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[FE6] Sadist Draft: Walk Across Elibe

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Starting up since no matter what unit I'm left with, it's not going to change any decisions in the first chapters.

I don't like to rng abuse, and under normal situations it is very rarely needed to save turns, but when you have almost no tools to work with you use what methods you have available. To encourage myself to use it as little as possible I will keep track of how many rns I burn in addition to turncount.

1 Dawn of Destiny 7/7 turns, 23/23 rns

Since the Fighters have 20 hp, 2 def, and 4 speed, once Roy gets +1 strength and +1 speed he can 1RKO almost all enemies, but at base he's only 3RKOing. Until he gets that first level, the only thing that can be done to speed up the pace is set up a pair of Rapier criticals. Of course if I'm doing that, it's worthwhile to set up the first level so I don't have to continue rigging crits. For the boss, Roy needs to hit one crit out of four, which unfortunately does not come naturally so even more rns are eaten up.

2 Princess of Bern 8/15 turns, 3/26 rns

Armorslayer gets transported from Merlinus since he is allowed to visit, to Marcus, to Shanna, to Dieck. Since undrafted units can be attacked for the first 5 chapters, a few of them are employed blocking for Roy's path. 3 rns are used to get Roy a better level. Soon we should be far superior to the enemies simply due to overleveling and won't need to do this anymore.

3 Latecomer's Sorrow 9/24 turns, 3/29 rns

Bors heads north to be a punching bag for the enemies there. Alan, Lance, and Shanna are used to box an Archer against the wall, since Roy and Dieck have no time to attack 2 range enemies. Marcus comes along most of the way to manipulate enemies as well, pinning a Javelin Cavalier in a corner so it is forced to attack Dieck at 1-range. 2 rns are used to get Roy a better level again, the other rn was needed because otherwise Dieck misses his Armorslayer on the boss.

4 Crumbling League 7/31 turns,  5/34 rns

Roy and Dieck walk across, with Marcus deterring enemies with his Silver Lance and restricting their avenues of attack without actually engaging them. Once Clarine appears she is also effective at blocking, since even when blue, the enemies will not attack her (except Erik for some reason). Dieck takes a lot of damage and has to heal. Rugter doesn't spawn if Erik is dead, so I just have Roy chip Erik with an Iron Sword and swap to the Rapier to kill him on enemy phase so I can pick up Rutger's Killing Edge. Merlinus has time to get the door key and Steel Blade while Dieck picks up the Angelic Robe. I'm not sure if I should save this for Elphin or just use it on Roy right away. Shanna sells some items my team will not be able to use and buys some weapons.

5 Fire Emblem 3/34 turns, 4/38 rns

Dieck rescues Roy on turn 1. Wade and Bors (carried by Clarine) go north to sit on the forts, though there probably isn't time for enemies to reach us anyway. Shanna picks up Rutger, and Marcus and Lance prepare to open the gate. Depending on player positioning, the enemies may not be in favorable locations to allow a 3 turn clear; Dieck needs to be able to move 5 spaces and drop Roy forward on turn 2. Shanna and Rutger perform the classic Dondon blockade, while Marcus moves to ensure a path to the gate is clear even after all the 1-2 range enemies attack Roy. Dieck's Killing Edge kills the boss. Rns are for better level up. I can probably stop doing that now.

I don't think I'll spend the time recording and uploading videos of these, but I'll attach the vba replays:

Ch1.vbm Ch2.vbm Ch3.vbm Ch4.vbm Ch5.vbm

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Chapter 1 (7/7): Roy got stuck on Turn 4 and had to attack the Brigand. Thrilling! Roy has to crit Damas in one of his four attacks which thankfully with the Rapier is somewhat reasonable. 

Chapter 2 (10/17): stupid javelin soldiers

Roy ran ahead. On Turn 2 i had Deke’s squad bodyblock the top fort and the tile to the right so i could keep that space open for Roy to run onto when he got there. He got clogged up a bit due to all the 2 range. Had Shanna park next to the boss with the Armorslayer from Merlinus, and Roy took it and ORKO’d the boss. Could’ve also used the Rapier (more reliable too) but I wanted to save uses for Chapter 4, just in case. 

Chapter 3 (10/27): Go, Roy, go! Marcus went up to get Lugh. One of the Cavaliers went up because they were attracted to smacking around unarmed Marcus/trying to kill 1 HP Lugh. Lugh got a couple levels thanks to luring over dudes from the start.

Chapter 4 (7/34): Yeah. Went to the Vendor and bought a shitton of Fires. Merlinus got the Angelic Robe. Roy ran forward. Lugh couldn’t do much since his Fire was on 8 uses, but once he got traded some new ones (thanks Allen) he got a few kills. Roy killed Erik on Turn 6 EP instead of Turn 5 PP so Rutger would spawn and Clarine could recruit him before seizing. I want the Killing Edge.

