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[FE6] Sadist Draft: Walk Across Elibe

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I love pain. I also love FE6. I also also like drafting. Why not combine the three into the world’s most perfect form of entertainment!?

I pretty much lifted these rules straight from the last FE6 Sadist Draft + the proposed changes therein, so uh, there you have it. We need a lot of players so this will prolly take a bit to fill out.


1. This draft is for 11 players. Each player will draft 3 units. Mounted units are not allowed to be drafted.
2. Roy, Lalum/Elphin, and Merlinus are free for everyone to use.
3. The third round of drafting is reversed. (ie. the order is 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1, 4-3-2-1)
4. The game will be played on Normal Mode.


1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit shops and armories, and dig up items in the desert.
2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: Meatshielding, building supports, or opening doors or chests.
3. All gaidens are required to be visited.
4. Chapter 20x is free up to 20 turns.
5. Roy may not be warp-rescue-chained. If a units is warped or counts as warped-rescue-chained, then any unit they carry or use the Rescue Staff on also counts as being warp-rescue-chained.
6. Other units may do as they please.


1. Undrafted infantry units have a 4 turn penalty per unit per chapter.
2. Unpromoted mounted units have an 8 turn penalty per unit per chapter.
3. Promoted mounted units have a 12 turn penalty per unit per chapter. No cheesing earlygame with Marcus and getting a lower tuncount than you would have without him despite the penalty. 

Exceptions (a lot of them):

1. Undrafted units are allowed to engage in combat in the first five chapters before the preparations screen without countering.
2. Marcus and Zealot are free for Chapter 7, but may not rescue or rescue-drop Roy.
3. Noah and Treck are free to be attacked without countering and visit villages if recruited in Chapter 7.
4. One unpromoted mounted unit of your choice is free for Chapter 8.
5. An undrafted unit may visit Lugh's village in Chapter 3 if you drafted Lugh.
6. Chad or Lugh is free to be attacked without countering in Chapter 12 if you drafted Ray.
7. Cecilia is free to be attacked without countering in Chapter 14.
8. Milady is free to be attacked without countering in Chapter 16.
9. Zealot is free to be attacked without countering in Chapter 20.
10. Fae is free to be attacked without countering in Chapter 24.


1. JudgeWargrave: Deke, Bartre, Karel
2. Finalinsanity: Lugh, Niime, Garret
3. Noh Bodi (empty): Bors, Chad, Sophia
4. Eltosian Kadath: Lot, Dorothy, Fae
5. Doses Not Exest (empty): Wade, Elen, Cath
6. SRC: Rutger, Geese, Douglas
7. XiSrOn: Echidna, Gonzalez, Yodel
8. Eclipse: Lilina, Barth, Igrene
9. Jedi: Ogier, Wolt, Hugh
10. CarmineSword: Fir, Saul, Wendy
11. Gradivus.: Astore, Raigh, Klein


Undrafted Scrubs:



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1. Count me in.  Ping me when it's my turn.
2. The Zealot exception is Chapter 20 Ilia only, right?  😛

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Yeah, technically it should only apply to Ilia route, but specifying seemed unnecessary given nobody can draft the Nomads anyways and Ilia is the prioritized route when they‘ve gained the same (well, zero in this case) amount of EXP as the Pegasi.

If someone wants to do something crazy and both recruit Sue + Shin and take a penalty to get them to break the EXP tie, they’re welcome to it!

E: also realized i forgot to include this, but undrafted Fae is allowed to be attacked in Chapter 24 so nobody has to babysit her. I’ll add that to the rules when I’m back home.

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So Carmine said he'd join if there was still space (which there is) and uh, I don't think we'll be getting 11 people at this point. But THE DRAFT MUST GO ON, so the way this'll be handled: Picking order will have 4 empty slots included into the list. When their "turn" comes up, they get the earliest recruitable unit available unless there's a unit that's really obviously better slightly later (ex; a firstpick Empty would get Dieck, not Wolt, or if it's between Elen and Rutger as the earliest available units, Rutger would be prioritized. A situation like Wade vs Rutger would still prioritize Wade though.) 

anyways. Picking order is AS FOLLOWS:


@JudgeWargrave has first pick. Looks like three of the empties got put all in a row, so uh, that'll be interesting.

If someone comes along and wants to ghost one of the auto-picked teams go right ahead. i might try one if the team i pick sucks and i want to use a better team after i finish

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I was so tempted to try to nab the triangle attack, but the empty slot killed that dream instantly, so instead I will go with Lot.

I hear we need to LTC on these draft runs, and google has kindly informed me, that means I need a Lot Trace Code


@SRC comes after the empty slot.

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I don't care if she's going to be the biggest pain in the butt to babysit.  Roy will blow things up!

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