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Fire Emblem Heroes The Crazy Summoner Supports Log

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Hello and welcome to a part fanfiction, part headcanon for FEH.  The following Supports are of course completely fictional and nonsensical to a fault because these supports will never happen in game and only make some sense as they are based on The Crazy Summoner on A03, so feel free to follow it up in the link in my signature, which will lead to all of my Fanfic stuff.


Feedback will be linked in the spoiler below:

The supports will follow the following Format:

C Support

B Support

A Support 

(And for pairings only) S Support

The Supports are naturally going to follow the heroes I have summoned, so spoilers for The Crazy Summoner if you haven't already read it yet.  Without futher ado here's the first support:


Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support C


Morgan: Hya!  Ha!  Tsa!  Phew, that's enough for now, I gotta keep up with Mum and Dad, and that means training and studying.

Grima: ...

Morgan: I have get better!

Grima: ...

Morgan: Ah damn it!  Every time!  How did Mum get through this!

Grima: Though the same process of trail and error the same way anyone learns.

Morgan: Dad!  Herm...I need to work on my obser-

Grima (rolls eyes): You work on enough.  Your Mother bids you to join us for the midday meal, insisted actually.

Morgan (eyes widen): What?!  Midday already!  But I only just got started my studies!

Grima: Humph.  You need awareness of time.

Morgan (sighs): I guess I do...still I...


Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support B


Morgan: I don't get it.  I mean I remember some things about Mum but not Dad...I wonder why?  I know we were all happy, Mum used to smile so much.  She still does, even more than I remember.  So how could I have forgot Dad?

Grima (watches Morgan): ...

Morgan: Herm.  I can't figure it out.  Maybe if I studied more I might figure it out.  But...

Grima: Perhaps it would be wisest to focus on the here and now and not the past.

Morgan: Dad!  I guess that means I can get started on the get memories of Dad back!

Grima: Did you not hear a word I just said?

Morgan: I did but this is important to me.  I don't like having lost-

Grima (rolls eyes): We all lose something as we travel though life and other worlds.  But we also gain new things in their place.  If we dwell on the past we lose sight of what is before us.

Morgan: I never thought of it that way...

Grima: With time you will learn.  Now, your mother has called for the midday meal and wants us all there.

Morgan : Really?  I guess she loves having us all together as a family huh?

Grima (mutters): Of course she does.  It's a thing of hers she won't budge on.  Still...I suppose it is...nice to have time spent with our offspring...




Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support A

Morgan (looks at the stars in the sky): It sure is nice tonight.  I wonder if Mum ever looked at the stars...heh, maybe that's how she came up with some great strategies-

Grima: No.  She does like the stars I must admit, but not as a time to think up strategies.  She does more than that.

Morgan: Dad?!

Grima: She often times said that the stars give her peace, that they are what connect her to her world, if nothing else.

Morgan: ...

Grima: It's true she loves her family dearly, and she would hate for you to think otherwise.  Sometimes even the wisest thing is to learn to let go of the past.  Only then can you look to the future with new eyes.  Heh, your mother is a wise woman.  But she did not be that way on speculation alone.  She observed the world around her and drew her own conclusions, even if they were wrong.

Morgan: Is that really how Mum works?

Grima (sighs): Somehow.  Even I find it difficult to keep up with her.  She works on as much gut instinct as she does careful thought, a dangerous combination if you ask me.  But a combination that...is far more powerful than even Chrom could ever hope to be.  Your mother helps people to see the good within themselves and make the choices they choose as themself.  Food for thought I suppose.

Morgan (looks surprised): Did Mum really?

Grima (softly): She did for me.  And perhaps proved Zephiel wrong about humanity as a whole...

Morgan: Did you say something Dad?

Grima: No, now come, it's late and you should be in bed.

Morgan (tries to plead): Aww five more minutes?

Grima (sternly): No.

Morgan (tries to look extra cute): Please Dad...

Grima (growls): No.  Your sister tired that trick yesterday, it is already late.  Bed Morgan.

Morgan (deflates and sighs): Yes Dad.

Grima (watches as Morgan leaves to go to bed, then quietly): I wonder if he's actually going to bed this time...




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Father/Child Support Conversion Grima & Morgie (Morgan F) Support C


Morgie: Whew, I'm beat.  All of that studying is going to pay off I know it!  I'll beat Morgan and Mum and Dad!