Chapter 5 (4/38): Lugh used the Angelic Robe. Both ran forward, Roy picking up Lugh Turn 1. Marcus opened the door, and Roy dropped Lugh ahead. Shanna blocked the mercs and nomad up top with the classic “get in front of the Nomad” strat. EP, Lugh got hit to 8 HP by the Merc and so all the Brigands tried to kill him (they missed). Roy weakened Dory and Lugh killed him; he’s officially reached Actual Competence. 

Chapter 6 (6/44): Farewell, free meatshields. It was nice having you. Ran forward and Killing Edge’d Wagner with Roy. Lugh killed stuff.

Not looking forward to Chapter 7.

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Yeah I started shortly after auto-drafter nabbed Chad, as the rest are fairly late game troops that wont change this early phase.

Chapter 1 Turn 7/7.
Roy, Our Boy:                      Lv04.25 HP20; Str 07; Skl 08; Spd 07; Lck 07; Def 07; Res 02
Unequipped Cavalry paved a road for Roy to avoid being surrounded by the Brigands. Ended up rigging the player phase crit on the boss and trade equipping to an iron, as Roy needed one crit and 2 hits to get the boss kill, and holding the rapier broke more than half of it on enemy phase, and with the halberd locked behind a 4 turn penalty I felt the need to conserve some uses.

Chapter 2 Turn 8/15.
Roy, Our Boy:                      Lv05.64 HP21; Str 08; Skl 09; Spd 07; Lck 07; Def 07; Res 02
Lot, the Trace Code:          Lv06.20 HP31; Str 08; Skl 06; Spd 09; Lck 03; Def 04; Res 01

Oddly enough the cavalry paving crew was less useful this time. Merlinus grabbed the armorslayer and passed it along the cavalry, although I didn't need it this chapter. Ended up sacrificing Shanna to distract the archer from clogging up the path to the boss, and hammered him.

Chapter 3 Turn 8/23.
Roy, Our Boy:                       Lv06.09 HP22; Str 08; Skl 10; Spd 07; Lck 08; Def 07; Res 02
Lot, the Trace Code:           Lv08.15 HP31; Str 08; Skl 06; Spd 10; Lck 04; Def 05; Res 01

The Cavalry paved road proved useful in making sure Roy could move forward. Had to rig a speed level on Lot to nab the hammer kill at the end. Didn't bother with any of villages this time.

Chapter 4 Turn 7/30.
Roy, Our Boy:                        Lv07.59 HP23; Str 08; Skl 11; Spd 07; Lck 09; Def 07; Res 03
Lot, the Trace Code:            Lv08.91 HP31; Str 08; Skl 06; Spd 10; Lck 04; Def 05; Res 01

Lot and Roy charged ahead, the extra scrubby crew distracted some of the enemies near the start, while Merlinus and Marcus made some sneaky maneuvers to get the angelic robe and buy up a cargo load of handaxes (Lot isrunning extremely low on handaxes). Missed the Rutger spawn by Rapier critting Eric on player phase, as I got tired of trying to rig the needed dodges, and the crit feel into my lap.

Chapter 5 Turn 5/35.
Roy, Our Boy:                        Lv08.10 HP23; Str 08; Skl 12; Spd 08; Lck 09; Def 07; Res 04
Lot, the Trace Code:            Lv09.91 HP32; Str 09; Skl 06; Spd 11; Lck 04; Def 05; Res 01

Lot's starting position irritates me... after Roy opened the door Marcus blocked off the path the nomads would use to get in the way. Had to rig the strength level on Lot to give him the chance to rig the obnoxiously unlikely steel axe 26% hit 1%crit kill on the boss.The glorious meat shields on horses will be sorely missed. I probably should be rigging for better level ups in general, and not simply to get the one point of something that I need...

Chapter 6 Turn 6/41.
Roy, Our Boy:                        Lv08.75 HP30; Str 08; Skl 12; Spd 08; Lck 09; Def 07; Res 04
Lot, the Trace Code:            Lv11.97 HP33; Str 09; Skl 07; Spd 11; Lck 04; Def 05; Res 01
Dorthy, Beyond Rainbows: Lv04.74 HP20; Str 05; Skl 06; Spd 07; Lck 03; Def 04; Res 02

Had to hold Roy back a little to let Lot enemy phase the center with 1-2 range, so I use the opportunity to have Roy use that angelic robe now that I can manage my items easier. Killing Wagner was a feat with how low my troop's health and accuracy was, with Lot rigging a handaxe enemy phase, a iron axe hit and dodge on player phase, and a steel bow hit from Dorthy to finish.


