spear and Brave Sword are enemy only. However you get to use all 8 of the Divine Weapons, as well as the B rank Anima spell, Aircalibur.

No Monk class.

All chapter conditions are "seize the throne/gate".

Merlinus can store items wherever he is on the map or not. Also he takes up a character space if you bring him out. Thus it is recommended not to bring him out in Chapters. He does return if he "dies", but then again he cannot level up (unless you make him dodge several hundred times).

There is a support point limit for each chapter- so you cannot wait an infinite amount of turns each chapter just to build supports. If you find you're not gaining supports anymore, just head to the next chapter.

The cavalry-killing equipment is only effective against Cavaliers and Paladins.

Might is tripled when a weapon is effective against an enemy (like arrows against flying units).

I think that's everything major covered...

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I was refering to the ranged "Spear" weapon. There isn't a Brave Spear anyway, it's called a Brave Lance (although technically it is Brave Spear, but the English localisation takes priority).

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Then, I suggest swapping the order ["(Slender) Spear and Brave Sword"] to avoid further confusion, Vince.

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I don't think it's possible.

Chapter 8x is probably the only possible time you could do it, but I'm sure somebody must have tried it by now.

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I just realized exactly what the gaiden chapters and weapons are, after getting the enemy message saying they destroyed the passage the second time after chapter fourteen. I checked and I missed 12x and 14x. I'll work better for them from here on, but do you think I will do good without these two?

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@LaocornRestart the game, if you dont get all the legendary weapons you are screwed. (You will not be able to acess chapter 23, 24, and the final chapter [True ending]. You will end game at chapter 22 and get the BAD ENDING.)

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7 hours ago, Ammonil said:

Can you buy the promotional and stat items an infinite number of times?

Yes. There are no limited stocks in FE6.

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