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Music you wish was in the game?

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Just as the title says, pretty self-explanatory. For me (btw, bold indicates a new remix):

Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy I


Main Theme (30th anniversary edition)

Last Battle (from PSX/PSP)


Final Fantasy II

Battle Scene 1/A

Boss Scene B (from PSX/PSP)

Final Battle (from PSX/PSP)


Final Fantasy III

Final Battle (from DS)


Final Fantasy IV

Boss Battle

Dreadful Fight (from DS)

Final Battle (original)


Final Fantasy V

Battle on the Big Bridge

Decisive Battle (original)

Last Battle (from Dissidia 012)


Final Fantasy VI

Terra's Theme

Decisive Battle (from Dissidia)

Dancing Mad~Final Tier (original)


Final Fantasy VII

Electric de Chocobo (original)


One Winged Angel (from FFVII Reunion Tracks)


Final Fantasy VIII

Force Your Way (from Dissidia 012)

The Man with the Machine Gun

The Extreme (original)


Final Fantasy IX

Battle 2 (original)

Dark Messenger


Final Fantasy X

Seymour Battle (original)

Otherworld (original)

A Contest of Aeons


Final Fantasy XII

Boss Battle (original)

Battle for Freedom


Final Fantasy XIII

Blinded by Light

Saber's Edge (original)


Final Fantasy XV

Stand Your Ground (from Record Keeper)

Apocalypsis Noctis (from Tekken 7)

Veiled in Black/Careening Into Danger

Game and Watch Gallery


Game and Watch Gallery



Oil Panic


Title Theme (Game and Watch Gallery)


Game and Watch Gallery 2


Helmet Level Medley


Vermin (original)


Game and Watch Gallery 3

Donkey Kong Jr. Medley (Game and Watch Gallery 3)

Mario Bros. (Game and Watch Gallery 3)


Game and Watch Gallery 4



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Oh definitely Final Fantasy music on Smash Bros, we need more of that tbh.

I'll just grab your list and change some things to fit my ideas, hope ya don't mind.



Final Fantasy I


Battle Theme (original)


Final Fantasy III

Boss battle (original)


Final Fantasy IV

Boss Battle

Dreadful Fight


Final Fantasy V

Battle on the Big Bridge


Final Fantasy VI

Terra's Theme

Decisive Battle

Battle to the death

I have only beaten FF 1 and 4-6 and am in the process of beating 2. I like the original song a lot lol

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  • The Final Battle (or any of Grunty's themes really)
  • Click Clock Wood
  • Rusty Bucket Bay
  • Jinjo Village
  • Vs. Weldar
  • Vs. Chilly Billie and Chilly Willy
  • Vs. Mingy Jongo

Fire Emblem:

  • Twilight of the Gods
  • The Final Holy War
  • Leif Army-In Search of the Victory-Base

Donkey Kong:

  • Minecart Mayhem
  • Hot Head Bop
  • Mad Jack
  • King K. Rool Duel (Donkey Kong 64)
  • Aquaduct Assault

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Final Fantasy

  1. Main Theme
  2. Prelude
  3. Dungeon (Dissidia)
  4. Airship
  5. Dreadful Battle
  6. Battle on the Big Bridge
  7. Terra's Theme
  8. Decisive Battle (FFVI)
  9. Searching for Friends
  10. Mako Reactor
  11. Highwind Takes to the Skies
  12. One Winged Angel
  13. Liberi Fatali
  14. The Landing
  15. Force Your Way
  16. Man With the Machine Gun
  17. Maybe I'm a Lion
  18. A Place to Call Home
  19. You're Not Alone
  20. Summoned Beast Battle
  21. Cantata Mortis & God in Fire
  22. Battle Medley

Secret of Mana

  1. Fear of the Heavens
  2. Into the Thick of It
  3. Danger
  4. The Dark Star
  5. Prophecy
  6. Meridian Dance

Chrono Trigger

  1. Chrono Trigger
  2. Memories of Green
  3. Millenial Fair
  4. Battle 1
  5. Fanfare 1
  6. Frog's Theme
  7. Boss Battle 1
  8. Day of Lavos
  9. Robo's Theme
  10. Ayla's Theme
  11. Boss Battle 2
  12. Decisive Battle with Magus
  13. Tyrano Lair
  14. Corridors of Time
  15. Zeal Palace
  16. Ocean Palace
  17. World Revolution
  18. Crono and Marle
  19. To Faraway Times