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Chapter 1: 7/7 Turns



Roy Lv. 5.37 DAT BOI 20HP/8Str/6Skl/10Spd/11Lck/7Def/1Res D Swords

Chapter 2: 9/16 Turns

You lose a turn every chapter from Roy having to kill the boss himself which is really annoying. Rapier is also so bad that it barely even 3HKOs the boss, so I used the Armorslayer instead since it could ORKO.

Edited by Carmine Sword

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Chapter 3: 9/25 Turns

Roy went up while Marcus followed behind him to distract some javelin soldiers and act as a convoy for Roy's vulneraries. Merlnius got the Mend Staff from the village. Rigged a Rapier crit to OHKO the boss even though Roy could just 3HKO him in order to save two rapier uses.


Roy Lv. 10.19 DAT BOI 24HP/13Str/11Skl/12Spd/15Lck/9Def/3Res B Swords

Merlinus Lv. 1.07 God Base

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I'm playing this on a Gameboy. Rigging is for chumps (and probably necessary rip).

Chapter 1 9/9

I moved Roy upwards as possible until he didn't die. Took around 5 attempts.

Roy 5.31 HP 21 Str 7 Skl 9 Spd 10 Luk 10 Def 5 Res 1


Chapter 2 11/20

ROI got stonewalled by some ranged chumps on the right side. Otherwise much less problematic than chapter 1.

Roy cannot get Defense which should come back to bite me once enemies stop sucking.

ROI 8.46 HP 22 Str 8 Skl 11 Spd 12 Luk 12 Def 5 Res 2

Edited by SRC

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Chapter 4: 7/32 Turns

Roy just walked left. Merlinus got the Angelic Robe. Decided that getting the Angelic Robe was more important than getting the door key since keys can be bought in Chapter 7. Recruited Killing Edge.


Roy Lv. 12.11 DAT BOI 25HP/14Str/13Skl/13Spd/17Lck/10Def/5Res A Swords

Merlinus Lv. 1.07 God Base

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58 minutes ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

Well I already have a good axey boy, so I think I will go with the Divine Chicken Fae.


autodraft gets Sophia which means i get GARRET

never been so happy to have a crappy prepromote berserker

this means Wargrave is stuck with Karel. Kinda fitting since he already has Bartre.

Edited by Finalinsanity

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Chapter 5: 4/36 Turns

Opened the gate on Turn 2. Used meatshields so that Roy's path to the boss on Turn 3 wasn't blocked. Shanna dropped Rutger in the dondon spot. Merlinus stood on a fort and tanked fighters on the right.

Chapter 6: 8/44 Turns

Roy went around the left side since he just gets stuck trying to go up through the mass of javelin soldiers. Merlinus baits the middle group down on Turn 1, and then he and Saul choke the point into the the building on the left side, which lets Saul get 12 exp from healing and 3-4 exp from dodging javelins every turn. The mage in the throne room that doesn't move makes a 7 turn impossible since it blocks Roy's path, preventing him from reaching the boss on Turn 6. At leasy Saul gets an extra heal out of it I guess.


Roy Lv. 13.97 DAT BOI 26HP/15Str/14Skl/14Spd/17Lck/10Def/5Res A Swords

Saul Lv. 5.98 Priest Base (1 Angelic Robe)

Merlinus Lv. 1.22 God Base

Chapter 7: 10/54 Turns

I don't care to try and optimize this, I'm far too lazy. Recruited Zealot, Noah, and Treck. Got the Torch Staff, Physic Staff, Hero Crest, Horseslayer, and Elixer villages. Bough 6 door keys and 2 chest keys. Killed the boss with an Iron Axe from Zealot and 2 Armorslayer hits from Marcus.


Roy Lv. 14.60 DAT BOI 27HP/16Str/15Skl/15Spd/18Lck/10Def/5Res A Swords

Saul Lv. 6.95 Priest 28HP/5Mgc/7Skl/11Spd/2Lck/3Def/6Res C Staves (1 Angelic Robe)

Merlinus Lv. 1.22 God Base

Chapter 8: 21/75 Turns

I don't want to talk about it.


Roy Lv. 17.08 DAT BOI 30HP/17Str/17Skl/17Spd/18Lck/11Def/5Res A Swords

Saul Lv. 9.32 Priest 31HP/8Mgc/8Skl/14Spd/3Lck/3Def/8Res C Staves (1 Angelic Robe)

Wendy Lv. 5.46 Thwomp 23HP/8Str/4Skl/5Spd/9Lck/11Def/1Res D Lances

Merlinus Lv. 1.41 God Base

Chapter 8x: 14/89 Turns

Roy ran all the way to the throne himself. Wendy killed stragglers while getting healed by Saul. 