Grima: ...Arrogance will lead to your downfall.

Morgie (surprised): DAD?!

Grima (sighs): Do not be so sure of victory, for you are at your most vulnerable when you think nothing can stop you.

Morgie (frowns): What's that supposed to mean?

Grima (exasperated): Exactly what you think it does.  You would do well to learn from your mistakes, lest that make you no better than a worm rolling in the dirt.

Morgie: Well that's one way of looking at things I suppose...say Dad, can I...ask you something?

Grima (groaning in annoyance): As long as it doesn't pertain to the ridiculous things your mother does, or why you forgot her, perhaps I may answer.  Though you'd do well not to pester me so.

Morgie (sighs): I guess.  But I...kind of wanted to know what it is about Mum that makes her...well...her, you know?

Grima (scoffs): That is a pointless question to ask me, you should ask her that.

Morgie (sighs sadly): Yeah, I guess so…

Grima (looks thoughtful): Even so I would avoid asking any of the so-called heroes that question.  The responses are both inaccurate and blown out of proportion. For now, however, there is a tactical meeting your mother insists might be of some use to you.

Morgie (exclaims loudly): Oh that meeting.  Thanks Dad! (races off)

Grima (watches her before heaving a sigh): What makes her...her hmm?  Heh, you must know as well as I what the other worms whisper about her.  Truly it is impossible to even believe a human like her exists…




Father/Child Support Conversion Grima & Morgie (Morgan F) Support B


Grima (fast asleep under the shade of a tree): ...zzz…

Morgie: Hey Dad!

Grima (still asleep): ...zzz…

Morgie: DAD!

Grima (groans in annoyance): Must you pester me?

Morgie: Mum said it was lunchtime and-

Grima (hums thoughtfully): Did she now (gazes up at the sky) heh, I suppose it is.  Though why are you so excited, this had better not be another pitfall ploy, you know she's banned you three from doing so.

Morgie (pouts): Aww it was only one time Dad!  Besides no one got hurt because Reflet saw it coming!

Grima (growls softly): And if she had not and foolish worms were hurt?  I can't imagine your mother would be so soft about it then. I would have been sure to put more than the punishment she did.

Morgie (winces): But no one got hurt!

Grima (glares): That is not a sound reason to create a pitfall.  It might seem fun but it will always come back to your mother and I.  The other worms have little else to do than spout ridiculous nonsense, do not give them more to go on about.

Morgie (deflated): Yes Dad.

Grima (sighs): Your mother has enough on her plate as it is, you would do well not to increase her workload.  (mutters) Not that it matters since worms will talk and still find some complaint or another, not least of all that useless worm who calls herself a commander.

Morgie: Pardon?

Grima (scoffs): It is nothing.  Come, let us join your mother and brother Morgan.

Morgie: Sure.




Father/Child Support Conversion Grima & Morgie (Morgan F) Support A


Grima (sitting quietly after the din of battle has faded to himself): What makes Chloey, Chloey?

Morgie: Hey Dad, the enemies are all gone.

Grima (lost in thought): …

Morgie: Dad?

Grima: I heard the first time. (grumbles softly) As if the obvious needed stating.

Morgie: So-

Grima (sighs): I distinctly recall you asking what made your mother, herself.

Morgie (surprised): I...I did?

Grima: You did.  To be honest I wasn't sure how to answer, since there is an indescribable thing that makes Chloey, Chloey.  Your mother has a way of defying explanation, which is why I said to ask her.

Morgie (looks thoughtful): I guess I hadn't thought of it that way.  Still, why is it that only Morgan remembered her and not me?

Grima (frowns): Who knows.  It's like trying to remember things that this frail body refuses to all me to recall.  Perhaps we should start a war to cheer ourselves up.

Morgie (shocked): DAD!

Grima (snorts): You're just like her, you really can't take it in jest can you?

Morgie (laughs nervously): Right...it's a joke...of course Dad…

Grima (ruffles Morgie's hair): You take after her, most certainly.  Though you three are the only tolerable humans. Those other worms however…

Morgie: So should we go see Mum then?

Grima (smiles softly): We should indeed, come now, I am sure she is most anxious to ensure that we are in good health (to himself) Gods know she's unique in that way.  Too bad those other worms don't listen to her well enough.