Crash Bandicoot

  1. Crash Bandicoot Theme
  2. N. Sanity Beach Exterior/Interior
  3. Papu Papu
  4. Toxic Waste
  5. N. Brio
  6. Dr. Neo Cortex
  7. Warp Room (Cortex Strikes Back)
  8. Tiny Tiger
  9. N. Gin
  10. Crash Bandicoot Warped
  11. N. Tropy
  12. Warp Room (N-Tranced)
  13. N. Sanity Island (Twinsanity)
  14. Mechabandicoot
  15. Tikimon
  16. Rockslide Rumble


  1. Spyro Reignited Trilogy Theme
  2. Artisans
  3. Toasty
  4. Peace Keepers
  5. Magic Crafters
  6. Beast Makers
  7. Dream Weavers
  8. Gnasty Gnorc
  9. Glimmer
  10. Summer Forest
  11. Crush's Dungeon
  12. Autumn Plains
  13. Zephyr
  14. Fracture Hills
  15. Magma Cone
  16. Gulp's Overlook
  17. Winter Tundra
  18. Cloud Temples
  19. Ripto's Arena
  20. Sparx Levels
  21. Sunrise Spring
  22. Sheila's Alp
  23. Molten Crater
  24. Seashell Shore
  25. Mushroom Speedway
  26. Buzz's Dungeon
  27. Midday Gardens
  28. Enchanted Towers
  29. Sgt Byrd's Base
  30. Spike's Arena
  31. Evening Lake
  32. Bentley's Outpost
  33. Fireworks Factory
  34. Scorch's Pit
  35. Midnight Mountain
  36. Agent 9's Lab
  37. Harbor Speedway
  38. Sorceress' Lair
  39. Credits


  1. Shantae
  2. Dance Parlor/Scuttle Town
  3. Uncle Mimic's Song
  4. Bolo's Song
  5. Sky's Song
  6. Rottytops' Song
  7. Labyrinth
  8. Risky Boots' Song
  9. Risky Boots Battle
  10. Boss Battle (Risky's Revenge)
  11. Last Battle (Risky's Revenge)
  12. Scorching Dunes
  13. Troublesome Trek
  14. The Demon King Rises + Final Battle (Pirate's Curse)
  15. Dance Through the Danger
  16. Boss Battle (Half-Genie Hero)
  17. Dynamo/Chaos Realm
  18. Flirty Time


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Know what? (Sorry for the gray text)

 I think I’ll include a gene list of music I would’ve loved to see in Ultimate (bold means new remix, * means a new remix I’d love to see Yoko Shimomura do, amd ^ means a different version (remix or not) of a song already in the game)



Mario Series (11)

1. Star Maze (Super Mario Land 2; Fan-made example)

2. Vs. Wario (Super Mario Land 2)

3. Dire, Dire Docks (Super Mario 64)*

4. Hisstrocrat (Super Mario 3D World)

5. Tosterena (Super Mario Odyssey)

6. Steam Gardens (Super Mario Odyssey; Fan-made example)^

7. Broodals/Madame Broode (Super Mario Odyssey)

9. Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)*

10. Vs. Cackeletta 1 (Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga)*

11. Final Battle Phase 2 (Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam)


Mario Kart Series (5)

12. Hyrule Circuit (Mario Kart 8 )

13. Animal Crossing (Mario Kart 8 )

14. Mute City (Mario Kart 8 )

15. Big Blue (Mario Kart 8 )

16. Coconut Mall (Mario Kart Wii)


Donkey Kong Series (8)

17. Showdown at the Tower (Donkey Kong GB)

18. Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country)

19. Bad Boss Boogie (Donkey Kong Country)

20. Stickerbrush Symphony~Tropical Freeze (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest)^

21. Big Boss Blues (Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble)

22. Wizpig Race (Diddy Kong Racing)

23. K. Rool Duel (Donkey Kong 64)

24. Volcano Dome (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)


Zelda Series (8)

25. Temple (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link)*^

26. Tal Tal Heights~New Remix (Link’s Awakening)^

27. Hyrule Field~New Remix (Ocarina of Time; Fan-made example)^

28. Ganondorf Battle (Ocarina of Time)

29. Boss Battle (Majora’s Mask)

30. Ganondorf (Twilight Princess)

31. Guardian Battle (Breath of the Wild)

32. Strong Enemy Battle (Breath of the Wild)


Metroid Series (3)