Chapter 9: 11/100 Turns

Recruited Fir, who got two levels by Wo Daoing stuff. Saul spammed Torch. Merlinus sacrificed himself to bait a Merc over in range of Fir so she could kill it for a level on the last turn. Roy capped level. Wendy still can't hit anything without burning at least 20 RNs every single time she attacks.

Chapter 10: 10/110 Turns

Roy walked down on his own while Wendy and Fir self-improved. Saul reached level 13 and promoted on the last turn.


Roy Lv. 20.00 DAT BOI 32HP/18Str/18Skl/18Spd/21Lck/12Def/6Res A Swords

Saul Lv. 13/1.00 Bishop 37HP/15Mgc/14Skl/18Spd/6Lck/6Def/13Res D Light A Staves (1 Angelic Robe)

Wendy Lv. 13.20 Thwomp 30HP/14Str/9Skl/12Spd/14Lck/15Def/1Res C Lances

Fir Lv. 9.35 Myrmidon 25HP/10Str/12Skl/18Spd/8Lck/7Def/3Res D Swords

Merlinus Lv. 1.50 God Base

Edited by Carmine Sword

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Chapter 7: 8/49

Roy, Our Boy:                         Lv08.99 HP30; Str 08; Skl 12; Spd 08; Lck 09; Def 07; Res 04
Lot, the Trace Code:             Lv12.85 HP34; Str 10; Skl 08; Spd 12; Lck 04; Def 05; Res 01
Dorthy, Beyond Rainbows:  Lv06.80 HP22; Str 07; Skl 06; Spd 09; Lck 05; Def 04; Res 02

The rules for chapter 7 are very generous. Sent the army up the left side, Roy had to slow down a little to recruit Noah, whom latter recruited Jerrot (as he is required for one of the Gaiden) and grab some extra villages. Treck died as a green unit. Missed the horse slayer village, but with no lancers that is no big loss. Rigged one offensive level for Lot and one for Dorthy, but Marcus did mostly of the heavy lifting, and even used the armor slayer to crit kill the boss. Bought door keys and a chest key for some latter looting (plus grabbed some spare vulneraries), and I technically have 0 money (I didn't find the time to send Merlinus or someone who was useless enough to have vendor trash on them to the shops). I might regret how little shopping I have done in the future.


I have a bit of a question/comment about the rules.

@Finalinsanity The free unpromoted mounted unit for chapter 8 seems suspiciously unrestricted.

Is it allowed to rescue and/or rescue drop Roy?

Are people allowed to choose Sue if they recruited her? She could potentially be recruited without gaining a penalty, and could thus grant access to the Sacae without penalty.

Both of these seem to be allowed by the rules as written, but seem somewhat against the spirit of the run.


Edited by Eltosian Kadath
Added rules question

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Chapter 3 9/29

Roy 10.52 HP 24 Str 9 Skl 13 Spd 12 Lck 13 Def 5 Res 3

Roy went up and right and eventually managed to not die. Marcus followed to act as a diversion. MEATWALLFORCE escorted Merlinus to get the Mend staff and Shanna recruited Lugh for that sweet, sweet vulnerary. Ellen and Chad are the first casualties

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@Eltosian Kadath Yes, the mount is allowed to do whatever a drafted unit could do for that one chapter. It was a suggestion from the last draft to make the reinforcements less painful to deal with and make things more fair for people without one of the stronger units at that point.

I guess you could go to Sacae this way, yeah. Wasn't really something I considered, honestly, but I doubted anyone would want to waste the time in Chapter 6 recruiting Sue. 

Chapter 7 (9/53): It actually wasn’t bad. Lugh killed almost everything while Roy sort of hung around and recruited Noah, then went up the left straight to the boss. Zealot helped clear the path for Roy to attack the boss, Lugh finished Turn 9 PP. Noah and Treck got the rightmost villages. Bought some Chest and Door Keys with Marcus.

Chapter 8 (19/72): Gross. Used Noah as my free cav. Took an extra turn to get the Elysian Whip to sell for money.

Chapter 8x (12/84): Roy fullmoved every turn. Lugh promoted and killed everything but like one stationary mage. Henning was a chump.

Chapter 9 (9/93): Go Lugh, go! Recruited Fir for her stuff.

Chapter 10 (8/102): Recruited Geese for his Brave Axe. Shanna flew him down the right side as an NPC to avoid any potential penalties. Ended up not costing any turns because Roy had to walk all the way there anyways.

Chapter 11 (10/112): Broke down the north wall. Got the Angelic Robe which Lalum used and the Speedwings, which I will save. Managed to recruit both Klein and Tate for their CASH MONEY potential

Edited by Finalinsanity

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