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Now it's time for the Summoner aka Chloey 😛


Mother/Child Support Conversion Chloey (Summoner) & Morgan (M) Support C


Chloey (humming to herself): E A C-B A,  E D B, A C-B G B flat E, E A C-B A G F sharp F, C sharp F E-D sharp-

Morgan (frowning): Uh, Mother-

Chloey (sighs): Just say Mum, please Morgan, I don't like formality and 'Mother' is too formal.  It makes me uneasy.

Morgan (surprised): Oh...well Reflet said...never mind, what where you singing?

Chloey (laughs softly): Perhaps I should show you.  Since it's been a while since I've had my clarinet out and you might like it.

Morgan (eyes wide): What's a clarinet?  And-

Chloey (grins): All will be revealed, follow me~


(Scene transition)

Chloey (plays Hedwig's Theme on the clarinet)

Morgan: I still don't get it, I mean- it sounds...so pretty...and familiar.

Chloey: Familiar?  I guess I still kept playing my clarinet after all.  You know your Dad seems to like it, sometimes. The bonus though is for the other heroes, since they all seem to enjoy the music too.

Morgan: I wonder if I could learn how to do that…

Chloey: It takes a lot of practice to play well.  But if you put your mind to it, it'll work out. A bit like learning tactics, actually.

Morgan: Huh, I never stopped to think about things in that perspective.  I really have a lot to learn before I can even think of mastery.

Chloey: Mastery isn't always an attainable goal, but you'll find there will come a point where you reach your own limits, and when that time comes, you'll have to figure out how to surpass them.

Morgan: …

Chloey: At least that's how I see things.  I can't say it's the same for anyone else, but I can say that it's not hot air at least. (chuckles softly) Now then, we should probably head into that strategy meeting I called, everyone will be worried if I'm not there, who knows, it might help us out.




Mother/Child Support Conversion Chloey (Summoner) & Morgan (M) Support B


Chloey (thoughtfully): Okay so if I have Grimmy go here...and Marth take that enemy over there...Bella can take out those two enemies so long as Aqua uses Grey Waves and Marth is placed so that Aqua can reach Bella…

Morgan: Hey Mum.

Chloey (smiles): Hey Morgan, here's something I came up with to help you out with your tactics.  It's sort of like a battlefield, but it'll be safer for everyone as all the tacticians can practice tactics.  True it's not the most accurate of things to a battlefield but the concept is the same.

Morgan (in awe): Wow...Mum...how did you…?

Chloey (hums thoughtfully): Well it was something Reflet mentioned to Robin and Morgam and I thought it might be a good idea to try, with some added extras.

Morgan: That's...incredible.  I never once thought of something like that!

Chloey (laughs softly): To be fair it took me a while to even figure out how this was going to work.

Morgan: Hmm…

Chloey (chuckles softly): That is a very Grimmy like face you're pulling.  Something missing?

Morgan: How do you set up the enemy?  And who acts as the enemy?

Chloey (smiles): I figured that everyone could take turns, though I know Sorin is not particularly thrilled about it, I thought it would be nice if everyone got to practice their tactics so that no one gets too rusty.  Even though some of the others may find it confusing at first. I was hoping it would help everyone eventually, and learn a thing or two.

Morgan (thoughtfully): How'd you come up with that idea Mum?

Chloey: Because we were talking about practice and sometimes when you do something it helps you grow.  And growth helps you as a person.

Morgan: I get it, I think…

Chloey (smiles): We have all the time to improve together.

Morgan (nods): Yeah!  We can do it!




Mother/Child Support Conversion Chloey & Morgan (M) Support A


Chloey (plays 'You are My Sunshine' on her clarinet):...

Morgan (excited): Hey Mum!  Guess what! I did it! I beat Reflet!

Chloey (smiles): I knew you could do it Morgan, I never doubted it for a second.  Heh, that practice really paid off didn't it?

Morgan (happily): Yeah it did!  I used to think that it'd be impossible to reach that level, but you're right, if I keep practicing then I will improve, sure it might take me awhile, and there might be setbacks along the way but…

Chloey (calmly): If you stick with your path eventually it will pay off and you'll come out of it a wiser stronger person than when you started having grown all the while.

Morgan (laughs): Mum!

Chloey (smiles gently as she brushes Morgan's hair off his face): You know, your Dad had to learn that lesson too.  Though in his case...it was more because no one stopped to help him. (sighs sadly) Were it up to me he'd not have to suffer like he did, but perhaps that's what they call irony.