33. Brinstar (Super Metroid; Fan-made example)

34. Skytown (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

35. Vs. Dark Samus (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)


Yoshi Series (2)

36. Giant Baby Bowser (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island)

37. King Bowser’s Castle - Halls (Yoshi’s Wooly World; Fan-made example)


Kirby Series (10)

38. Vs. Nightmare (Kirby’s Adventure)

39. Vs. Dark Matter 2~Planet Robobot (Kirby’s Dream Land 2)

40. Factory Inspection~Planet Robobot (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)

41. Ripple Star (Kirby 64:The Crystal Shards)

42. Dark Meta Knight Battle~Triple Deluxe (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

43. Meadow Breeze (Kirby Mass Attack)

44. Vs. Grand Doomer (Super Ability)/Another Dimension (Kirby’s Return to Dream Land; Fan-made example)

45. Sullied Grace (Kirby Triple Deluxe)*

46. Pink Ball Activate! (Kirby Planet Robobot)^

47. Song of Supplication (Kirby Star Allies)


Star Fox Series (2)

48. Eledard (Star Fox 2)

49. Vs. Andross (Star Fox 64)


MOTHER/Earthbound Series (All the songs I’m going to list have fan-made examples in these playlists(7)

50. Battle with a Dangerous Foe/Poltergeist (MOTHER/Earthbound Beginnings)

51. New Age Retro Hippie (MOTHER/Earthbound series)

53. All That I Needed Was You (MOTHER/Earthbound Beginnings)

54. Cease to Exist (AKA Pokey Means Business) (Earthbound)

55. Hotel Yado (MOTHER 3)

56. Mr. Batty Twist (MOTHER 3)


Fire Emblem Series (like Earthbound, several fan-made examples can be found from these videos(31)

57. Story 2: Each Map’s Beginning (Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light)

58. Path of the Hero-King~Fates (Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light)

59. Together, We Ride~New Remix (Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light)^

60. Sweet Victory (Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light)

61. What Lies at the End (Alm Map 2) (Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia)

62. The Sacrifice and the Saint (Celica Map 2) (Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia)

63. Twilight of the Gods (Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia)

64. Dark Emperor Hardin (Mystery of the Emblem)

65. Chapter 2: Uprising in Augustria (Genealogy of the Holy War)

66. Endgame: The Final Holy War (Genealogy of the Holy War)

67. Beneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage) (Binding Blade)

68. Blessings of the Eight Generals I & II (Blazing Blade)

69. Determination/The Prince’s Despair (Sacred Stones)

70. Eternal Bond (Radiant Dawn)^

71. Those Who Dare to Change History (New Mystery of the Emblem)

72. Forbidden Sanctuary~Shadows of Valentia (New Mystery of the Emblem)

73. Conquest (Ablaze) (Awakening)^

74. Id (Hope) (Awakening)

75. Welob Tsap (Flow) (Fates)

76. Justice RIP (Storm) (Fates)

77. Misery in Hand (Fates)

78. Dusk Falls (Fire) (Fates)

79. End of All (Below) (Fates)

80. Tempest of Seasons (Three Houses)

81. Dwellings of the Ancient Gods (Thunder) (Three Houses)

82. Life at Garreg Mach Monastery (Three Houses)

83. Roar of Dominiom (Three Houses)

84. Indomitable Will (Three Houses)

85. Shambhala (Area 17 Redux) (Three Houses)

86. God-Shattering Star (Three Houses)

87. The World Tree (Warriors)


Kid Icarus Series (4)

88. Skyworld (Kid Icarus)

89. Underworld Tower (Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters)

90. Sky World Tower (Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters)*

91. Dark Pit (Kid Icarus Uprising)


Wario Series (4)

92. Final Battle (Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land)

93. Crescent Moon Village (Wario Land 4; Fan-made example)

94. Large Fry Cook-Off (Wario Land: Shake It!)

95. Wii Dancing (WarioWare Smooth Moves)


Sonic Series (27)

