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[FE8] [Complete] The Heroes We Deserve

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Download the (FE8) patch here:
The Heroes We Deserve

Join Chester and his pals as they go on a quest to take down the 'Bad Guys'! This hack includes:

-15 chapters with a rotating cast of 'heroes'
-The Skills System
-Daggers (independent of the weapon triangle)
-1.5x exp
-Custom art (everything from portraits to item icons)
-A comical, non-serious tone
-Practically zero character development
-...and more!

The Eggman Let's Play (it's quite entertaining): 

The FEU Vs. THWD Let's Play (It's currently in the works, but here's the thread): https://feuniverse.us/t/feu-vs-the-heroes-we-deserve/7149

Actual screenshots coming soon™

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11 hours ago, A_Reliable_Chair said:

Actual screenshots coming soon

send them quick or i'll resurrect mikey back

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Seen Mangs playing it, instantly sold on it. Even more sold seeing it here.

Plus I can genuinely kill innocent and good people over trivial things in this hack. You don't find that often ! 😛

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A lot of the playable characters have received buffs to their growth rates and there were a few significant issues that have been resolved.

Also added a link to Mangs' LP as well as FEU's (that just started) in the OP. 

Unless a game breaking bug occurs this will likely be the final update (Although I'm always open to feedback and criticism). 

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