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What are your top games of the decade? Of all time?

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Favorite Games of the decade:

1. Freedom Planet
A game unfortunately often dismissed as a Sonic fangame, when it's anything but. It's really more of a mix between Gunstar Heroes and Megaman X, I'd say.
It has fantastic core gameplay taking place across unbelievably varied stages. This might well be the game with the best pacing I've ever seen, with each new stage being more amazing then the last, up until a beautifully rewarding final boss.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Breath of the Wild feels like the game I've been waiting for ever since Gothic 3 and TES IV: Oblivion turned out to be such disappointments and then some.
It's as open as Morrowind and has the tight atmosphere and hostile environment of the early Gothic games. All while still maintaining the personality of a Zelda game. Just beautiful.

3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate
I didn't think they could make a game even bigger then Smash 4. Man, was I wrong. It's a lot better put together then Smash 4 too.

4. Dragonball Xenoverse 2
Didn't think I'd put a crappy anime game so high on the list. But this has less to do with the game's intended merits and more with the efforts of the modding community. They made modding of this game so accessible that even I can create a fair amount of stuff. And having such a big Dragonball toy box to play in brings just so much joy.

5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
While the story unfortunately didn't end up being all that, it's hard to argue that the gameplay is just superb. A very enjoyable requiem for the Metal Gear franchise.

6. Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions
Glad that the localized version still made the release in the final days of the decade. So at least this decade has at least one good Fire Emblem game. Despite being build upon a crappy engine and clearly not having the kind of production value of Tiamongs's output during the Playstation 1+2 days, it still has the kind of creativity in gameplay and elaborate narrative you'd expect.

7. Hyrule Warriors
Easily the best gameplay of any Warriors game I ever played by far. Too bad all versions of the game have huge isses. Wii U version runs like ass. 3DS version runs fine on New 3DS but is compromised in other areas. And the Switch version is back to running like ass because apparently the game renders the image in a higher resolution then the Switch can even display in handheld mode. *urgh*

8. Momoko Wonderful Pink 2
I'm probably the only one to put a porn game on this list which was not released under the Fire Emblem brand name. But what can I say, it's actually a really good and unique beat em up.
It's not your usual Final Fight-like game but is instead more of a far more advanced take on Kung-Fu Master. And the core gameplay is just so well thought out and fun, I'd say it's actually my favorite Beat em Up game. The player character even has a transformation that completely overhauls the core abilities. A far cry from more recent character action games that do little more then raise some numbers during similar modes. It also has a really pleasant visual aesthetic and a surprisingly varied soundtrack.

9. Star Fox Zero
Too bad the (sort of) only Star Fox game in this decade got only be made to illustrate the features of the doomed Wii U. These circumstances really hold the game back. Still, despite it's numerous issues, Arwing combat has never felt this good. And that's worth a lot, as far as I am concerned.

10. Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action
Not sure how to even describe this Beat em Up. It's so unique that I just can't think of anything to really compare it to. In any case, it's beautifully fast paced and chaotic and it just feels good to ping pong hordes of enemies across the screen with a well placed charged attack.


Maybe I write about my favorite games of all time later. Writing this already took quite a while, especially since my space bar is currently busted.


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