96. Bridge Zone (Sonic (Game Gear); Fan-made example)

97. Chemical Plant Zone Act 2~Mania (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

98. Death Egg Robot/Final Zone (Sonic 1&2)

99. Stardust Speedway Bad Future JP (Vs. Metal Sonic) (Sonic CD)

100. Cosmic Eternity~Believe in Yourself (Sonic CD; Fan-made example)

101. Sky Sanctuary~Generations Ver. (Sonic and Knuckles)

102. Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure)

103. For True Story (Sonic Adventure 2)

104. Supporting Me (Sonic Adventure 2)

105. Seaside Hill/Ocean Palace (Sonic Heroes)

106. What I’m Made Of (Sonic Heroes)

107. Right There, Ride On (Sonic Rush)

108. Metal Scratchin’ (Sonic Rush)

109. Back 2 Back (Sonic Rush)

110. Wrapped in Black (Sonic Rush)

111. Westopolis~Forces (Shadow the Hedgehog)

112. I Am All of Me (Shadow the Hedgehog)

113. Sand Ruins (Sonic Riders)*

114. Digital Dimension (Sonic Riders)

115. Crisis City~Generations, Modern (Sonic 2006)

116. It Has Come to This (Sonic and the Secret Rings)

117. Egg Dragoon~Generations (Sonic Unleashed)

118. Planet Wisp (Sonic Colors)

119. Deadly Six Medley (Sonic Lost World)

120. Studiopolis Zone Act 2 (Sonic Mania; Fan-made example)

121. Sunset Heights (Sonic Forces; Fan-made example)

122. Aqua Road (Sonic Forces; Fan-made example)


Animal Crossing Series (3)

123. K.K. Cruisin’ (Animal Crossing; Fan-made example)

124. DJ K.K. (Animal Crossing)

125. K.K. House (City Folk; Fan-made example)


Punch-Out!! Series (6)

126. Bear Hugger’s Theme (Super Punch-Out!!)

127. Glass Joe’s Theme (Punch-Out!! (Wii))*

128. Disco Kid’s Theme (Punch-Out!! (Wii))

129. King Hippo’s Theme (Punch-Out!! (Wii))

130. Super Macho Man’s Theme (Punch-Out!! (Wii))

131. Mr. Sandman’s Theme (Punch-Out!! (Wii))


PAC-MAN/NAMCO Series (7)

132. King Galaxian (PAC-MAN World)

133. Clyde in the Caldera/Pinky’s Revenge (PAC-MAN World 2; Fan-made example)

134. Vs. Spooky (PAC-MAN World 2)

135. Retro Maze (PAC-MAN World Rally)

136. Galaga Arrangement Medley (Galaga Medley)

137. Time Crisis Medley (Time Crisis)

138. Wild Dog~Time Crisis 3 (Time Crisis)


Xenoblade Series (3)

139. Mechanical Rhythm (Xenoblade Chronicles; Fan-Made Example)^

140. The God-Slaying Sword (Xenoblade Chronicles)

141. Shevat, the Wind is Calling (Xenogears; Fan-made example)


Street Fighter Series (6)

142. Joe Stage (Fighting Street)

143. Akuma Stage Type A and B (Street Fighter II: The World Warrior)

144. Birdie Stage (Street Fighter Alpha)

145. Sakura Stage~Street Fighter IV (Street Fighter Alpha)

146. Nile (Gil Stage)~Street Fighter V (Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact)

147. You Blow My Mind (Dudley Stage)~Street Fighter IV (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)


Persona Series (5)

148. Life Will Change (Persona 5)

149. Blooming Villain (Persona 5)

150. I’ll Face Myself (Persona 4)^

151. Normal Battle (SMT Nocturne; Fan-made example)

152. Fierce Battle (SMT Nocturne; Fan-made example)


Dragon Quest Series (1)

153. Overture (Dragon Quest series)


Banjo-Kazooie Series (2)

154. Vs. Grunty (Banjo-Kazooie)

155. HAG-1 (Banjo-Tooie)



156. 4,000 Years of Chinese History (FATAL FURY: King of Fighters)

157. Flame Dragon God (FATAL FURY 2)

158. Spread the Wings (Garou: Mark of the Wolves)

159. Mojo (Boogie/Ramble) (Art of Fighting 3)

160. This is True Love Makin’ (CAPCOM vs. SNK 2)


Track Total: 160


I left out some, but I already did Pokémon, Game and Watch, and Final Fantasy as separate posts (the rest, I don’t care for THAT much).


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