Morgan (frowns): Mum…?

Chloey (smiles sadly): Sorry Morgan I was just thinking about how things could go.  Still I'm glad you reached your goal, really glad. (hugs Morgan)

Morgan (whines softly): Aww Mum… Don't get all sappy on me, I'm not a kid-

Chloey: You still are a kid Morgan, you'll always be precious to me, as precious as Morgie and Grimmy.  You three mean the world to me and always will.

Morgan (blushes): Thanks Mum...for always encouraging us.

Chloey: It's my job Morgan, well aside from being called pathetic by Sorin, but we don't listen to him when he goes on about his Ike obsession.

Morgan (chuckles): Yeah, we don't talk about that.  Say Mum…?

Chloey: Yes Morgan?

Morgan: Can I...swap coats with you...please?  Just for a moment?!

Chloey (laughs): How about we get Cherche to make you one just like mine?

Morgan (eyes wide): For real?!

Chloey (nods): Yes, but you have to promise me you're not going to wear it in battle.  Okay?

Morgan: Yes Mum~!

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Intersting. I've always been a fan of Fanmade Support Dialogue, and I feel all of these do it well. I also enjoy the idea of Grima trying to interact with a poor, ditsy, nigh mindless Morgan is entertaining, which would be impossible in just about everything but Heroes. Overall, I'd say its pretty good.

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Mother/Child Support Conversion Chloey (Summoner) & Morgie (Morgan F) Support C


Morgie: La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la...la la la laaaaa

Chloey (humming along to a nondescript tune) Hmm hmm hmm hmm…

Morgie: La la la la

Chloey: Hmm hmm hmm hmm.

Morgie (sighs slightly): I wonder…

Chloey (humming softly): Wonder what sweetheart?

Morgie: What that tune you were humming was.

Chloey: Nothing special, just something random.

Morgie (surprised): Really?!  Wow that's surprising, I thought it was an actual song.

Chloey (chuckles): It does seem that way, but really it is just random.

Morgie: Huh, I wonder how that happens?

Chloey: I guess when you do something random, eventually a series of notes will stick.

Morgie: Hmm….

Chloey: At least in theory that's what happens, mostly I find it's more like finding a tune you feel comfortable with.  (Murmurs) It's almost uncanny...I wonder...did they inherit fragile x or are they carriers like me…

Morgie: Did you say something Mum?

Chloey (shakes her head): No Morgie, I was just thinking about something.  I'm sure that we should probably make sure that we get this job done.

Morgie: Right!




Mother/Child Support Conversation Chloey & Morgie (Morgan F) Support B


Chloey: Hey Morgie, you okay?  You're looking confused, anything I can try to help with?  I don't know much, but I may be able to help at least a little.

Morgie: Mum, what's Autism?

Chloey (blinks in surprise): Well, well, well...I wondered when that was going to come up (sits down beside Morgie).  Anything in particular you want to know?

Morgie (turns to face Chloey): It was something I came across, and this thing called fragile x…

Chloey (heaves a sigh): Okay, first autism is...basically considered a disability where someone has a very strong specialisation in a specific area of knowledge but they are not very good with other people and can't make friends very well, which is in of itself an oversimplification of  the term. Fragile X is a genetic disorder that can create learning difficulties or disabilities. It can cause some physical deformities, but is mostly behind mental disabilities, invisible ones somewhat.

Morgie (frowns): I think I...get it…

Chloey (sighs): Maybe we should talk about it another time, it is a very complex topic after all, and something I don't fully get myself.

Morgie (smiles): Thanks Mum.




Mother/Child Support Conversation Chloey & Morgie (Morgan F) Support A


Chloey: I swear it gets worse every bloody- (sighs) come on Chloey, stop swearing for a while please… (crosses out something in the paper furiously) I can't do this shit.

Morgie (Arrives just as Chloey is about to fully lose her cool): Hey, Mum…

Chloey (sighs heavily): Everything okay Morgie (Chloey throws the paper into the bin in disgust)

Morgie: Well...I was wondering if we could ever meet Grandmother.

Chloey (smiles sadly): Well...I don't know sweetheart.  It would depend on which Grandma, because one of them I never want you to ever meet because that sorry excuse for a bitch- parden me- cow decided I didn't exist and the other one...well I'm not sure how she'd respond to meeting you two.

