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[FE11] H5: Extremely Belated Shadow Dragon Ten Year Anniversary Draft!

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@JimmyBeansHorace already took Roger. The people who are first and last in the picking order always get two picks because the order reverses every round, so you can think of it like you are picking one unit for round five and one for round six, for example. 

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Chapter 1: 9/9 Turns

Man this was a pain. Picked Gordin as my free unit for the chapter since his chip is way more accurate than Javelins.

Did the usual Jeigan on a fort thing for a few turns. Draug and Abel not being able to attack made things way harder since H5 is kind of designed around using everyone you have in these first few maps teaming up to just barely kill things, but thanks to some sick formations that prevented anyone from being attacked twice on enemy phase due to the way the AI prioritizes who to attack if multiple units are in range. In this case, when all three of Jeigan, Iron Lance!Cain, and Caeda are in range of a pirate, the AI will attack Ceada first, then Cain, then Jeigan.

There really isn't any way to do this chapter reliably unfortunately. Without being able to use every unit to attack, every attack has to hit otherwise it's a reset, which is awful since there is no save point and Silver Lance!Jeigan at weapon triangle disadvantage is the only way to do any meaningful amount of damage. In addition to that, Cain also needs to proc speed on his first level so that he doesn't get ORKOed by the boss, further adding to the huge list of things that can go wrong. I also made the map even more unreliable by having Cain use a lance to finish off pirates instead of a sword if possible since he desperately needs the weapon exp.


Marth Lv. 2.10 Lord 19HP/6Str/0Mgc/4Skl/8Spd/8Lck/7Def/0Res D Swords

Jeigan Lv. --/1.77 Paladin Base

Ceada Lv. 2.00 Pegasus Knight 16HP/4Str/1Mgc/7Skl/13Spd/9Lck/7Def/6Res D Lances

Cain Lv. 2.71 Cavalier 21HP/7Str/0Mgc/6Skl/7Spd/4Lck/8Def/0Res D Swords E Lances

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