Morgie (surprised): Wow, I didn't know you had two mothers…

Chloey (laughs without humour): I had to leave one of them when I was a child because she couldn't look after me properly.  Your other Grandma, she was...my foster Mum but ended up becoming my Mum.

Morgie (looks confused): I never knew…

Chloey (smiles sadly): I suppose my other self felt you too young to try and explain it.  In any case, I was put into foster care as a child, mostly because Sam wasn't capable of caring properly for me, I vowed I would never do to my own children what was done to me by the hands of that cow so that you and Morgan could have as close to a normal life as I could possibly give you, before I even realised you were my children.

Morgie (awed): I never realised...how much it meant to you.

Chloey (chuckles): I didn't ever dream I would have to stand up with my ideals, but I can only pray that I have done my best.

Morgie: Hey Mum…

Chloey: Let me guess, you wanted to know how I figured out it was Morgam who was responsible for the pitfall trap?

Morgie: Whoa, you're way too good.

Chloey (laughes): I had a feeling it was one of you three, after all, pitfalls are classic traps.  However, I do have a good one, and it's perfectly harmless.

Morgie (eyes wide): For real?!

Chloey (grins evilly): Hell yes kiddo, and the best bit, it'll make a few people laugh as well.  But we'll need to keep a secret from your brother and Dad, okay?

Morgie (excitedly): Okay!

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Support Conversation Chloey X Alfonse Support C


Chloey (Yells furiously): Alfonse!  You idiot!  What the hell were you thinking, leaving Sharena to patrol on her own!

Alfonse (shocked): Sharena was on her own?!

Chloey (snaps): Don't play coy with me young man!  You knew she shouldn't be on her own!

Alfonse (frowns in confusion): Um...Chloey...are you sure that it wasn't-

Chloey (yells again): Don't you dare!  I'm sick and tired of you blaming Loki or Sproki for every mishap in the damn order!

Alfonse: That...wasn't what I was going to say-

Chloey (throws her hands up in frustration): Of course it wasn't Dastard!

Alfonse (confused): Are you...okay…?

Chloey (angrily): Do I look okay to you?!

Alfonse (a little uneasily): Uh…

Chloey (snaps): Just leave me alone!

Alfonse (sighs): Chloey…




Support Conversation Chloey X Alfonse Support B


Chloey (sighs): I am the worst god damn bitch there ever was.  Seriously why is it I always…(groan)

Alfonse: Chloey…

Chloey: Yes Al.

Alfonse (frowns): Al?

Chloey: Oh, sorry, I thought you wouldn't mind it, but I suppose-

Alfonse: Oh, I guess that makes sense, so I had a question about the training assignments…


(Scene transition)


Chloey: So as I thought, you need to relieve some of the heroes, we can't have the same people fighting all of the time, it'll wear them down.  Hmm, maybe that new Aether Resort might just do the thing. I'm not sure how to get there but…

Alfonse: Right, so that was all I needed to know.

Chloey: …

Alfonse: …

Chloey: Right, I'll get onto it.  (Leaves with haste)

Alfonse: I wonder what that was all about...unless...when was the last time Chloey got to relax and let her hair down a little?




Support Conversation Chloey X Alfonse Support A


Chloey: So if I move here...damn it!  That's not going to work! Stupid, stupid girl!

Alfonse: …

Chloey: Ugh!  At this rate… screw this crap! (Forehead hits the table a couple of times) Damn it… (punches the table) damn it… (goes to punch the table again only for Alfonse to stop her)

Alfonse: Chloey, you've been at it for at least an hour now, why don't you take a break?

Chloey (sighs): I can't, Al.

Alfonse (frowns): Chloey, you've taken on more than you need to, you need to rest.  You need to stop pushing yourself so hard.

Chloey: I can't do that Al.

Alfonse (carefully takes Chloey's arm and slips an arm around her waist): I mean it, you've always been so particular about this.  You need to rest your mind, if nothing else. I know you'll figure it out but right now...you've got to rest.

Chloey (tiredly): I...can't…. (Yawns heavily)

Alfonse: It's okay to rest when you need it, no one blames you for needing to rest.

Chloey (half slurred from exhaustion): I'm...sorry Al...but...I can't...got to...at least…(ends up falling asleep)

Alfonse (sighs): You don't need to keep apologizing all of the time.  You're trying to do your best for us, and that...that is all we can ever do.  Whatever happened to make you this way…. May it never happen again.

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